Tuesday, July 27, 2010

City Guy

Zahra Elena had a sudden fever on Sunday (about 38 degrees), so I took emergency leave on Monday to make sure she's fully recovered. Thank God the fever went away on Monday morning.

We gave two shots of 2ml acetaminophen, once in the morning and once before sleep because she was so cranky. In between I just sponge her with water to reduce the heat. My mom told me that we can use jasmine's leaves mixed with water to combat the heat (just like the hibiscus leaves, but we don't have the plant), so I asked MrComot to pluck some for me.

Me: Sayang, my mom cakap daun bunga melur tu helps. Sayang tolong amik kat luar
MrComot: Ok..nak amik macam mana?
Me: Petik je..amik yg nampak-nampak ok

Then he went out for a while and came back with ONE leaf! ONE LEAF! Motippppp! I was stunned that I don't know want to get angry or to laugh, so I just asked

Me: Why you amik satu je?
MrComot: Hmmm me don't know. Kena amik banyak ke?
Me: How to use satu?!? U ingat kita sapu2 kat zahra ke (while doing the action). Kena ramas-ramas dlm air to get the juice la, baru lah jadi
MrComot: Hahaha ye ke? Me thought lap-lap pakai daun tu macam cerita hantu cina, dia amik satu daun je pastu lap kat mata, boleh nampak hantu

Hahaha macam cerita hantu cina, boleh?

The leaf

OMG. Sometimes I am so amazed with his 'bandar-ness' :P


  1. it is soooo funny... gelak je bc this post! ur hubby city...u?

  2. ihiks...so comel laa mr.comot. hahahaa..me can't stop laughing. really comel la u guys. mmg padan la mr.comot dengan u lalink.

  3. Salam,

    So the KeYeL la you Mr.Comet...

  4. ok..dat is so the YB i know! hahahahahaha :P

  5. cant help menahan gelak ... tak leh baca masa waktu bekerja ni.. :p

  6. Anonymous,
    Hehe..me kampung girl lah ;)

    Kannnn..me pun tergelak ok. Haha padannnnn

    KL sangat! Kadang2 KL sampai me geram :P

  7. Bee,
    Hahahaha kannnnn! Macam tak sangka, on the outer look so calm and macho :P

    Haha..sengih2 ok lah :P

  8. Dear sis

    Seriously sangat comel.*grinning*

    Bandarness & lurusness...:)

  9. your hubby tersangatlah comel!

  10. alQasam,
    Haaa betul tu..bandarness and lurusness :))

    This entry supposed to be kutuk2 manja but semua org puji comel lah pulak. So unfair! :P