Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Eve Party

We had a small BBQ party which include MrComot's closed friends. Since both of us working that day, all of us are given task in preparing the food. We provide the BBQ set and main dish while others will bring the charcoal, chicken wings, vegetables, seafood, drinks, etc etc.

The BBQ set given by them as our wedding gift, so it is more like to test that thing party :P

All of the arrived around 830 and the guys started the fire. They grilled some chicken wings, baby potatoes, sausages, fish, brinjals, and baby tomatoes.

Guys in action

On fire
Chicken wing marinated in oyster sauce, soy sauce and honey. Taste like deli wing, minus the blackpepper.

Brinjal and fish

The food is a bit not-so-many-choices side as all of us were rushing to prepare this and they can't find some other stuff. So redha je lah ngan apa yg ada. Even though it didn't look that promising, we were full and enjoy each other company.

Somehow, I feel a little bit boring as we don't have TV, cards, games, bla bla bla. And all of us sit on the cold tiles floor. By 11PM, everybody already fidgeted and lying around waiting for the count down. Hahaha what a party! If I can call it a party :P

We finished the dinner with fireworks (leftover from last raya) after the countdown. We couldn't see the countdown fireworks from my house, only get to hear the dum-dum-dum sound.

Bunga api

Mercun katak

I did Spagetti Bolognese as the main dish as it is very easy and almost INSTANT. Thanks for technology wonders which bring spagetti sauce into our shelf :D

For 10 people
2 bottle of San Remo pasta sauce
500g minced meat
2 cans of button mushroom - sliced
Garlics - a lot! I forgot to count, just using my instinct - diced
1 can of diced tomatoes
pinch of salt
some peppercorns

Sauteed the minced meat with garlics and mushroom, and pratically dump everything after that. Let it boil and simmer. I put the sauce after that in rice cooker to keep it warm. Easy peasy!

And I also did some jelly! INSTANT again!

This is all you need. Add water please.

And voila!!

Hahaha. Senang kan?

I'll do a proper open house later, with proper food, and proper preparation which means, not that instant, insyAllah. But for now, this will do ;)

So, happy new year to all of you. Coincidently, this year punya new year beza a few days only with Islam Calendar. So it will be a good year for you to start dreaming and aiming.

Below are some of my resolutions (that I can think for now):
1) Trying for baby starting middle of the year
2) Be a very good wife
3) Planting some herbs in the garden
4) Hmm..what else?

....I can't really think now. I'll give it a thought later. And maybe I will share with you, if I remember hehe.

So what's your resolution?


  1. Wah, the bbq fire looks nice la.

    Happy New Year Aan, so sorry tak dapat accompany you that night.

  2. salam maal hijrah & happy new year 2009 sis aan..

    brinjal?? tak suke :( tapi chicken wings suke bangett

    btw, anda telah ditag. kalau rajin, jwb la ye. kalau malas, jawab time rajin :P

  3. Shani, it's otayyy..nnt kita buat makan2 again u dtg lah. Me siap imagine we do this double date dinner, me cook la hehe

    Lalink, hahhhh me jawab ni. Resipe chicken wing u mcm mana? Anyway now me dah masak nasik pakai microwave mcm u ajar tu hehehe. Senang, basuh satu mangkuk je :P