Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stand By Me

Zahra Elena just discovered that she has legs and can stand about a month ago, that she keep on asking me to lift her up. Asking here is by being cranky when I put her down and whenever I lift her up on her feet, she will make a very happy face - giggles sampai terjelir-jelir! Oh my...I really love her expression, sampai nak nanges! Haha. I find it funny at the same time. Banyak akal lah you budak!

Anyway her expression will be bolder if we clap our hands, it's like she knows we are praising her. My sister managed to video-d her expression and just look at her face!

Taken last 3 weekends, when we are ready to go to my friend's wedding ceremony.

But one thing about her, whenever she sees a camera or videocam, she will turn stiff ok and pause like nothing happen. Eeeiii pretender!

Mommy loves you baby!


  1. Zahra, aunty rindu dengan Zahra ni!

    Nanti aunty ajar Zahra menari ye.

  2. Haha aunty Shani ni mmg pandai menari. Nnt ajar tau, boleh me take a break melayan dia :P