Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Vouchers!

Hi friends!!!

I have free vouchers to whoever wants it! I got this voucher in my hospital bag courtesy of Tropicana and totally forgot about it until I saw this thick red book in the DUSTBIN! Apparently MrComot threw it thinking it is just a pamphlet. Nasib baik I ternampak ok. But the thing is, I don't have time for this. I really really really can't allocate my time for this session. Lagipun kurang bersemangat because I am too thin already! Believe it or not, pre pregnancy 50kgs and now I am 43 kgs or so *nanges*.

And another thing is, I believe in no free meal in this world ok. So mesti ada catch with this promotion. Maybe they will promote their barang giler2? (which happened on my Brilliant Rose promotion) but if you are berhati kental berjiwa besi, ok je kan. As for me, I tgh pening now and don't want la to hear all the promotion. And maybe have to buy thing first? I don't know but it's not stated in the T&C. But you have to make appointment first via calling them up, so can ask them.

Anyway, if you are interested, I'm giving it for FREE!! Just email me at, first come first server basis. If you dapat, nnt I mintak address and post it k. If want to pick up pun ok. Ohh kalau pos, I pos biasa je la setem 50sen tu ok :P

Here the details, got 3 types of coupons, click for larger view:

It says that limited to one voucher per customer, so 3 persons can get this. First come first serve, you can pick which one you want. I'll reply to your email immediately.

#1 - RM100 off treatment voucher


#2 - Spa Voucher


#3 - Post Natal Slimming RM560



  1. Salam,

    ME NAK!!!!!
    (berair mata me baca part "I am too thin already!")

    ni untuk mana punya ni?
    sepital me bersalin dulu pun ada tapi tu la... tak pergi lagi. muahahah!

  2. Hahaha slimming sanctuary punya. Haaa sesuai la u sbb ada kat midv pun branch dia ni. Ok me bagi terus for u la, the postnatal punya ok? Anyway in case ur fren kat ofis nak other 2 pun ok, takde org email me pun! :P

  3. i pon pernah dpt this voucher..
    firstly,i xnk pegi, coz i know they will pujuk giler2 asking us to buy their package..hurmm.
    i pernah kna, all this free n trial voucher.hehe
    tp sgt tempting kan, sbb mcm murahhh sgt :P

    2nd, sbb i ceasared so, tkt la, nnti derang ni salah urut ke aper..hihi

  4. btol ke u 43 kg?

    the last time i checked, i was 52 kg..
    skang xtau la..
    sgt geram, seluar sume dh longgar,
    i dun want to buy S size, nnti gemuk balik cane? huhu

  5. A'ah..43..Tipula me cakap tak suka kurus, suka la..tapi me tanak la kurus mcm ni :( Suar semua longgar and tak beli jugak..sbb rasa2 mcm nak naik balik nnt hehehe