Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Lovely Domestic God

Starting from my pregnancy, MrComot has been very dear taking care my breakfast (cut fruits) and I thought it'll be temporary as I'm carrying a baby back then. But the habit kicked quite hard that he still cut the fruits for me every morning while I'm taking my shower and playing with Zahra.

And today as usual, I woke up after he finished his bath and went to the kitchen that I saw a pack of instant vegetable rolls on the table top, ready to be fried. I was like, what?

Me: Sayang nak buat apa dengan popiah ni!!!
MrComot: Me nak goreng la..for you untuk breakfast
Me: Heyyyy tak payahhhh!!!
MrComot: Takpe..senang je, pegi mandi pastu jaga Zahra

And then I saw a cup of Anmum Lacta also on the table *fainted*

Fried popiah and apples!

Ok, I get it that it's just his nature like to do all this for me, but frying popiah early in the morning??!?! Frying mannnn! Hot oil + oily table top need to be cleaned + have to wash pan & sudip + need to mop the floor if accident happen. Morning. Ughhhh I won't do that even if I am super hungry. I'll just pop instant milo with nestum or rush out to buy nasi lemak. I know I'm that lazy, don't bother pointing it.

I still couldn't shake this unbelievable act that I have to write this up. So that one day when he's all gray and old or maybe sick, and I am all pretty and healthy (ha ha ha ha) I won't whine and let out a sigh to take care of him *sniffles*

In another note, sangat tercabar ok my ultimate dream to be domestic goddess. I have to whip my lazy bum and do something!


  1. kalau tetiba laki i masak pun, i rasa mcm tak best tau..

    dia akan masak sekali skala.. bila tgk i masak, kdg2 dia nak take over. and ask me to look after the babies. sbb dia tak larat nak layan.. hahaha, tau punnn!! (the kids buli dia, mana taknya)

  2. Salam,

    me la ni jadi malassss giler! balik, main ngan Eiman, Azwan mandi, me mandi, makan, pam susu... then baru Azwan makan...

    rasa bersalah kah? Oh I'm a cold heartless woman, jadi tak rasa... KOT!
    opsssss... muahahahah!

  3. Maria,
    Terasa jugak la..tapi yup..dia lagi tak larat jaga Zahra, so ok jaga mrcomot buat keja lain :P

    Rajin menda2 yg dia suka je hehe

    Kannnnnnnnn. But betul's tiring la handling budak kecik tu. Me balik je mmg pengsan. Rasa bersalah tu kejap je Tatty, sbb menda baru dia tak pernah buat hehehe