Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Falling Rainbow

It was drizzling yesterday evening when we picked little one from her babysitter. Also we reached quite late, around 7pm and both of us struck in awe when we saw this beautiful rainbow from our parking.

We quickly snap a few pictures and keep on saying

"Oh my God sayang..tengok tu cantik nya..."

and even came out from the car, watch in a total silent admiring His creation. Our action drew some attention I guess, that one old man just about to park his bike, stop and said to me

"Haaa..orang tua cakap jangan tunjuk, nanti jari bengkok"

Hahaha..I almost forgot about the myth, don't point at a rainbow or ur finger (or hands?) will be amputated. Anyway funny thing is, MrComot never heard of the myth, so 'Malay' lah you! But he got different version of stories where if you follow the rainbow till the end, you will find a pot of gold! I like his version better :D

Viewed from our car. Rainbow at dawn. Very pretty!

Starts here

End here! Barely there.

The magical moment is we get to see a complete rainbow! OMG, this is a very rare occasion to me. In fact this is my first time seeing a whole semi-sphere rainbow. It's so beautiful, subhanallah...

By the way my compact camera doesn't do justice, it's much prettier on the naked eyes ;)


  1. i pon nmpk gak rainbow tuh smlm while driving at npe...

    cantek sgt kn :)

  2. my elder sis used to warn me all the time wen were kids... giler takut nak point at it even until now :S
    elyas' version mcm lebeh prosperous aarr.. nak tukar my skool of thoughts on rainbow from now on :P ehehhe

  3. Hidayah,
    Cantik kan!! Rasa nyaman and happy je bila tengok.

    Haha tak sangka u still have the 'seriau' feeling. But still I can't find the logic, why kudung eh? Maybe pernah ada case dulu kut..