Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Sweet Escape

Parenthood definitely taking a toll on us. Up till now when people ask maybe we can start planning for the second one I am like, oh pleasee...I'm still tired and not settled yet. I''m not complaining, but that's how I feel - tired and not ready.

After half a year, we decided to give both of us a break and went out berpoya-poya without little one yesterday! I already planned the leave and all and coincidentally she had fever but fortunately it's totally gone on Sunday. Else this plan will be canceled. Thank you Zahra for giving mummy and daddy this chance :D

I am so excited that I already plan what to wear, what to eat, etc etc. Feels like when we were courting those days.

So first thing we did, something that we are unable to do for quite sometimes, breakfast at kopitiam! I mean, it's impossible right, to lug budak kecik tu early in the morning. I rather be in bed with her and golek2 :D

After send Zahra to her babysitter we stopped at Chawan Kopitiam in Bangsar and had this:

Toasted bread with butter and kaya + half-boiled omega eggs + kopi kemamam (my first official coffee after gave birth!)

And nasik lemak bungkus with soto ayam.

Unfortunately we arrived quite late (almost 11am), because it was hard for me to leave little one at the bbsitter's house :( . So lepak-lepak, pegang2 tangan, surf internet (Chawan has free WIFI and it's fast!) and then shoot to Midvalley for movie time!

Despicable Me in 3D :D

This is our first movie together!! After like, a year? Haha exaggerating. Our last movie is G-Force and that was when I am 5 months pregnant I think, and that's it, no more movie for us up til now! Oh I had one in between with my girlfriend, Shani but MrComot none! Poor him.

We were so excited that we even self timer this pic in GSC hehehe..

I bought this new skirt purposely for this outing! But it looks so dull :( Better stick to jeans next time.

In 3D glasses

Browse some shops......

Stopped by Gelatossimo for 3 scoops of gelatos

And it's already almost 5PM!!! How fast time flies. We barely do anything! *sigh*

It's a relieved somehow get to do something together without have to worry about Zahra but I miss her at the same time, especially while watching the movie, ada scene budak kecik comel, mesti teringat my little tottila! :D

So that goes our first break. MrComot said we should do this every month! Haha I don't know..maybe once in a 3 months is enough for me. But maybe because I get to go out every Friday (lunch break *ahem* *ahem*) whilst he's in the office all the time.

I rather take a day off and cuddle the whole day :D


  1. i know exactly the feeling of being freeeee!!hehehe coz u see aan i am a long distance wife.and my time with the hubs is so limited .When he back during weekends all the attention goes to the lil one.futher more i am staying wif ma parent.nak bersmoochy poo tu takleh la.hehehe.so ape yang both of us buat is he come on friday , i will take half day leave and out we go to watch movie or just hang around at our favourite place.Feel guilty at the same time coz the lil' one not with us.But to spice up the relationship we need to something different once a while right?

  2. bestnye mr comot propose u guys do it evry mth. kalau i la.. YIPPEEEE!!
    i buat plan baek punya..
    its hard for me tho.. hubby comes home sesuka hati,
    like, "mlm ni sampai.."
    i pun "uh?..." (kalau tau, i amek cuti awal2, so that tmrw leh kuar ke)
    and he doesnt like the idea leaving kids at home while me n him berpoya2.. tu yg i kene explain kat dia panjang lebar, that mom doesnt mind kalau kita nakgi midnite movie la... bukan hari2 pun..

  3. such sacrifices for the little one, kan?

    truly an eye opener for the single me. at least i know understand more on my parent's effort to make me babysit for the younger sibs while they go out to date!