Monday, July 12, 2010

So Much Drama!

Zahra Elena fell off the bed twice!

Once yesterday evening when both of us were sleeping, but that one is soft landing (I assumed, at least not a trauma to me because I didn't witness it myself, MrComot lifts her immediately) and she fell on her chest.

The second one this morning! And I really feel bad about it. Because I left her on the bed unattended confidently she won't fell. I put her vertically on the long bed so I assumed if she golek pun won't fall because she will move to kiri and kanan right? But boy, how wrong was I. Within few seconds I heard a loud 'guk!' and I was like, "omg, Zahra jatuh ke? impossible!" I was in the kitchen and MrComot was outside, both of us quickly run and saw Zahra already landing down with her head on the floor. It's too big for her to digest that she startled for a while before letting out a big cry. My pooor baby!!

I quickly lift her and hug her, rubbing her head and weeping silently for a good 5mins. So sedih ok! ;(

Anyway it's not about being careless. It's because I underestimate her ability to move that fast. I don't know about you mommies, but don't ever think like me ok, that she is ok, won't harm her if out of sight for a few seconds. It takes a blink for accident to happen. Just be cautious k?

Anyway she seems ok, and I really hope she is ok, in term of inside injury. Baby's skull still soft, so mommies, pls pls pls be careful ;(



I was very upset with myself when I wrote this entry. Now I am much calmer so I googled up about babies falling from bed. So just to share with you guys.

Don't worry much, babies skull is still soft so this give them advantages of being flexible. So InsyaAllah won't hurt much inside out. You should be worry if toddlers falling off, it will be more dangerous because their skull is hard already, in case gegar.

My mom always said 'malaikat sambut baby jatuh' and which I hope very true, amin aminn aminnnn.

But still I feel bad about this. Also I read if this thing happen, it always worse for the parents than the baby, how true! Haha..

Below is things that you have to look after when your baby falls:
  1. check the limbs, head and body for bruises, redness, swelling, etc
  2. if he blackouts / unconscious
  3. vomit
  4. throwing tantrums or prolonged crying
  5. eye signs - crossed eyes or rolling eye, one pupil larger than the other

More info here:

And in any case you are interested in more similar stories/experience, can read from here:

Enjoy motherhood! :D


  1. kesiannya kat zahra..

    me rasa u dah tak boleh tinggalkan zahra alone atas katil la dear..

    better lapik tilam/toto atas lantai jer and susun bntal tinggi2 n bnyk2 sekeliling tilam tu.

    buat ala2 kawasan berpagar utk dia.

  2. hubby slalu pesan letak comforter, cushion atau bantal keliling katil kalau nak tgalkan dia or kalau co-sleep dgn dia .. tp i slalu take for granted..

    smlm dia jatuh jugak.. mmg takleh tgal skrg.. within seconds mcm2 leh jadi.. kdg2 tukar diapers, pastu nak terus buang dlm dustbin toilet, kira 2-3 langkah je, tp belum i masuk toilet, toleh tgk dia dah kat tepi.. hmm, cepat giler budak techik ni..!!

    so u better be xtra careful ye aan..

  3. Salam,

    "never underestimate", Neenas

    bebudak la ni cerdik dan bergerak pantas.
    kita kena lebih alert dan sediakan segala jenis safety yg bleh macam cadangan Cik Puan Maria.

  4. Rena,
    Me buat pagar..tapi tadi pagi me tak buat sebab tu tak expect dia laju sangat. Me budget sempat je :(

    Yup my hubby pun selalu pesan, and me pun take for granted sbb me confident. Now dah terkena, kena buat betul2 la. And YUP!! Tak sangka cepat kan..budak membesar mcm tu la kut, takde signal2 tiba terus buat.

    Never underestimate! Haha so true. U know what, me read somewhere that babies are genius actually but do things step by step. So we have to think and treat them like genius people la, not 'know-nothing'.

  5. siannye zahra..
    thank god, she s fine now..
    mesti panic kn..

    i pon sll tngglkn Danish ats katil, sbb nk buang pampers dier,
    , always talked to myself, tape, xjauh pon dustbin too.huhu.
    tp Danish lom roll over lagi.. :(

  6. aqil pn sll gak jatuh/kena tiang buaian die..sbb laju sgt roll..huhu..bukan tinggal lama pn..i just pusing kepala tgk jam suddenly bila pusing balik tgk die dah bergolek jatuh..huhu..diorg lg cepat dr kita kan

  7. Dayah,
    Careful eh, budak ni kejap je tiba2 dia nak pusing, terus pusing. Tak lama lagi dia roll la tu ;)

    Hehe me rasa semua baby mmg wajib jatuh ke, wpun dah hati2 kan..tu la pantas sangat.