Sunday, June 27, 2010

Giant Baby Needs Sale

Everybody is talking about this Giant baby needs sale and coincidently we are short in diaper so we quickly give a check today and surprisingly it's really cheap. We are still using MamyPoko for Zahra and stocked up a whole bunch for her.

The cheapest I've ever found for M66 is RM43.90 in Carrefour, that's about 66sen each but the price is quite hard to get. Normal price will be RM55.

The current promotion Giant selling is at RM29.90 for M44 and that's about 68sen each (still one ringgit more than the jumbo pack if x 66pieces) but it's still a good deal to me as I don't know when we are going to get this price again (not to mention we have to check time to time at carrefour, tesco, giant, jusco, etc for the 43.90 deal) so we just grabbed the max we can.

By the way, the t&c is one person can buy 3 pack max, so here we are, 6 packs on total.

Not only MamyPoko there, also got Drypers, Huggies and Petpet (this one not so sure because I didn't see any but according to my friend, ada). This sale is from 25th - 27th June 2010. The milk and baby toiletries is also on sale. And you'll get free gifts on top of every RM80 purchase from baby department! Err..I think, or maybe for total purchase from Giant. I'm not sure, sorry!

Ehh..come to think it's quite expensive using disposable diaper. Maybe I should start to consider using cloth diaper now..hmmm...

Anyway, happy weekends and enjoy shopping!


  1. i sempat grab 1 je, sume out of stock.. sbb i pergi pun dah petang.. slalu gi carrefour beli brg budak..

  2. MariaHafiz,
    I pegi malam, mmg dah abes, tapi kebetulan time tu staff dia tengah refill hehehe

  3. samelah..maria pn sll cari mamy poko bila sale pastu beli byk..dah try tukar pampers lain kat aqil tapi tak sesuai..huhu..haritu jusco ada buat sale..dapta beli yg 66keping rm42++ beli 3...yeay..ckup stok pampers aqil..