Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Solid Food

How fast time flies, Zahra Elena is already six months! Happy half a year old baby! And I managed to exclusively BF her for 6 months and going strong, alhamdulillah (campur sikit masa first week tak kira yer..haha nak jugak).

Anyway, I think she's ready for solid so dengan bersemangatnya I made her very first solid food last Saturday!

We still didn't buy the food processor but for porridge, normal blender will do.

The thick carbo liquid. Abaikan avocado as the backdrop. I plan to pureed it for next week's menu ;)

And look at her face!

"Look Ma! I'm big enough that I can eat real food now"

Sangat awkward and concious haha.

She took it well, knows how to swallow and sip from the spoon. Only that I can see that she finds it weird. Maybe the texture is a bit starchy and jelly-ish.

But after a while she regurgitates a bit so I stop after 3 spoons.

The next day, I wasn't very excited with my home-made porridge anymore because it's too hassle for me to handle (read: malas) so I just whipped out instant rice cereal from Heinz mixed with breastmilk, and Zahra likes it more than my porridge! Grrrrrrrrr!

Forgot to snap the box, already throw in dustbin. Pic courtesy from wisemint.

This cereal is the closest to most natural ingredient that I can find. It contains rice, vegetable oil (rosemary for antioxidant) and irons. I packed some for babysitter, so this week she's on this cereal.

I also feed her some mashed avocado for snack (at 9PM! Haha simply because I can't wait for her to eat the avocado. Sorry baby, tonite no more ok) .

Will try to do some home-made food this weekend!


  1. excitednyer i tgk die mkn..haha

    i pon xsaba nk introdude Danish with solid food.
    dier asik cebik tanda protes kalo tgk kiteorg mkn..haha

    post more entry on the solid food okay! esp the avocado pureee..yummy nyer zahra nyer meal ni :)

  2. btw, u beli heinz cereal tuh kt mn?
    i nk prepare beli siap2 nih..wakaka

  3. hi aan,

    Just nak share with u,I dah bagi anak i semi solid food hehehe when he was at 4 months pluss.dia dah ade gigi..thats why. :)

    anyway the thing that i nak share is i used bellamy organic baby's rice.the product is from Australia.the taste is delicious i guessed coz my son tak reject pun.hihihih.And surprisingly he pooped constantly twice per day.So i dah tak risau pasal constipation dah.

    By the way how u managed to find the avocado?looks freh.m planning to give him next menu la. :)

  4. hurmm..4 months dh ader gigi ek.
    baby i dh 5 months, tade pon..

    balik kang, nk check la,
    ader gigi ke x..hihi

  5. Dayah,
    I bought at Carrefour. I think kat hypermart semua ada kut. Best..senang nak bancuh haha malas betul :P But seriouslty I think not so bad, the ingredient takde gula ke apa (rusk and nestum biasa got sugar, nestum plain no sugar)

    Cepatnya ur son ada gigi! Bravo bravo! Nnt I try check out the Bellamy. Ohh the avocado bought from pasar malam yg I cerita before no. Mmg very fresh. But I've seen the similar at MBG (quite expensive, pasar malam tu cheaper).

  6. yup aan, disebabkan ade gigi when nursing him should be extra careful...he can bite without feeling guilty at all...

    Hidayah..yeah sungguh cepat i pun tak teeth bakal menyusul tak lama total ade dua batang gigi.

    Regarding avocado, the only place yang i buleh cari maybekat cold storage.kot...
    should be delicious for baies..kan :)

  7. aan - nnt kita buat resepi baby sama2 ye..;)

    p/s:aqil suka mkn bubur tak bape suka buah yg d kalau buah tu tak blend kita kupas kulit bg die die sgt suka..ish2..

  8. Well done for breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months. So many mums introduce foods too early and risk the digestive system of their babies :(