Thursday, January 15, 2009

Penang Famous Teochew Cendol and The Big Crab

If you know me, I browse foodie blogs everyday. My favourite click will be eatfirstthinklater, preciouspea, babeintheKLcity, jacksonkah, kampungboycitygirl, masak-masak, wanderingchoptstick, foodylicious, etc etc. If I am free enough I will blog hopping and keep on reading and admiring the pictures until I am tired of it.

And I can remember vividly that, one of the bloggers wrote an entry about Teochew Cendol but I don't remember whose blog is that.

While we wandering chowrasta area, I saw this stall swarming with people and my mind snap "ehhhh? mcm pernah baca ni! It's the famous cendol"

I tried so hard squeezing my mind but still can't confirm it. So while buying books in Chowrasta, I casually asked the uncle

Me: Teochew cendul kat sini sedap tak?
Him: Haa? Sedap? It's the famous cendul in Penang!
Me: Err...I read somewhere cakap sedap but I don't know if it is the right shop
Him: Kat jalan Kimberly tu kan? You jalan nampak ramai orang
Me: Yup yup..tapi kenapa cendul mamak kat bawah ni pun ramai org?
Him: Itu orang tak tau punya. Mamak tu OUTCLASS! Itu Teochew is the best in Penang. I think the best in Malaysia too! Derang ada website lagi. Ada branch lagi sama dekat itu Sunway Lagoon. Ini yg mamak ni org luar je pegi, derang tatau --> motif dia cakap geng dia sendiri outclass haha funny ok uncle ni (yup, he is a mamak)
Me: Are you sure it is the same shop? Yang kat hujung Chowrasta ni kan? Yg kat lorong2 tu kan?
Him: Betul2. Ada 2 gerai kat situ. Lagi satu tu bukan Teochew punya. You kena try la
Me: Hmm ok ok we'll go nnt tapi ramai org beratur
Him: Situ mmg sentiasa beratur..kadang2 satu jam pun tak dapat
Me: Err..halal tak? (haha tiba2 concisous)
Him: Ehhh halal..dia sudah pandai, dia tau Melayu pun mau makan kan, dia upah orang gaji Indonesia Muslim dan buat bersih
Me: Ok ok nnt I pergi hehe

So here we are at 10AM!! By the time we arrived, dah ada org bungkus okkkk!! I think about 5 packets mcm tu. And right after we bought, dah ada org queue behind us. Pagi2 dah breakfast cendol ish ish ish

The taste is silky and not too sweet. Silky as in Xi Mut tea. Something like that. But honestly, I can't really say this cendol is good or that cendol is not good sebab... I think cendol taste all the same!! Hahaha. Like I believe nasik kandar taste all the same and babies all look the same. It's normal, it tastes like cendol should be, only it is silky.

Hahhh..whatever, at least I get to try the famous Cendol right?

On the other note, I would like to share with you guys with one of my favourite dinner spot in Penang. It is Waterworld Restaurant in Feringghi. They were in Kg Nelayan before and just transfered to Feringghi. Since I lost their namecard, we drove to Kg Nelayan first as my hunch is saying "mesti they put notice and phone number to contact" and I was right!

The notice

Only that the notice is not that accurate. They just leave phone number correct but not the new location. I have to call them to get it correct and now I forgot where is the place. If you want to go maybe you can give them a call.

The signboard

What we had that night. Butter prawn, shark fin soup, sotong goreng tepung, garden stir fried with garlic and BIG CRAB!

Yes, I come to this place because of its chilli crab!

It's enormous and super sweet! The chilli crab is real good I tell ya.

The palm itself is almost as big as my hand

I know that we can get something like this anywhere in KL but when we are in Penang, it's something special :)

Ok, one more entry about Penang on the random pics then we are good to go for normal entries!

See you later peeps! Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. Cendol to me taste the same as well :p

  2. em..maria pernah nak try cendol ni tp takut tak halal..kalau halal bolehla try nnt..sukala u dtg penang n wat entry pasal penang..maria yg dok sini pun tak p nnt bolehla trykan..thanks ya

  3. Shani, betul tu. Unless very bad la kan

    Maria, hehe tu terfikir halal ke tak sbb very Chinese the area pun. Come to think it's only cendol je pun, mestilah halal. But kalau tak yakin, tak payah makan, byk lagi cendol lain kan ;)

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  8. nak tanya, the chilli crab brapa price dia and kira macammana?

  9. Didi,
    Crab to dia kira per gram..Tak ingat how much tapi ok la..not so bad. Normally dia pick sekor dlm 800g mcm tu. But I'm not sure if the place still there sbb masa I went to Hard Rock hari tu nampak gelap je tempat ni, but didn't really check it out.

  10. Kalau teochew cendol yg byk branch tu i pernah cek sijil halal kat salah satu outlet diorang. Bila i baca sijil tu, antara bahan yg mendapat halal jakim hanyalah ice cube, crashed ice and plain water. I rasa mcm pelik n mcm mn diorg boleh dpt sijil halal utk ketul ais n air kosong je??? Tak masuk akal betul!