Friday, July 2, 2010

When Dads get excited

I've been meaning to write this post long time ago, since I was in confinement, but still couldn't make it. Most of the time is because I'm just plain lazy and don't know how to write about it hehehe.

Anyway it is about the two men in my life ;)

They are very excited when the little one is coming especially my father. Knowing my father who is slightly *ahem* lazy *ahem* with housework (haha not lazy la..only pampered by my mom :P) so I was quite taken aback when my mom told me that he made cotton mattress for me and Zahra!

It's made of 100% raw cotton filling. The process is quite tedious and fibery, so have to wear the face mask. My father even sew the cover by himself!

Not only mattress, he also made cotton pillows and sew pillow cover for Zahra. 2 sets of them - pink bear and white safari.

The sewing machine. There is 3 laptops there, we helped my father by surfing internet! :P

Oh my father is really a talented guy in sewing and crafting. He can weave mangosteen from 2 ribbons (like you do ketupat, but it is manggis) and used to weave tudung saji from rattan! He even sewed my school uniform those days.

MrComot on the other hand, not really a crafter but he wanted to do something for Zahra and get very excited when he stumbled upon this set of acrylic painting for kids. Bought it at Giant, couldn't remember how much but less than RM10 or RM20 per set, I think.

I did say something like this:

"Buat apa la nak paint2 bukannya boleh appreciate lagi"

"Biar la.. me nak buat for baby!"

Hahaha..lawak ok dia sentap. So here he was, around 6 months ago.

Busy panting while me watching The Nanny and ironing working shirts.

MooMoo and Baby

Ugly Elephant. Ha ha ha I always said this elephant looks weird, and he will be defensive "Zahra suka!"

Bright lion. Notice the unfinished line? He wanted to draw with another coat of black paint but turn out to be tak cantik, so it's there halfway :P

Proudly hanged next to Zahra's babycot.

This painting maybe something normal to some people, but knowing my husband who is super busy and rather do his scripting than this cheesy work, it was very sweet of him.

Well, fathers are always like that eh? Just like mothers. Their love also unconditional but they show it differently :)


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  2. eee..bestnyer..
    cute giler painting tuh :)

    i suke moomoo n baby the most !

  3. both of them are soooo sweet!
    i sgt jeles..
    simpan semuanya sampai zahra besar tau!

  4. wah rajinnya ur father dgn ur hubby..bagus2..comel2 lak tu..:)

  5. Hehe Along, dah add button like!

    I suka moomoo too! Yg lain tak cantik :P

    Kena simpan! Mesti Zahra sob sob nnt :D

  6. Shani,
    Comel took longer than me thought. Few hours jugak la

    Rajin menda yang derang minat je :P

  7. very talented la ur father..:)

    macam best je lukis lukis tu,belikan Giant ek?nak cari la..nak paint juga :)

  8. beli kt giant ker?

    i nk cari gak la..

    suke momoo n baby tuh ..hihi

  9. Hi Dila and Dayah, a'ah beli kat Giant..Giant Kota Damansara to be exact. Giant lain pun ada kut. Kat stationary area. Dia satu pack ada 3 drawing complete with brush and acrylic paint ;)