Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hadiah Tak Ikhlas

I got an sms from Clinique to redeem my birthday gift last few weeks and was quite excited about it. Not that I really fancy their stuff, but because it's free hehehe

So I rushed to MidV and received a nice packet from the salesgirl.

It's a pack of eyeshadow!

Unfortunately I'm not a make-up person and was hoping for a lip gloss. And plus I don't really dig the colour as I don't know how to blend gray+green+gray? I guess it's meant for smokey look. Anyway I decided to give it away to any of my friends and that's when I saw this;

Manufactured in May 2007!!

OMG! It is like, THREE YEARS AGO! And that's when your make up kit expired ok! Heloooooo, motip bagi menda expired? tak ikhlas!

Luckily I didn't buy anything from the counter just to please them when I receive the gift that day :P


  1. Tu bukan manufacturing date ke?

  2. Shani,
    Kann..actually thinking to give it to u, or rena sbb korang dua mekap jugak hehe

    That's why..kalau baru setahun ok lagi

    Yup mfg la, mekap expired after 3 years. I put it wrong way ke? but I nak meant mcm tu la :P

  3. Heh heh sori I didn't know that mak eup expires after 3 years :D

  4. Normally u can still use the mekap/ skincare a year after they expired. sbb tu kdg2 diorg still sell it (@highest discount price) or give it away as bday gift? ;)

    atleast clinique ada la jugak kasi freebies mcm tu, SK yg mahal mcm kapal tu tade taww! hahaha

  5. Bee,
    Oh ye ke? But still!! Haha. Motip SK nak bagi freebies, sebab mahal orang kaya mampu beli la tak payah free gift :P

  6. m@ri@,
    Kaann..dah la for birthday haha

  7. Loreal tader bagi pun... sedih sedih... bagi give masa pi beli byk barang jer