Friday, January 2, 2009

Cintra 100 - Bed Bugs

Happy New Year 2009 to all of you!! So how are you guys? I hope everybody is doing well and prepared with lotsa bombastic resolutions :D

My new year started with bed bugs!!!! So I can' really plan for my resolution... yet.

It's confirmed that I'm infected with bed bugs from the Penang trip ;(

Remember when I said I went to see doctor, yes I did and the doctor has no freaking idea what is it. In fact he assuming I'm getting chicken pox!!!

It's really annoying as normal people who didn't learn medic can tell it's not chicken pox! He just gave me some steroid cream with NO-NAME and charged me a freaking RM42. Eh, charge my company. Whatever, it's still ridiculous!!! Ok fine, so I just spread the cream on the rashes and waiting for an improvement.

But nothing much changed the day after, in fact, the rashes is improvising their acitivites! It spreading from my ankle to my leg and thigh and I also spot some at my waist!

See how fast they multiplying?

Red marks are everywhere T_T

Can you imagine how panic was I? Suddenly seeing red big spots on your plain thigh. It's freaking scary, seriously. So before reached home (Friday), we did some tour to find nearby clinic in Kota Damansara to get second opinion and all of the clinics either are closed, or the doctors are not in.

Oh my....we forgot that it's new year eve tsk tsk tsk

So we went back home hoping it will get better with the steroid cream and preparing for the BBQ.

Later of the night after finished the BBQ, MrComot did some research online and found similar cases with me and that's when we confirmed it is bed bugs *sigh*

How did I get it?

Nobody to be blamed, but all on me, I was feeling a bit adventerous and planned for us to sleep one night in this so-called heritage hostel for travellers called Cintra 100. I found it online while looking for hotels and all and it looks nice. It is nice, only that I can't see the bed bugs in the website *gahhhhhhh* I will write the details of Cintra 100 later in separate entry.

Apparently, the hostel is full of bed bugs and here is some random facts about it.

1) Bed bugs can spread from travellers from their clothing and all
2) They live in woods and mattress and can survive 18months without feeding
3) They bite you and cover the bites with their saliva which contains anti-coagulant to stop bleeding
4) Different people has different reaction to this creature. It can take days or weeks to recover
5) It's itchier than mosquito bites

Here is some extensive links about bed-bugs:

And complaints about Cintra 100! There are a lot of bed bugs cases and some of them are real bad! I should have google-d more about Cintra *nanges*

So, I am actually have an allergy to the anti-coagulant-chemical in their saliva and that caused the rashes and itchiness. Seriously, it feels like thousands of mosquitoes stung at your skin at the same time and it's freaking itchy!!

I even found some blood stain on my bedsheet in Cintra and that proof that they are feasting on me that night! Thank God MrComot is free from this. It's either he's okay with the bug's spit or just because he wore thick cloths - jeans and tshirt. I on the other hand wore linen and sheer blouse that night (pandai sangat!) and again, thank God that I didn't slip my bra and under off, else, everywhere will be bitten, hah! And just imagine if both of us are infected, it will be real m-e-s-s-y.

The itchness show it's bitchiness last night when I can't bear the sting anymore, I moved my legs up and down, rubbing them real hard against the bedsheet and cried. MrComot quickly wakes up and prepare a pail of hot water with salt for me to dip in and he keeps on rubbing my legs, and soothe me with words.

MrComot: Sayang, jangan garu with nails ok. Tu la..siapa suruh u sedap sangat, bugs pun nak makan u

He also helped me to apply cream and monitor my medicine schedule. Time like these, I really thank God for a husband.

Cream applied last night

Applying again this morning

However, the rashes is getting better now. The itchiness already reduced although I still in uncomfortable state and no more swell, only leaves some red marks look like love bite, more or less.

The red marks

I use Betnovate (steroid cream with antibiotic) and eat some Chloramine pills for the rashes and thank God it's working.

From independent Pharmacy. Thank God they are open during new year

It's a really a bad experience and I don't want to go through it all again. I hope it won't scar.

On the other note, sometimes we can be self-doctor hehe. Thanks to internet for that :D


  1. yeah..sape suruh u sedap sangat.
    the bugs thot u're andes..the chocolate. sebab tu diorang bite u.

    "hey la andes the chocolate. mari kita makan dia" - dialog bugs.

    hmm..jangan sedap menggaru ok. guna cream. makan ubat. lepas ni u kena treat mr.comot bebaik plak. jadi isteri solehah k. soooo baiiik la mr.comot. sekian pesanan penaja.

  2. sila bawa cream ni kemana saya anda pergi.
    mula rasa gatal jer sapu...
    then bila dah ilang gatal... nampak bekas tukar warna gelap, sapu BIO OIL... else yr kaki akan meriah dgn bintang kejolok :P

    sian Aan... sedap ye kaya MrComot? My Mum panggil kulit mcm ni kulit koman... sedih tau! :((

  3. aku penah kena bedbug gak dulu, and.. it leave scars for months.. banyak gile kena sapu lotion tiap2 ari utk hilangkan.. huhu

    Take care okay

  4. Hehe lalink, thanks for the advice. Me sooo gonna be a good wife after this, insyAllah..

    Tatty, dah tukar warna gelap ni.. me will start sapu tonight. Thanks! Ps: Kulit koman pun putihhhhhh. Jeles ok :P

    Fina, thanks. Scary la the scar. Will diciplined myself to put the lotion, vitE, etc etc :P

  5. huhuhu..looks like me not alone.
    now u know u're allergic to anti-coagulant thgy, which means u mesti akan allergic dgn lintah jugak. SO DONT GO DO THE LEECH THERAPY!!!

    yet again, wat a way to find out la kan. anyway, me really FEEL for u la lalink sbb me pun duk menggaru je ni. gatal dia semacam kan and mine worse, it's itchy under the skin!! nk sapu cream pun tak boleh tau!!! *nangis*

  6. Owh wont be that MENTAL to go okkk! Crazy crazy crazy and tolong update cepat sikit me tanak tgk dah gamba lintah tu :P

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