Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Frying No More

I learned a new trick from MrComot!!

It's called fried egg, only no frying involved :D

MrComot told me that he used to fry egg with microwave and of course I didn't believe him.

Helooo, how to fry in microwave?

Pardon my jakun-ness, I really don't know that it can be done!

But seeing is believing and here I present you my first experiment with microwaved egg :D

Rub some butter on the microwave save plate. In fact you can make this without butter at all. It will be 100% healthy.

Crack an egg and make some holes at the yolk using fork or tooth pick. This is necessary because the yolk need some air, else it will burst out.

Put into microwave and give it full heat for 30 - 40 seconds.

And voila!! A decent bull's eye.
I overcooked it at 50 seconds and the egg cracked like volcano surface.

This recipe suits whom have no time (read:lazy) as you don't need to wash the frying pan afterward and it's hassle free!! And I think it's healthier too (unless you are afraid of the wave used, I don't know if it is bad, but I think it should be ok, else why they keep on making microwave right? Need expertise advise in this).

Oh ya btw, of course the real frying version taste nicer hehehe


  1. keep on experementing & sharing tricks you two!

    along blaja MACAM-MACAM like seriously MACAM MACAM ADA kat blog kamu neh hehe!

  2. lalink..u know what, me pernah masak nasi guna microwave ok. sila kagum juga ye :P

    amik segengam beras (estimate utk perut ku sorang saja) letak dlm pinggan makan (yg tahan heat) basuh..basuh dan basuh (3x ok) dan masuk kan dlm microwave. 20 mins enough.

    (beriya me cerita..ntah2 semua org pun tau! wahaha)

  3. tetibe me kesian kat andes..hahahaha.

    anyway u shud try another version of microwave egg recipe. i got this masa keja kat CB dulu.

    break an egg in a cup, stir a bit, masuk fresh susu sket then masuk m/wave for 2mins. and voila! scramble egg matsaleh style! :D

    anyway, recipe u semua senang2 je nih. buat la yg rempit sket :P

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  5. aiseh Tulip pon x penah try lagi...jakun jugak lerr :D

    btw,bee nya recipe scramble egg tuu mcm best. perlu try nih ;)

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  7. Along, macam2 la sangat (tiba2 teringat iklan astro) :p

    Lalink, over okk.. u pun ada trick eh haha. Anyway nnt me try, but perluke sbb sah2 ada periuk nasik now kan :P

    Psss: Nnt dtg masak umah me nak?

    Bee, kesian ok me mana tau menda2 pantas ni. Anyway CB punya scramble egg tu mcm tu je ke? Gila keji okk. Me learn new way of scramble egg pakai cream fraiche lagi tapi as usual, keep je all the recipes, tak buat lagi :P

    Tulip, tu la..maybe ramai dah tau tapi me pun jakun jugak haha. Jom kita try sama2.

  8. lalink..itu trick kalau nak cepat & utk sorang makan. kuar je dari microwave leh terus ngadap makan dalam pinggan tu skali ok.

    ahahaha..me memang suka masak2 umah orang ni. lg plak umah org baru kawen. amik inspirasi :P jom ajak me cpat