Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pumping Pwincess

My little one just discovered that she can lift up her body and hold the weight using her knees that she keep on doing that since last weekend. It looks more like pumping session to me.

Not very high but it lasts for quite sometimes! Everytime she does that I will clap and say yeayyyyy and she will giggles excitedly like below:

That's not the only trick she learned. She also has new style of crying now. She will bend her neck upwards and wail! Like a wolf. And I will immediately attend her because I don't like that type of crying. Macam kena dera ok. Hishhhh notti girl.

Anyway we bought that 1-2-3 eva foam mat at Carrefour (RM15 for 10 squares) and guess what? She keeps herself busy rolling on the mat! Maybe because it is new to her, or she likes the color, whatever but she didn't bother to roll under the table and cries that often. Sometimes I find her busy trying the chew the end of the mat! I just keep an eye close and let her play with it for a while hehehe.

So no play yard or walker yet. This cheap foam will do for now! :D


  1. Salam,

    10 for RM15? OK tu.
    Eiman's A - Z puzzle rubber mat = RM34

    and he also sedaya upaya nak kunyah bendalah tu...

  2. comell nyer zahra..hihi..
    she s getting stronger everyday:)

    i guess derang ni, mmg every month tukar style of crying kn..
    very creative :P

    danish now like to scream..
    asyik jeritt jer..haha.
    my hubby ckp kt dier, jgn jerit syg, nnti sakit tekak :p

  3. Tatty,
    OK sangat kan..berbanding mat yg latex tu hehehe.

    Yup! Dunt underestimate babies, derang ni kan banyak akal. Danish tengah test suara tu, seronok menjerit hehe

    Tenkiu auntie! Kecik2 lasak, nnt dah big girl kena sopan2 :D

  4. hai comelnya si zahra ni..meh nak kiss skit