Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bukit Bendera and Gurney Drive

We tried to catch Bukit Bendera ride on our 2nd day. We arrived there around 530PM and unfortunately, the tickets were sold out even for the last train at 7PM!! We went to the counter in any case we can buy for tomorrow but nobody there. So I think they don't pre-sell tickets.

So we decided to come back for Bukit Bendera tomorrow morning, as early as we could and hopefully can catch the 10AM train.

Later at the end of the day, we went to Gurney drive and surprisingly it's very lively!

I used to go there during my study and it was alive but this is more! There are kids playing at the small playground, running around, jumping here and there and they are a lots! At 10PM! And the adult were sitting on the bench facing the sea. I spotted some crowds selling bubble gun and few junk food van-stalls and also foot massaging!

We bought rojak buah with asam boi drink and steamed peanuts. The rojak buah is not bad.

The state building

The court I think. I can't remember which is which

We just strolled along the gurney drive back and forth watching people while holding hands and talking craps. It was a very pleasant evening and I would love to do that over and over again :">

Around 11PM, my feet already sore and we sat down finishing our junk food and that's when I said,

Me: Jom kita try urut kaki ni nak?
MrComot: Me ok je..u want to do?
Me: I don't have to ask how much dulu, kalau mahal tanak la

And I asked around, it is RM20 per 45mins.

Me: Ok me nak buat! Jom la buat skali?
MrComot: Dowannn buat la sorg, me teman
Me: nak you buat sekali, ada pakcik ngan makcik tu can do for two next to each other (while pointing to the makcik)
MrComot: buat dulu, me sit next to you and we talk ok?
Me: Hmmmm oklah

So I did it and 15mins later, MrComot can't tahan anymore and he wants to do it too!

And who doesn't want to do it? Your feet being pampered while facing the sea is really something extraordinary (even though you can't see a thing, it's a pitch black!). The sea wind was strong that night and it made me feel soooo good. Seriously!! I was like, OMG..bestnya mcm ni... hahaha

Me being rubbed

MrComot's turn!

It was MrComot's first time doing the foot massage. Honestly, the massage is normal, not that good, not that bad either. But the facing-sea place with fresh air make it very special.

If you ever go to Gurney Drive during the night, don't forget to do it!

Ok, enough about GD, I want to add a bit about Bukit Bendera. So the next morning we rushed to BB and managed to arrived there around 11AM, and greeted by this!

A long never ending queue. What? At 11AM? Ughhhhh...I forgot that it's school holiday T_T

We canceled our plan to ride it as looking at the queue, we might get tickets for 2PM rides. We MIGHT and it's not good as we need to go somewhere else too.

So guys, this is the only picture that I can give you hehehe

Can you see the tiny rail?

I said to MrComot:

Me: We have to come again later to naik that thing..but not soon la.. Maybe time tu kita dah ada kids ke
MrComot: Yup..nanti kita datang bring Elisha

Motiffff ada nama bagai? And Elisha lagi! Elisha Cuthbert ke? Hahaha whatever

Anyway, I'm not pregnant :P


  1. Hmm..kalau lelaki nak bagi nama apa? Huu...tak tahan me baca the last statement :p

    Me pun pernah naik Bukit Bendera sekali jer dalam seumur hidup ni x_x

  2. masa study dulu takkan tak pernah naik kot.

    me ada la dua tiga kali naik, last train pernah, pagi pon pernah... jadi tourist guide budak kolej melawat usm pon pernah. :)

  3. last naik sana masa dating dengan boipreng zaman sekolah.
    ada pergi sekali dgn Ewan tapi my Mum mengada tanak tunggu 2 jam... so sampai kesudah tak dapat naik...

    kesian Ewan, kesian ZwanZwan

  4. ohohoho...tak pernah pegi lagi.bercita-cita nk pegi gak ni.

    err..tpi nak komen bab perenggan akhir tu. *gelak sambil tepuk-tepuk lantai*. tak hengatt! tapi mmg style kan, bb belum kuar dh dpt name. my biras scan bb boy, dia called "adam". my fren scan bb girl, dia called "qistina" sgt spa Q. u ni yg me tak memang dh scan nk wat surprise. ahahhahahaha. idup mommy-to-be-in-2009!!!

  5. Shani, me pun tak tahan okkk haha. Me pernah naik skali, but me totally lupa how it is

    Karlbum, pernah naik but I don't remember bilaa *sob sob* Rasanya time USM tak pernah, I think time form3 kut ish ish ish. Anyway how come tak pernah jadi tourist guide utk me hehehe

    Tatty, mmg nak tunggu tu giler hazab. Kalau tgh panas lagi la. Takpe takpe, nnt kita sampai lagi :D

    Lalink, budak2 skrg mmg gedik ok, yg tak kawen pun dah siap nama anak lagi how? Me tak preggie plan nak preggie lepas bulan 5 hehe..aminnnnnn

  6. better ask mr comot to 'aim' properly this April man!!! hahahaha.
    obviously YB nak baby girl :D