Monday, August 16, 2010

Just another Monday blues

I miss my blog so much but I couldn't allocate few more minutes to write a decent update. Toooo busy bee since the Ramadhan started :(

Anyway below is my princess this morning, in her slumberland before I woke her up, in full bed-time suit hehehe. This is her all-time favourite sleeping pose - arms wide open.

She was soooo good last weekend, all giggling and entertaining. She learnt a few tricks on crawling and was excited all day long trying the moves. Kids, they grow up so fast. I so want to be full time hwife so that I can be with her all the time. Not possible for wait up little one, save few acts for mommy tonight ok.



  1. conquer katil mummy daddy ni.. :)

  2. Hiya!

    browsed my old post.. found your comment and teringat nak tanya.. how was it? haha i know.. dah lapuk dah cerita bersalin ni.. your baby pun dah besar and cute too!

    how time flies.. Zahra dah boleh buat apa dah?? my girl now tengah syok nak berdiri.. pastu confident lepas2 tangan.. pastu gedebuk.. hehe..

    dah lama tak update blog.. telah meninggalkannya agak lama.. huhu..

  3. mcm gaya tido aqil..habis tmpt maria die amik..last2 mak die kena tido bwh kaki die..huhu..