Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feverish Daddy

My big baby is down with fever, a nasty one that I have to take emergency leave today. I never seen him in this situation, feverish and lie flat on the bed, closing his eyes for more than 24hours with minimal food. The only food he takes is the kurma, cincau, some shredded chicken and bread. Itu pun I have to suap him. Other than that he just drink some water and sleep.

He said no headache or throbbing-ness, only he feels so weak, hot and bone-pain.

This is my first time taking care of a sick man and I'm pretty clueless what to do as I always see him active and strong. I just keep on sponging him and try to feed as much as he can.

Hopefully nothing serious. Will go to the hospital if the fever still there tomorrow.

On the other note, taking care of a sick person with a clingy infant is very challenging. Zahra cries everytime I'm out her sight - when I want to check on MrComot in the room. I don't want to bring her in, takut jangkit x pasal2. Hmmmm how to be a housewife like this. Seriously it' s tough.

Anyway get well soon sayang :(

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  1. kena demam urat kot. in medical term me tak tau, tapi org melayu panggil demam urat. takde pening, muntah mcm demam biasa. tapi sakit and bisa kat sendi & tulang..rasa urat tegang. agaknye la demam urat.

    apa-apa take care lalink.

    get well soon mr.comot

  2. ciannye aan.. hope dia recover cepat..

  3. ala siannya baby tua..get well soon mr comot..

  4. Salam,

    me dulu rajinlah jaga Azwan, la ni jarang... isk isk isk...

    bagi dia ubat, air... then masak hidang atas katil kat dia... tu jer :P

  5. lalink, pls dont take fever so lightly nowadays some more with dengue fever et large *mintak jauh la kan* but always2 early detection is better. drag him to hosp/clinic and get the doc to test his blood (it's compulsory clinical procedure now anyway)