Saturday, January 17, 2009

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You know what, it's already 12.42 am and here I am, updating blog in the office.

Actually we are having some maintenance and it takes the whole night!! All I want to do now is snuggling next to my hubby :(

Oklah..enough whining, I want to answer tag now. Talking about this, I still failed to figure out whose blog tagging me about the google thing ;(

Ok lets answer some question

1.Kalau kau tinggal seorang diri di dunia ini. Apa kau akan buat?

I think I'll be crazy. Mana boleh hidup sendiri. It will be very silent. Except your MP3, but still!!! So I'll be crazy before I can do anything

2. Apa kau akan lakukan jika kau hanya tinggal 24 jam sahaja untuk hidup dan kau boleh lakukan apa saja di seluruh dunia?

Hmm I'll pray for forgiveness and recite Al-Quran till the last breath. Dah takde mood nak enjoy when you know you are going to die, all you need is keredhaan-Nya.

3. Berikan 5 nama untuk kau bawa ke mana sahaja. Dimana dan kenapa? (keluarga dikira satu)

1. My parents - Mecca. All they need now (at this age ) is peaceful at mind and soul.

2. My sisters - Malls to shop! Because they are my younger sisters and yet, pity them as I rarely give them things. Baaaaad sister!

3. My hubby - To all over the world, because I love him :)

4. The colleague - Bagan Lalang, I promised seafood galore since 2006!! Haiyohhh..

5. My girlfriends - To Club Med so we can rest and have a good girls time.

4. 3 sebab anda berblog?

1. Pouring what's inside my heart / what do I think

2. To keep track of everything, my emotions happy or sad, good or bad times, events, etc etc

3. A reason for me to practice writing and thinking in English

5. 2 cara untuk mengubah dunia?

1. Change myself to a better person. One of my senior used to tell me, if your intention is really good and purely unselfish, somehow God will make others see what is the good thing.

2. Raising good kids that will lead to good generation, insyAllah

6. Siapakah sahabat pertama kamu


7. Apakah mimpi kau yang paling teruk?

Somebody wants to kill me and I have to run real hard and think fast how to get out from the place. When I found the way out suddenly the place is on fire and I have to run in the maze of corn field. In the end, I woke up because I can't find the way out and the killer almost get me.

8. Kau bagaimana orangnya?

Simple and easy going. Blur sometimes and klutz most of the time. Tend to be forgetful and ignorant. Can be very patient but at times is short-tempered. My emotion and how I deal with relationship is unpredictable because it keep on switching here and there. Snappish too.

9. Terangkan kau punya cara?

I do what I like to do and don't really care what people think.

10. Kau seorang pembuli?

I don't think so.

11. Sila tag 4 orang untuk membuat tag ini.

I'm going to tag:
Cik Kopi
Bee --> I need more updates okkk! :P


  1. Bebeh.. I add ur blog link kt mia blog okie :D

  2. Me dah buat~

    Takot terlupa mcm the previous tag x_x

  3. Superman, no prob..thanks to u too ;)

    Azleena, ur linked too! Hehe lambat sket

    Lalink, me pun termiss satu tag and me dunno sapa punya :(