Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apple and Carrots

I made carrots and apple for Zahra Elena last week!

Suan Mokkh Carrot (organic label in Giant) and one big fuji apple. Organic carrot is quite expensive, at RM5.99 for 2 medium carrot. I read that carrot has slightly high nitrate that may be not suitable for babies. So you have to wash it properly and peel the skin. But I think not so dangerous, just like mercury in salmon. The benefits are stronger.

Steam them. Apple soften faster than carrot, so after about 20 mins, I took out apple and let carrots steamed longer. You can also boil it.

Mommy's fav gadget *ahem* :D
This thing seriously works wonders. Just in a blink!

5 x 1 oz for carrot and 3 x 1 oz for apple (can make it 4 cubes actually, but letak banyak sikit in each cube).

The apple surprisingly taste FREAKING SWEET! I mean, when we munch it on its own, not that sweet. But after steamed and pureed, it's really sweet that I'm afraid to give it to Zahra, in any case she's so used to the sweetness and will refuse other food. So I still keep it in the freezer, maybe will give her on the other week.

I pack 1 cube of carrot to babysitter everyday so that she can feed Zahra directly or with the rice cereal. Unfortunately, Zahra refused the rice cereal already! Heyy pandai memilih pulak! She just wants the carrot alone and babysitter being babysitter, afraid that she doesn't has enough, cook some porridge for her *sigh*. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just don't wanna give Zahra carbo yet. Carrot alone is enough ;) By the way, since Zahra likes porridge with carrot so much and don't want to burden my babysitter (because I know she will cook for her again!), so I give in and cooked plain porridge to go with the frozen carrot this morning. I used japanese short grain rice and hope she likes it! OMG..reading back the line, I am so mengada with her food. Hehe..takpelah..let me k! :D

Anyway, something unfavorable happen. The chopper stained with the deep orange carrot! It's so weird because carrot never stain things, right? Kalau kunyit I get it lah. I've tried to make carrot juice before with Philips juicer but ok jer. So it's either organic carrot is really THAT orange or this chopper is no good.

Already soak it in hot water + vinegar but the stain won't come out ;(

My lovely chopper looks so old and worn :(

Do you have any petua how to clean it back like new?


  1. Salam,

    hah?! tak bleh carbo meh? demm!
    me dok bagi bubur nasi jer... tak pernah buah kecuali air buah heinz tu :P

    atas alasan Eiman a bit under weight... bleh? *jelir lidah lagi

  2. One additional tip when making your own baby food - make double batches of everything and freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays. Makes for easy quick meals when you don't have time to make them up that day.

  3. Darl dah try guna lime juice to clean the spots?

  4. kalau i feed maryam wt carrot, kalau terkena baju, mmg susah nak ilang stain tu..

    maryam 1st food adalah bubur nasi blended.. i started 1st week dgn nasi kosong je.. then br kasi buah2 la.. pastu baru nasi + sayur2..

    but me nak try kasi avocado mcm u buat utk zahra :)

  5. Tatty,
    Takdela..bukan takleh carbo, it's parents punya preference je. Me yg mcm tanak bagi hehehe. Anyway kalau nak tambah berat, they suggest avocado, coz the fruit is full of fats :D

    Thanks for the tip! So far I make her food every weekend because I feel not too 'fresh' if do it in big batches. But I know it's the same :P

    Lime juice belum try! Nnt balik me try. Thanks!

    Hehe me kalau boleh nak lambatkan nasi, dunno why, saja rasa mcm tu. Anyway yup oren betul la carrot tu *sigh*. Me ada new tip to feed her, bogel kan terus so no stain! :P

  6. Ada ka bogel?
    berlenggeng pakai pampers jer la...

    semalam Eiman tanak bubur, tanak nestum. last me hancurkan rusk dengan jari then sumbat mulut dia. separuh rusk abih...

    la ni bebudak lagi cerdik dari kita, depa dok mengajaq kita. bukan the other way around...

  7. lalink, try wipe it with Cif (formerly known as Gif) then wash clean with warm water & soap.