Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh No!

Ohh tidaaaakk.

I planned to update about Penang trip but I forgot that I have to get home early today. Early as in 4PM as we are having eve new year BBQ today, AT-OUR-HOUSE!

Like, ughhhhhhhhhh, we just came back from Penang and then tak sempat settle down lagi, BBQ la pulakkk. It isn't something impromptu, it is a planned one, but i TOTALLY forgot about it. Eh, not forgot about the BBQ thingy, but forgot that 2009 is tomorrow!!!

Oh ya, it's not open house party. It's just a small BBQ with MrComot's friends, and they are bringing all the stuffs. I'll prepare some pasta, maybe bolognese, that's the easiest :D

And maybe instant dessert.

Will see how.

Oklah, gotta finish my work and cabut balik. Will invite you guys to my open house later ok? A proper one hihihihi.


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