Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5-months Princess

My little one had her fifth-month jab today - hep B and this will be last compulsory jab until she is one year old. There will be optional jab for pneumococcal vaccine next month but still thinking to take it or not. How about u mommies? Do you think it's necessary?

Anyway at 5months, she is 6.6kg and 66cm. And guess what, she can roll her body already! Yeay! It started since last week when suddenly she turns, and the event proudly done twice that day! Previously at 4 months ada juga dia turn but that one was a total fluke. I was sleeping in the morning and she's already awake next to me, I guess she's very angry nobody layan her, and she wanted to wake me up, tiba2 terpusing hahaha. By the way, 5months is just average time for a baby to master this skill, most of her peers already turn when they are 3 months!!! It doesn't matter though, you do it when you are ready yer darling?

She also starts to recognize people and smile, laugh, giggles a lot. Like, really a lot. I notice that when we pick her up from babysitter, she will look into my eyes and give the sweetest giggles that make me wanna cry. So have to wait for another month and see if she starts to have preferences and cry whenever I leave her at babysitter.

Her best mood will be morning and baddest of course in the evening. Sleep time is regular at 9pm (thank you sayang!). Oh pagi2 mood sangat baik, just imagine she wakes up on weekend like usual around 7am but I still want to sleep, so I just close my eyes and she'll be playing all by herself next to me until 8am without crying or anything. In the end I wake up because kesian ok dia sorang.

That will summarize her 5-months milestone. Basically she's a very easy baby and I would like to thank you for behaving that well. Oh oh oh she has tempers too. That's when she grunts angrily asking for attention. But that one occasionally occur so mummy tak kisah lah ok. Stay well darling!


  1. Happy 5m birthday Zahra Elena!

  2. Salam,

    what a behave young lady! so proud of you Zahra...

    rasanya semua baby 1st senang nak jaga kot? i mean Ewan was... Eiman? adeh terbalik rumah~

  3. Thanks Ibu Alia!

    Tatty, ramai orang cakap the same, anak sulung behave sikit hehehe. But tak kisah la macam mana, tetap penghibur hati kita kan ;)

  4. Yeah, lain baby lain perangai. kalau sama, BOSAAAAAN!

  5. wow aqil rolling lambat..skrg da nk 6 bulan pn belum merangkak..huhu..

  6. my baby dier roll over ms nk menyusu time mlm..ms tuh dier cari boobies mummy dier..i sajer duduk n watched.
    skali dier rolled over ! sukenyer..
    tp die nanges lak pastuh, terkejut kot :P but after that, tak roll lagi dh..
    i notice, bile menyusu baring, dier kuat nk pusing bdn dier, else, dier baring camtu jer la..haha

    n now br msk 5 bulan, mebi bulan ni la kot ek he will master the art of rolling over?