Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Multiple Personality Phase

Zahra Elena is 7 months today! Yippie yeay! We passed her critical 6 months. Another 6 months to go before the a-bit relax 1 year old. Relax ke? Hmmm I wonder..

I don't know how heavy or long she is now as no vaccination for this month. Anyway want to share some interesting fact from babiesonline with you:

What might concern you at 28 weeks

Your baby's behavior changes for each person he is left with. He may be a perfect angel for his daycare provider or babysitter, and laugh or coo for grandma and grandpa, while pitching fits and fighting meal time and nap time with you. That can get very frustrating for both mom and baby.

In actuality, you should be happy that your baby feels secure and content enough with you that he can act up a bit. He knows with you, no matter what he does, at the end of the day you will still be holding him, feeding him and loving him. While this doesn't help in the times of fits, it is nice at the end of the day to know that you are trusted by your baby.

Now explains the tantrums she throws most of the time, especially in the car! Few seconds want to feed, another seconds want to stand lah..then want to sit. Pening ok! And with the traffic jam, not helping at all! And just imagine, the moment I stepped out from the car and my MIL greeted us, I complained "Zahra cranky sikit.." but she giggles happily instead when her grandma make baby-sounds that MIL said "no lahhh..nampak ok je ni". Ohoooooo main-main yer. Mummy not complaining here but mummy just pening haha. And during last weekend, susah betul nak bagi makan. And clingy!

But I love you baby!!!! Happy 7 months sweetheart!!!!


  1. Happy 7 months...gee how fast time flies, still rember i was reading your pregnancy progress last year..nak setahun dah..huhuhu :)

  2. Salam,

    Yup. Ini Hero Dagu Tajam pun macam tu. Macam malaikat dengan Mama Ruby dia, cool dengan other family member tapi dengan kami... fuuuuuh mencabar.

    Dalam keter pun macam tu. imagine me pangku dia, then dia pusing 360' 2 kali then meloloskan dirinya supaya terpelosok kebawah between my leg in just less than 1 minute! geramnya...

  3. Owh camtuh ker, naseb u share citer ni.. sbb i rs pelik gak, naper baby i skang dh pandai

    sigh, sumtimes i geram gak, biler kiter nk feed dier, dh pndai reject n selagi i x bgn kn dier, dier akan mengamuk..
    biler dh dpt berdiri, tersengih2 suke hati..sabo jer la..

    but true, ngamukla dier cane pon,
    tp biler dier smile kt kiter, trus kite melt kn.. haha