Monday, August 2, 2010

MrComot's Twist are you guys? Any Monday blues? Hehehe

Last weekend was a fruitful one. My house is super cleaned, including the bathrooms, windows and fans! Hahhh no pat at my back, all is because weekend maid! Haha. Not that I'm lazy okay.. We just can't finish cleaning the whole house on the weekend. Maybe not cekap enough :(

Anyway this is my first time taking part time maid. It is RM75 for 2 person for 3 hours, and they managed to clean everything, including wash the porch! Not too bad eh? They arrived at 8AM when I'm just woken up and still in my pajamas, dengan semangat berkobar-kobar "Ok kak! Kita start atas atau bawah dulu?" Seriously, such enthusiasm caught me in the act and I was so gelabah ok, OMG mana nak bagi penyapu nak bagi vacuum, berus..and what to do..seriously my brain can't start that early. But fret not, they know their thing, I don't have to instruct anything.

Anyway since the house is sparkling clean, I refused to cook because afraid of staining the kitchen can? end up ordered in pizza. Even though I said no eating out doesn't mean we can't have outside food but inside the house eh? We even ordered the pizza online! Ahh the wonders of living in technology era :D

But outside food will always be outside food. Too much sodium, not healthy, and not satisfying. So we decided to have home-cooked meal for dinner and at the same time minimize the risk of messing our kitchen as much as we can. Bake chicken, Jamie's style it is! :P

Zahra was a bit cranky and I need to attend her til her sleep time, so MrComot cook everything from scratch. Including cleaning the chicken! Oh my..I'm so proud of him (and geram at the same time, because bila ni I nak tunjuk skill ni!!! skill yang tak ada gagagaga).

So this is what we had for last Saturday's dinner, readied just nice right after I put Zahra to bed.

Lemon Rosemary Chicken Thigh

We were so full with pizza on the day, so just have it with lotsa greens. Don't be fooled by the dark brown skin. The skin is crunchy with a little bit chewiness and the meat is sooooo juicy and tender!

Here is the exact recipe for 2 :D
2 chicken thigh - cleaned
1 stalk of rosemary - chopped
1 lemon - squeezed
Salt and pepper to taste
Condiments (onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes - anything you like)

Marinate everything, the longer the better, we marinate just about 45mins, lined your oven tray with aluminium foil, placed everything inside, we used onions and tomatoes only, bake (up and down) at 250 degrees for 45 mins and voila!

It's indeed a very simple meal but fulfilling. And no mess! Just an oven, 2 plates and 2 pairs of fork and knife. Ohh and chopping board, strainer, of course but still! No extra wok or smokey house after that.

And the best thing is, the cost is like RM10 only!!

Chicken - RM5
Rosemary - RM2
Lemon - 50sen
Baby tomatoes - Rm2
Salad - leftover frm last weekend but if you buy the new one is like RM2-4 I think..

The most important is, it's healthy.

I'm starting to watch what I eat and learn to love healthy diet because I want to live longer healthily! But right now still can't get rid of the sugar crave. I take chocs and boxed fruit juice everyday (they are spoiled sweet!). Have to do it bits by bits ;)


  1. wah, ade maid ley dtg umah eh? kat mane tu? bley bg contact no maid tu tak? mcm best je...heheheh!

  2. Salam,

    minta contact number... my MIL nak try guna. jaga 3 cucu membuatkan rumahnya meleket dan bersawang lagi berminyak...

    also, depa nak ke pi melaka cuci my mum's house yang semak giler setaraf er... :P

  3. Erda,
    Yup, boleh amik weekly or 2 minggu sekali or ad-hoc. Me think ok sangat sbb tak cukup masa kan.

    Melaka me tatau la haha.

    This is the contact number: Azlan ( 0193002800) - The tokey. Dia yg akan arrange siapa nak cuci and all. Maybe boleh tanya dia cover tak that area.