Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The First Bloom

My MIL gave me a big pot of plant that I don't know what type is it and always forgot to ask. I thought it is curry leaves so I just water it like usual and don't expect anything else to come out until yesterday morning, it caught my attention.

It's a flower plant!

A blue-purplish flower

And this morning more buds blossoming that the whole pot is covered by this delicate petals. Still I don't what's the name. Gotta ask my MIL tonite.


  1. u know aan i tak pernah ada bakat dalam bab menanam tua-tua kata tangan the way the flowers looks pretty.sejuk je mata memandang.Good to release tension

  2. lalink...nasib baik u tak petik nak letak dalam butter prawn. ihiks

  3. or add some into your chicken marinate :p

    it doesnt look like any herb plants i know. mcm pokok hiasan je :P
    bestnye rumah ada land. my balcony tu dh tade tpt nak letak pokok dah :(

  4. Linziana,
    I 'think' my tangan panas too. But this flower mmg senang sgt bloom. Mcm tak buat apa2 je haha. Maybe u can try?

    Bukan la...morning glory crawling plant and lagi cantik :D

    Tu la pasal. And sah2 takde bau ok daun dia, whyyy la me terfikir curry.

    Kalau me add mmg me super blonde la! Haha. Have the land, dont have the time :(