Friday, July 16, 2010

Mistress of the Game

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon. I like the way he builds the characters and draw the suspense. It is simple, easy for me to digest and not too flowy. I have ALL his books and the last one is Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Yes, last because he died in 2007. I was quite disturbed when I know he's dead because I've run out his book to read.

Anyway just to recap my love affair with him, I was introduced to SS by my roommates in 1995, titled The Best Laid Plan. Since that, I am hooked with his books. My ultimate favorites will be Tell Me Your Dreams and Master of the Game. I re-read them like million of time and never get tired of it.

Ever since he dies, I rarely browse for books anymore, until I found Sophie Kinsella. But that one is on different genre. To date I still can't find another thriller writer that really suit to my liking.

I was waiting for MrComot at Menara Telekom when I saw MPH opened their space at ground floor and is giving 20% off. So I casually browse the books and almost JUMP when I saw this book!

Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe

I was confused at first because the cover is sooooo SS and so the title, obviously stating his name, but he's dead! How come?! I checked thoroughly then I understand, it is so famous that Tilly Bagshawe wrote a sequel for Master of the Game.

I never read Tilly and in fact never heard of her. I was contemplating to buy it because I'm afraid it will go to waste. But after hesitating like half an hour, I said, why not? After all it is related to SS! And I was really itchy to know what happen after Eve's face is ruined for good. Is she still up for the game?

I've read it for few pages, hardly can find time now with Zahra in hands, but so far so good. The way she writes more or less like SS (but still can note the difference) make me wonder if her other books also like this.

For Sidney Sheldon's fan, lets grab this book and immerse ourselves with a piece of him ;)


  1. SS is off my shelf for few years now. same goes with Danielle Steel. buku2 diorg pun dah kena donate. for some reasons me takleh nak appreciate their books anymore nowadays. mungkin me rasa their writing is too corny. duh!
    anyway, me oso looking for some new authors to stick to skrg. any good suggestions? :)

  2. Haha Steel is too corny to me, but SS is ok. Maybe sebab I still cant find new authors? Anyway me pun dah rarely baca buku now, keep on rereading Kinsellas je and comics! How about Jodi Picoult?

  3. JP mcm makcik2 boleh. i mean kisah kehidupan harian. like that baik me baca blog u je..hehe. anyway, u shud go to book axcess in ampcorp la lalink. nothing can beat their price for sure even MPH warehse sale. just that, the titles are a bit limited la. last time i went, they selling Dan Brown's at RM10!

  4. I've read Mistress of the Game and only give it a 3.5 out of 5. Nice job by Tilly Bagshaw, but its hard to live the legend.

    After the 5th book by Dan Brown, boleh tak me rasa the suspence is getting wary, but the info in his books are damn good la.

  5. Bee, haha JP mmg makcik2, about family la. Not so bad sebab can make me cry (Sister's Keeper) :P. Ahh nowadays dah tak boleh picky sgt where paling murah or what sbb susah mmg tak cukup time. Weekend la nak buat semua menda

    Cik Kopi, U dah baca and never tell me got this book! I just know about it that time ok haha.

  6. I think I did tell you la, but at that time you were busy trying to give birth to Zahra ok :p