Monday, August 9, 2010

The Panic Parents

Alhamdulillah, Zahra is all well and bouncy now. The fever went away after sticking at her like a leech for 3 days. Thank you so much for all your prayers *hugs*

Anyway just to some interesting infos.

The fever was quite bad because after doses and doses of fever syrup, the heat never go down! That made we so gelabah, but thank God for the internet. We learnt a lot of thing from there haha. Maybe it's old news to you but just to recap few thing what I read online (sources multiple, forgot to bookmark).

Fever in babies is a sign that they are fighting bacteria or infections. So it is perfectly normal that you DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING except wait and monitor. Boleh? I was like seriously? hard to believe it. In fact, it's recommended NOT TO GIVE any fever medicine, unless the baby is cranky or irritable, you can try a dose of paracetamol to ease it.

The articles also said it's common for babies to have fit/seizures for few seconds if they are too hot (touch wood!) but you only have to be alert if the fit lasts for more than like 4mins (or 2mins don't remember). This is scary shit!

By the way, there are a few thing that you can do when your baby have fever.
1) Nurse him a lot - to avoid dehydration
2) Wear minimal clothes (babies at 6mos don't know how to regulate their body temperature)
3) Be in cool/comfortable environment (aircond/cooled room will help)
4) Sponge him with warm water
5) If he is too stress, give paracetamol or ibuprofen (2ml for infants)

And last but not least, DO NOT PANIC! Hahaha that one reminder for us only. MrComot lagilah..siap insist to give the antibiotic okkkk! Heloooo! Nasib baik I tak bagi.

I guess it's true btw. Previously when we asked her doctor about the fever, he said as long as she drinks well and looks ok, nothing else we can do. Just let her.

So little one, have as many fever as you want, you need it to be strong and healthy when you grow up. Mommy will help you on the way ;)


  1. ngeeheeehee, i have been in your position last two weeks.It was indeed very tiring for me.Tak tido malam to ensure his emperature wont rise sky high.Rupa-rupanye ini budak mahu tumbuh gigi.dua batang front teeth.Tapi tula..3-4 days he seemed not to his original self.Quiet je..huhuhu.Seb baik zara dah ok.. :)

  2. After bace aan pny entry nie, baru tersedar tentang antibiotik. B4 nie mmg tak de knowledge lgsg. Last mth after aydin g inject, die demam smpi 39. Bile pns sgt, ulcer merate dlm mulut smpi ke tekak. Disbbkan sakit n pedih, aydin kurang menyusu. Jumpe paed, die bagi antibiotik...kite nie yg tatau ape2, bglah antibiotik tu kat aydin smpi abis. Cian aydin....pas nie x mo bg lagi. Tkot t aydin da tak immune dgn ubat =( wonder g klinik kerajaan, die just bagi paracetamol yg paling ringan utk baby.

  3. Linziana,
    Hehe tu la..very tiring. And scary too. Nasib baik dah ok..haa nak tumbuh gigi ni mmg akan demam or cranky banyak. Zahra tak tahu la demam kenapa, beralih bulan kut :P

    I'm not a doc so tak sure la maybe your Aydin mmg need antibiotic for that ulcer? And depends on the doctor tu, mcm my fav doc tak suka bagi ubat, dia cakap wait n see and jaga2 je, but doc 24hrs tu je first time dapat antibiotic. But, kalau boleh elak, elak la kan ;)