Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cage Me Yes, Not?

I seriously think we need a play yard. You know, something like cage for kids. Ha ha ha. Ok, I laugh at myself because before this I think it is ridiculous for parents to 'cage' their kids. NOW I KNOW! I seriously need to KURUNG BUDAK KECIK ITU.

She moves so fast nowadays even though she can't crawl yet. All she does is roll-turn-roll-turn-roll-turn and BAM! suddenly I see her no where and causing me this heart attack where is she, and I found her almost under the coffee table.

I was at the kitchen and put her in the hall like usual (tak berani letak atas katil dah) where I can see her and within seconds she's out of my sight - trying to 'eat' this table. Like really eat. She tried to hold the table with her both hands and nganga-nganga wanted to eat it.

And gives mommy this cheeky smile when I said "Hah! Ya Allah..apsal sampai bawah meja. Buat apa nak makan meja!"

MrComot and I were debating are we really in need of those fancy play yard, because that thing is freaking expensive! To me lah. It costs about 500 averagely. The good one with mesh and mat is about 1K!! Talk about being high-maintenance-kid nowadays. We won't really need it if we can take turn taking care of her but both of us are really busy especially in the morning. I can't even leave her for more than 3 seconds now or she will do macam-macam stunt. Oh ya, she can slide already! But at gear 6 = move backwards = gostan ;D

Do we really need it by the way? I don't like the idea of caging your child but MrComot said it can give us a peace of mind when we can't attend her, like doing our house chores. Ohhh don't give me the idea to wear Zahra because she's too heavy for me.

Anyway I did some research and found that Lindam is about 500, Haenim is 400, superyard is 500 and vee bee is 1k. All have their own pros and cons and of course la yang paling mahal paling best kan. But is too lavish to me. So still looking for other options.

How about you mommies? Any brands/types that you recommend? Or how do you tackle this situation? Is play yard really not necessary?


  1. nak pinjam carpet tu nak pakai buat baju sejuk. nak pegi genting.


    ajak elena.. main guling2 kat bukit

  2. Comelnya Zahra guling bawah meja tanpa rasa bersalah..

  3. hahahaha...bagus zahra. memang mommy akan maintain slim melim jaga zahra. comel gila ok budak kecik ni. gewaammm..

    lalink...'kurung' je la kalau u bimbang dia golek tanpa keruan. kalau u tak nak kurung, just make sure kawasan rumah u tempat dia golek2 tu safe..takde benda tajam-tajam, takde benda bukan2 yang dia boleh telan..ihiks..

  4. my bro dah letak qashah dalam walker. sebab dia buas and suka guling-guling masuk bawah meja and capai apa saja benda yang dia rasa menarik and semua masuk mulut.

  5. no ideas on which cage to suggest, but zahra looks so cheeky ya rabbi in the 2nd picture!

  6. naper aan tak letak dlm playpen/cot?
    maria letak bb dlm cot, kalau nak tgalkan jap.. takpe dia main2 dlm tu.. walaupun dia TAK SUKE..hehe..

  7. UD,
    Elena belum sampai genting ni, jom jom ;)

    Kannnn..rasa tak bersalah sangat. Budak2 mcm tu la..nak marah pun tak jadi. Cuba yg tua2 buat mcm ni, mmg kena lepuk la haha

    Haa tu la..kena buat child proofed lepas ni, bucu2 tajam tu kan.

  8. Rena,
    Haa walker! Patutla my baby sitter cakap nnt dah start gerak2 letak kat walker senang. Nnt me fikir dulu.

    Haha yup! Terus tak jadi marah.

    Cot dah bawak naik atas, me plan to train her tido dalam tu, tapi so far tak jadi2 lagi :( Hmm kalau mcm ni baik cot ada kat bawah kan..kat atas pun bukan tido dlm cot. Nnt fikir dulu mcm mana.

  9. Salam,

    me pun letak dalam walker. so dia akan BZ for like 5 minutes before mula berbunyi sebab stuck kat depan pintu dapur.

  10. Tatty,
    Tu la me thinking good idea too walker ni. And takde la dahi terbenjol ke apa kan. Nnt me diskas2 dulu. Thanks!

  11. I don't think your baby is too heavy to wear - you just need to make sure you're using the right carrier. I wear my little girl to do the housework and she's 8mo old. I know ladies who wear their children at 3, 4 years old.

    Have you looked at the carriers and slings available?

  12. me too..mcm nak kena 'kurung' aqil..sbb die gerak makin laju..walaupn belum merangkak lg..huhu..tinggal p toilet..tgk2 die dah depan tv..tarik paper..huhu..