Thursday, July 1, 2010

Personalize the Baby

I subscribed to and they send me updates of baby's growth every week via email. The info is very handy as it will help me to be calm and make me excited most of the time like "ooohhh no wonder zahra like this" and "heyyyy zahra already can do that!"

Anyway this week's news is quite interesting that I would like to share with you.

Your Baby Week 22

Personality is the theme for this month. It is hard to believe that 6 months ago you delivered a baby who slept, cried, and ate all the time. It is even harder to believe it, now that your baby is playing, laughing, eating regular food, and talking to you. Your baby's personality is really starting to show now. Is he an adventuresome baby or he is content to just sit and play quietly with the toys you give him? Is he outgoing, interacting with strangers, or is he shy and quiet, choosing to hide his face in your arms when you are out?

Play peek-a-boo with your baby, tickle him, and let him explore more of the world around him, including you! Babies are fascinated by faces, eyes, noses, mouths, even glasses. Watch out for hair though, as they tend to start pulling it at this age.

I just can't stop having this amaze feeling thinking how fast they grow from can do nothing, slowly discover the world and their body. It's really amazing. Anyway I still can't really tell what Zahra's personality going to be, but she surely start to show some temper! She will utter angry grunt when she wants attention and everybody is ignoring her, and cries angrily if she's too sleepy.

But she also knows how to win back our heart. Laugh ticklishly whenever we clap to praise her doing something like, *clap clap as the background* pandainya zahra pusing!!

Couple of recent pic:

When she starts to get angry, "stop taking my picture, mommy. Play with me!"

Admiring face anatomy. She likes the mouth the most.

What Might Concern You at 22 Weeks

Is your baby still not sleeping through the night? Believe it or not this is normal. We all awaken several times a night, it is just at some point we learn to put ourselves back to sleep. Until your baby learns how to put himself back to sleep, you will be awoken at night when he awakens. A helpful hint is to get rid of the aides that the baby uses to sleep, whether it be a bottle in bed, a pacifier, or you rocking him to sleep. This may help your baby not feel like he is "missing" something, or lacking something in his schedule.

Ok this is a bit tricky. She wakes up quite a lot lately asking for boobies that I thought she's going through a growth spurt or ready for solid. But I also notice that she only sucks it slowly like for fun, not really drink the milk. So I guess, I AM THE AID. Maybe I should start to put her into baby cot and don't spoil her with my boobies.

Oh yes, she still sleeps with me! Hope it's not too late to train her.


  1. Salam,

    kami akan baring sebelah Eiman. bila dia dah lena tinggal dia...
    susun bantal keliling so dia tak tergolek atas lantai sbb dia tidur buas...

  2. baby Danish pon camtuh skang lately..suck slow2 , kejap je pon, pastuh dier tdo balikk..

    tp kalo die btol2 ngntuk, mmg ngamuk2 dulu, bagi nenen pon tanak, cam dh merajuk.. tp lame2, dier minum gak..hihi.
    Kena pujuk2 dulu, baru dier calm down..manja btol kn

  3. Tatty,
    Me baring sebelah dia, tapi sampai pagi esok haha tu yg dia mcm mengada tu hmmm

    Tu la..manja betul. Kalau dah 6 bulan takleh ajar mcm tu sbb dia dah pandai fikir and banyak akal. So kena start now huhu

  4. oyeke..
    sbb dier kalo terjaga, mesti cari i utk nk lena balik..
    hihi..manjaaaaaaaaaa la.

    so, aper ur plan? mn tau, leh praktik kt my baby skali :P

  5. Hidayah,
    Tu la..tak buat lagi, plan this week. My plan is to put her in baby cot, totally separate frm me. Kalau dia cry, I will bangun and pat2 her instead shove the boobies. And lama2..just cakap2 bagi dia dengar suara je, and lama2 lagi, terus ok haha tak tau lah jadi ke tak. Kalau jadi I'll share.

  6. "train her"? She's a baby, not a dog. She will learn to sleep through by herself when the time is right for her.