Friday, July 30, 2010

Bubba Gump The Curve

We had our first time dining-at-the-mall-with-little-one last weekend and I didn't quite enjoy it. The first time we ate outside with Zahra Elena was when we went out with my PIL and my sister at the Garden, so we can take turn to layan Zahra. But last weekend was only 3 of us and it's quite challenging. We ate like half an hour only and rush back after that because she refused to stay still and mind her own business.

By the way, this is my first time eating at Bubba Gump. I always wanted to try it back then when it's newly opened, about 2 years ago I think? Finally the day comes!

Clam chowder. The first clam chowder that I like. Lots of chunky cubed clam.

Run Forest Run (fresh orange+strawberry+banana+raspberry yogurt)

Bucket of Boat Thrash (shrimp+fish fillet+lobster tail+fries)

Dips for the Boat Thrash

Salmon and Veggie Skillet

They have this interesting way to serve the diners.

You put this sign, they won't bother you.

And if you flip this, they will stop and attend you immediately.

I like the thrash boat very much, it's fresh and well seasoned but unfortunately, the food give me this parch feeling for two days! It's an indicator to me that I'm MSG overdosed!

If you like shrimp, maybe you'll love the food. They have it in every style that they can think of. But no second visit for me. First because the thirsty feeling. Second, I don't fancy shrimp that much. Third, because the place is a bit cramped and not comfortable for me to BF Zahra! Chair to table distance is very short and I can't place Zahra's stroller nicely beside me :(

So have you decide where to eat this weekend? I don't feel like going out so I think I will cook something nice. Home is the best place on earth don't you think so? ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. me pun pegi sana sekali je la. we kinda had the same thg as yours. i think my salmon dish was really lousy i was forcing myself to eat it. other food we had pun so-so je. what a huge waste :(

  2. manhattan fm dgn bubba gump mana best?

    i love seafood, but i penah makan kat manhattan fm, tp muakk.. how?

  3. Bee, nak cakap lousy tak sampai hati, but me wont bazirkan duit there la. Not satisfying at all.

    BG takde mussels (if you are looking for it) and lagi mahal than Manhattan. Hmm susah nak pilih..yup MFM muak, but I rather eat at MFM kut, because the price is soo not worth it at BG.

  4. maria, me have to agree with Andes although me feel MFM pun agak lousy jugak tp atleast tak la seteruk BGS. up til now, me still cant find a western seafood rest that wont let me down. malay & chinese byk la yg sedap :)