Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crazy Hobby

Do you still remember about my entry wanting to do craft, sew and all (especially about felt), I tried to find the entry back but failed *grrr..must check back my tags*

Anyway if you know me, I am still at ZERO phase, so this could be another angan-angan mat jenin thing for andes. But the thing is I already bought some stuff when the crazy mode kicked in last time. I ordered all these when I was carrying Zahra, so must be the pregnancy hormone gagaga

All the stuff reached home when I was in confinement and it is like, 5 months ago? Still I do nothing with them! No single thing!

Cotton craft fabrics. It look much cuter in life, this pic don't do justice. Anyway, mahal2 pulak tu, the mickey one is RM30 per meter and I have it in 4 meters! Motippppp?

My felt stack. Bought online and at shops.

Miscellaneous. Hairclips, ribbons, buttons, rhinestones, glue gun and suction cups. Motipp suction cups?? I have no idea why I bought it at first place. Hmmhmmm oh ya, I wanted to do the signage for my car (zahra on board something like that), heloooooooooo...MACAM LAH PANDAI BUAT KAN? Hmmmmppphhh what's wrong with me $%$^%&&#

I know I still don't make anything out of them, but it doesn't stop there. I bought a couple of fabric stacks from IKEA last weekend and a handful meters of grossgrain ribbons *faint*

MrComot already gave me that look when I said I want to buy the stripes and cartoons fabric but I give this promising word that I am soooo gonna sew Zahra's toys with it. Can you believe it? Can you?

Ughhh..even I'm doubting myself now. By the way, I HAVE to make something, kalau tak cannot buy those yummilicious fabrics anymore. I know I am crazy like that.

Will post the produce. If any. Err....


  1. Salam,

    Me cadang, cuba buat hurup-hurup nama Zahra dulu... dah ada tu, then bleh mula pk nak buat camner plak.
    AT LEAST mula buat something...

    me vote for you!

  2. :) bebeh, me ada kain polkadot tu.. buat baju kurung :)

    cuba mulakan dgn jait sarung bantal baru utk zahra?

  3. wah tak sabar nk tgk hasilnya..

  4. Aan,
    me akan tunggu hasilnya. mana taw boleh order for Kaisya pulak nnt. :D

  5. Tatty,
    Thanks!! Kena mula buat something kan. Yang penting impression to MrComot haha

    Kann..mula2 me beli nak buat sarung bantal, tapi in the end my mom buat. So batch ni dah plan nak buat menda lain, tapi nan ado hasil lagi huhuhu. Me pun thinking nak buat baju kurung la polkadot tu, tapi tempah boleh hehe (baju kurung pun ai plan nak buat sendiri ok, angan!)

    Ibu Alia,
    Hehe u wait k.. kena start semangat ni!

  6. lalink, u beli felt2 tu kat mana eh? me pun dah lama ada arty farty idea ngn felt nih tapi tak terlaksana.
    btw, sarung bantal is cool! boleh tak tetibe nak suh u buat patched blankie tu. but knowing u, that'd prolly be too ambitious oredi..hahahahaha :P

  7. Bee, hahaha patched thingy (it's quilt kan) pun me pernah bercita2 nak buat, but so not me la, too perfecto to do that. Suit u better I think. Bought the felt from and Daiso The Curve :D