Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blow Up Doll For Dinner?!

Just to share something that I like with you guys.

I discovered Shane Dawson during my confinement days, when my mom 'banned' me from sitting in front of laptop. So I used my handphone (Nokia XpressMusic - I really recommend this phone to you guys, it is awesome with the price tag!) to surf and watch youtube. I browsed under the most viewed or most recent (don't remember) and stumble upon this fella and I went - OH MY GOD HE'S FREAKING HILARIOUS AND DAMN CUTE!

Ok, maybe not that hilarious but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE his show and most importantly I lurveeeeeeeeee his character. I went gaga over him and giggles like little girl when watching all his videos and keep on telling MrComot "OMG he's so cute!!!". That would be my postpartum blues - crush on Shane! Ha ha ha.

Anyway MrComot was like, "Helooooooo!! Macam ni pun cute ke? He's fake!" --> kata-kata orang jeles yer kawan2. Hahahaha. Like I care he's fake or not. The most importantly I literally love him! =D

Yes! You are SEXY! I LOVE YOU!

Among my favourites - Blow Up Doll For Dinner. ROFL.

Watch here! =D

Ohh I also discover another fella that I like, Michelle Phan! I didn't belive myself I like her so much because I don't dig makeup but she's just brilliant! Ok, maybe that's too high because I have nobody else to compare to. But she's very pretty and her video is well structured and very poised! I like the way she does the video, very entertaining and make me wanna watch more and more. If you are into makeup, her tips are like, the most generous and genuine tip ever. She has many channels and the one that I like most is from RiceBunny.

Last but not least, youtube is awesome! =D


  1. jom nak beli nokia express music..haha..bila thn ntah..tunggu turun harga lagi..hehe..(ops keluar dr topik perbincangan..)

  2. Maria,
    Hehe..skrg dah banyak best2 and murah too. Me bought ni dah more than a year and kira berbaloi la sebab pakai kaw-kaw punya :D