Friday, June 18, 2010

Blogs that I dig

Hi all, just short update as I have to do lots of thing today (ha ha ha poyo je) but yeah, nak basuh baju, sidai baju, sapu sampah and maybe bake something? just want to impress MrComot shhhhhhh ok, secret here :P

Anyway as promised before I already update the link section with few resources about mommyhood. talking about it, I forgot to include online shopping that I always visit (this one later la yer).

But basically about mommies + parenting + breastfeeding is there, under Supermommies and Natural Parenting. About cloth diapering and babywearing tak ada lagi since I haven't start on CD (shame on me!) and babywearing macam malas sebab Zahra dah besar and she's fine with the stroller hehe. Oh ya, daily clicks pun I add. Food section also updated, overall, on the right side will be all links that I read daily. Ada lagi banyak I read daily actually but this one fav among fav :)

I also add google search for my blog content (in any case it is useful to you) but still haven't try it yet. Hopefully it's accurate.

Ok will try to update again later. Daa!

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  1. maria pun tak CD..BW pun DIY money no talk..ehehe..skrg dok mengumpul resepi utk aqil..:D