Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Fever :(

I am on emergency leave again. Zahra Elena had a sudden fever yesterday morning but she seems active like usual so I still send her to babysitter after one shot of paracetamol. But this time is a nasty one. The temperature maintained at 38 and above (and sometimes 39! giving me this scare shit) even though we doing the cold press and keep on sponging her. My poor baby! I gave last dose around 11pm and at 1am, the temp still shooting the roof! This is definitely not the common fever used to visit her last time.

Since sponging her is not enough, I tried this egg white natural remedy where knead flour with egg white and dab the body throughly, it is said can absorb the heat faster. I even wrapped the egg white under her feet with cloths, it's said to make the heat will go down through the feet haha. Anyway, I don't know if it works or not because we rushed to the clinic straightway after my experiments - red rashes was everywhere after that! I'm not sure if it is because the egg white or the fever is very bad.

Luckily there is 24-hours clinic in Dataran Sunway (Clinic Vaneshya, next to Watsons) and I explained the details, when what how much etc etc..and the first thing doc asked me was "are u a nurse?" Hahaha I don't know what's supposed to mean, maybe I'm too medical? Haha..

Anyway, Zahra already started to recognize people and she CRIED HER LUNG OUT the moment the doctor touch her. Haha..kesian but I feel like laughing too. Doc gave her the anal-medicine (forgot the name) and gave some other medicine for her to continue (some steroid cream for the rashes, Ibuprofin (this one a bit tougher than the paracetamol) and antibiotic). According to the doctor, there is 2 types of fever for infants, one because of throat infection, another on is because of stomach infection (which we can guess if one has diarrhea). Zahra's throat is ok so the doctor afraid if this is not the common fever - it could be viral or denggue!

Hopefully it's nothing serious. I'm still holding the antibiotic, rasa mcm tak best nak bagi at this early stage.Anyway the rashes is due to white egg protein allergy!

Oppss gotta go, Zahra already woke up. Below is a couple of pic for today.

The pot already bloomed with flowers. My MIL also don't know the name, she said the nursery just tell her "LAM MING GO". No idea what it means.

Zahra Elena few mins ago.Pray for her well being ya? Kesian dia :(

Ok really gotta go. Have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. Zahra, cepat sembuh yea so dat we can see your smiling face again =)

    ya allah, please make zahra's fever go away please...

  2. Salam,


    moga cepat sembuh Zahra... windu nak tgk mata 10K awak tu...

    alergik putih telur?

  3. Kasihan Zahra :*

    Get well soon darling~

  4. Ain,
    Thanks so much! >:D<

    Tu la..allergic ke? But sebab dia below 1 year kan. Nnt dah setahun me try introduce back, hopefully tak allergic lahh

    Tenkiu auntie! :D