Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday and plans

Lazy bug bites me and I'm dragging myself to write my last update before the long holiday. Yes, I'll be on leave for the whole next week! Yeaaaaayyyy!!

Anyway, MrComot's birthday will be on this Saturday and I don't really have a nice plan for him. Also I don't know what to buy as the birthday present. Truth is, I don't think he needs anything as for now. No no no, of course he wants a lot of thing, but wanting and needing is two different thing and I am not kind-hearted enough to entertain any silly wanted-list.

I plan to cook some nice dinner. I already sketched the rough idea in my mind how the dinner will go. And I want it to be a surprise. The thing is, we always cling to each other, so it's kinda hard for me to execute it. Possible, but hard.

Hmm..maybe I can shut him in the room and let him out after I finish cooking and setting the table?

I really don't know.

I will share the celebration (if it happens) with you guys. As for now, Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a good holiday!

Ps: Oh ya, talking about CNY, now I realized that we are married and to the custom, we have to give angpows to the single relatives. And we still don't change the money! *pull hair*


  1. i love surprises =) hope you will execute da plan nicely... happy CNY...

  2. :) his bday tmrw? happy bday mrcomot!

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Comot,
    I want angpau! @_@

  4. Hi Ain, happy CNY to u too! Thank God everything went well ;)

    Aleeya, his brithday is on 25th hehe

    Shaniiii, I have to packets of angpow for u, tapi RM2x2 je la :P

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