Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Painful Jab

Zahra Elena had her pneumococcal jab this morning before we went to work. This shot is said to be tougher than the normal shot where the chances to get fever is higher, about 1 out of 5 (normal jab will be 1 out of 10). So far she's ok..hopefully no fever after 24hrs.

She's weighted 7.1kg, not so heavy comparing to other bloggers' babies hehehe. According to the chart, it is 50% which means she's average, she's heavier than 5 people and lighter than 5 people in 10 people-room. Height is 70cm and is 90% on the chart - she's taller than 9 fella out of 10!

Below is a few pics that I like most:-

Zahra and mommy waiting for our turn in the clinic. Not so hard to carry her now because she isn't in the 'fragile' shape anymore.

All happy and jolly when daddy carry

And gave this loudest cry when thigh poked with needle. Hahaha. Just look at her face, over ok. Right after doctor pulls out, she's all ok back to her normal self. And no tears! So drama lah you!

She's 6 months 1 week now and I'm so relieved that we passed the 'critical stage', where she's below 3 months. But again, the real critical stage is below 1 year (when you don't really have to worry with high fever and stuff). I guess first time parent always like that, too cautious, too much worry.

Ohh tiba-tiba teringat, fasting month is about 1 month to go. You guys dah habis ganti ke? Me belummmmmmmmmmm ;((

Oklah, happy Wednesday everyone! ;D


  1. Salam,

    me dah abih ganti! YAY!
    (sungguh riak disitu)

  2. Haha Tatty, mmg riak! Riak menda baik ok je :P

  3. 1. puasa last year, i was in terrible condition - morning sickness, gassy, puking, headache, sleeping 24/7... kesimpulan, x abes ganti lagiiiiii :(

    2. alamak, my baby dah di schedule utk amik the pneumococcal this coming august when he'll be 4 months.. shud i delay it? bg dia besar sket - eg like zahra, 6 bulan br amik.. what say u?

  4. halu aan, i also gave azryl the additional jab.My paed reckon the jab start at 4 months old , then 6, 10 months if i am not mistaken.Zara is the same height as my boy.hehehehe.

    Anyway i pun tak habis ganti la mum dah membebel tho...i je yang buat sengal.

  5. Ita,
    My doc advise to do later sebab he said, kalau buat awal kena 3x jab (which is more expensive la kan) but kalau delay buat 2x je. He said effect sama. Hmm I pun tak sure kalau ada effect yg lain but maybe you can consult your doc for clearer explanation? ;) Anyway this jab ada 2 brand, satu mahal sikit satu murah sikit. Ini pun I tak sure apa beza but my doc cakap sama.

  6. Hi Lin,
    A'ah Zahra start lambat so kena 2 jab je. Tapi at 15months nnt ada Booster kan? So kira macam 3+1 or 2+1. Jom jom cepat ganti, dah dekat ni haha

  7. zahra...comelnye awk!
    senyum lebar sampai sampai ke nangis pon bole tahan tu!

  8. zahra...comelnye awk!
    senyum lebar sampai sampai ke nangis pon bole tahan tu!