Monday, January 5, 2009

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

Hi lovelies!!

Hehe mood baik semua org jadi lovely ok?

I'm going to jot down about my Penang trip recently. I was flipping through (literally) all the pics taken and not very sure how should I start it. Is it day by day, what I did on the 1st day, etc etc or just random entries?'s hard for me to decide ;(

Anyway, so I decided to be a story teller based on cases by cases, what I find/think interesting and places of interest. So it will be easier for all of us (readers and myself) to make reference in the future.

So my first entry will start with Penang famous Nasi Kandar.

I bet most of you already aware of this place called Nasi Kandar Line Clear. It is situated along Jalan Penang and it's not a shop. It's something like operated kitchen in between of two building on in another word, celah lorong ;)

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You can search for line clear nasi kandar and already tagged by few people. Thanks world!

Can you spot it? In the red box.
In between Sam's Batik and Restoran Yasmeen Nasi Kandar.

Since Penang is also famous for its one way road, we parked somewhere (seriously I don't know where we parked) and walked along the road to find the place and it is much easier by that way because we have been driving and passed the place like, thousands times but still missed it.

Zoom in

It was 630pm and the place already swarmed by people mostly locals.

People also already queuing

And here I am

Right after we arrived, the line started to grow, VERY FAST.

MrComot and the train

Overall ambience

I managed to snap the guy deep frying a whole bunch of marinated chicken and it smells delicious!

These are what we had:

white rice with humongous deep fried chicken, thick fish roe and vey long lady's fingers.

I really really really love the fish roe as it is hard to find that type. Normally shops will provide the long and kurus2 type. That one don't have the 'beads' texture. Last time I had this type of fish roe was when my mom bought it from wet market. MrComot on the other hand prefer the long and thin one.

MrComot's briyani with freaking big honeyed chicken and lady's fingers with some sliced cucumber

The place is not very clean as obviously it's not in a proper shop, and also with lots tissue paper thrown on the ground. The service is very good and fast. The drinks also quite cheap. Our iced lime tea is only at RM1 and our food is about RM7-9 each.

And the taste..hmm to be honest, I am not a good nasi kandar eater, so I can't really tell which nasi kandar tastes the best but this one is not bad either.

Somehow I feel that all nasi kandar taste the same! Hahaha

The only 'turn-on' factor is it's really fresh as they keep on cooking the curry and meats. I think this is because people keep on popping in and everything finished in a blink.

And also the fish roe! I won't mind visiting it again if I reach Penang :D


  1. for some reasons, i stopped eating there for quite a while now. last time i makan there, we shared table with ferhad and his wife alyssa. wat a rare op dontcha think ;)

    whatever it is, personally me think hamidiya is far better than line clear.

  2. ya me suka mkn kt hamidiya..sodap..=)

  3. dah lupa dah apa rasa line clear, tapi as far as i can remember, hamidia boleh buat aku kecur air liur.

    hmph. bila la mau sampei penang lagi nih.

  4. Tak pernah pergi sana.
    dulu, layan nasi kandar globe jer.

    teringat masa tumpang rumah mak sedara, pepagi sarapan nasi kandar dgn telur sotong! peh!!!

    anyway... la ni kami layan nasi kandar kat pekan kg nenek me jer... Nasi Kedai Pak Taat! Murah, sedap... beli bungkus then makan kat tepi laut dekatarea rumah nenek me... syok wooo...

    ok citer pasal makanan buat pewot me menyanyi...

  5. ramai org kate kalau datang penang mesti cari nasi kandaq line clear. tapi honestly, me tak teruja sangat dengan nasi kandaq ni.maybe coz of the curry. me tak berapa suke kari. boleh makan, tapi kalau ada makanan pilih makanan lain kot. naaaaakk sangat makan pasemboq padang kota...char keuw teow oso!

  6. Mana pulak all nasi kandar taste the same?

    You always go to those really commercial ones thats why la.

    Similar, maybe...macam laksa, although they are the same, but they have a little bit difference in taste. Each is unique in flavor (dah mcm dialogue Ratatouille)

    Nanti kalau ada rezeki I will bring you to nasi kandar dkt Balai Polis Jelutung -Original lagi & masih menggunakan kandar, and then there's nasi kandar Deen also in Jelutung and nasi kandar Kampung Melayu Air Itam.

    They taste different ;p

  7. Bee, Maria, Yan - Tu la..I failed to cari Hamidiah, sangat merugikan. Anyway I think line clear is overrated :P

    Tatty, me pun suka telur sotong! Dem, now pewot me pulak yg menyanyi

    Lalink, me tak sempat makan pasembor boleh tak? Mesti u cakap tak guna pi Penang hahaha

    Shani, ye keeee? *ampunnn yaa org Penang* hahaha. But I do agree on you as I know mesti ada diff taste. Too bad that I cant tell when it comes to nasik kandar but but but you HAVE to bring me there sbb jarang u cakap something sedap hehehe.

    Ps: Me tak tahu pun kandar tu apa? Is it spices? Me thot they got the name from nasik yg dibawa atas bahu (mengandar) hehe

  8. Yes dear, kandar tu yg mengandar atas bahu. Pakcik yang jual kat balai polis Jelutong tu masih mengandar ;)

    Interesting kan?

  9. Eh, Shani ni org penang ka? penang tang mana ya? :P

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