Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Penang Toy Museum

We saw this Toy Museum on the way to Sandy Beach Paradise on our last day in Penang. And both of us screaming

"Eh toy museum!! Jom pegi!!!"

It is right in front of Copthorn so we drop by on the way back to KL after checked out from Sandy.

Parking if everywhere and free but it will be a bit hassle to find the spot as it's limited. We have to find dekat kawasan perumahan and walk for about 50m. With mykad the admission will be RM10. Without mykad it will be RM20.

When we stepped in, it feels like we are trapped in a BIG box full of toys and people! You have to squeeze in and it smells a bit, I think because of the small room. Small because of the abundance toys and figurines. But after a while, you will forget the mild stench and enjoy the browsing.

There are excessive characters from everything. Movies, cartoons, celebrities, stories, events, etc etc.

Kurt Cobain with his guitar


I have no idea who she is but it is super kawaiii!

ET - This movie is born in the same year with me!

My fav click, Monster Inc.


MrComot with DV

Ghost Rider (as corrected by MrT. Thanks budak! :P)

Satu keping je ok ;)

They have so many of this. I wonder laaa siapa yg fancy this type. It is psychotic ok.

Chucky and his knife

It is very detail

Barbie in tradisional costume

There are many many more such as Star Wars, WWF, War, Indiana Jones, Matrix, Harry Porter, Tomb Raider, Shrek, Garfield, Atoman, Captain Planet, etc etc.

You have to bring camera else, the tour won't be fun!

And there are sooo many figurines you will want to snap with different angles. My fully charged camera didn't last for all the toys and we managed to snap over 200 pictures only *sob sob*.

(note: have to buy extra battery for honeymoon trip later)

The room design also not bad and you don't have to go to Cairo to do this:-

Overall it is an interesting showroom and worth every penny of it. The only drawback is, because everybody is touching the plastic 'cage' so it's hard for you to take some close-up pictures as it will be blurred with fingerprints.

Maybe they can change the thick plastic to glass cage? But I guess it's too expensive and harder to maintain.

Anyway, don't forget to drop by if you are in Penang, and bring your extra batteries :D


  1. Me tak pernah sampai lagi ke situ...nak pegi lah nanti ^_^

  2. aku curious ape yg dipegang oleh aan ketika bergambar bersama itu patung dari mesir


  3. psst.. it's the "ghost rider" not "night rider" ^_^


    p/s: aan, masih tak jumpa lagi the pics sbb dah transfer out from the camera. sorry..

  4. hahah...maria kat penang sendiri pun tak sampai lagi toy museum ni...org sana smp dulu yek..takpe2..nnt maria p..leh share experience..hehe..

  5. hye..

    i stumbled upon ur blog from along's.

    btw, i went there in 2007. time tuh rasanya baru bukak kot. according to the locals there, the museum was once a pub/nightclub. that's why if u perasan, the decrorations, the chairs (yg mcm kat pub punye stool tuh) n tiang2 tuh mmg mcm dlm nightclub. hehehhe..

    tp syok kan museum tuh?? we spent few hours jugak kat situ. beratus2 gambar yg diamik, sampai penuh camera. hehehehe..

  6. Hi Aan, ni grunge ni..Aku akan holiday ke Penang next month, so macam nak feature places dalam blog aku from your Penang trip.Aku copet skit some of your pictures eh untuk tulih kat blog aku. Nanti aku credit to your blog.Thanks.

  7. hihih.. aku dok penang dah lama.. tak pernah gi tempat ni... tunggu my niece besar sikit then nak bawak.. hahhaa...

    ko nak aku emel ktner gmbr2 curve tu?

  8. hey lalink..me never know such place exist. so thanx ye. me so have to check it out nnt. my sis is driving up to penang ths weekend with her clan so possibly me'd tag along..woot! provided nothing will come up *fingers crossed*

  9. Cik Kopi, I think u and MrT wil enjoy it very much hehe

    Siluman, semua patung mcm tu buat kau rasa nak pegang ok hahaha

    MrT, a'ah laaa it's ghost rider, patutla rasa pelik, mcm tak betul but I just type it anyway hehe. It's ok about the pics, just come la nnt :P

  10. Tatty, time2 tu je la nak buat obscene hehe. Kat diri sendiri malu boleh? :P

    Maria, you can bring ur hubby there! Amik gamba banyak2 :D

    Ska, thanks for dropping by. Wahhhh dah lama eh buka. The market is quite good, that day I went ramai org jugak inside. And the deco I thot they purposely design mcm tu, it was a pub rupanya hehe. A very nice place..utk amik gamba :D

  11. Weh grunge, nanti pegi amik la gamba lagi byk from diff angel :P Yes you may use my pic and give credit to it (wahh tiba2 aku cakap mcm ethic giler hehe, but it shud be the way pun :P) So enjoy ur stay there!

    Ps: Pegi honeymoon eh :D

    Azleena, tunggu derang besar banyak baru bawak. Kalau kecik2 ni nau nanges sbb hangaaattt. Psss.. I will drop a comment in ur blog

    Bee, wahhh you going to Penang AGAIN! Giler ke mcm dah local kat sana haha. Anyway checking back, the last time me went (yg kita met tu) is almost a year ago! So fast time flies. Anyway enjoy ur holiday if you can make it.

    Ps: The Feringgi market was a bit dull when I went. Observe it for me eh

  12. errr what's DV? i thought its DS, darth sidious :)

    perasan tak the toy museum is actually under the copthorne open air carpark. atleast that's where i parked my car ler... when i was staying at copthorne the last time.

  13. Karlbum, it's Darth Vader kan? Hahaha I'm not sure la..and what is DS? Ok ok google :D

    I notice behind museum tu Copthorn but I didn't know it is under the carpark. Hey..next time kalau pergi singgah la :D