Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rockin' Hard at Hard Rock

I seriously can't make up my mind with the new template. Everything look so cool and pretty! So don't bother if you see the color keep on changing ok, it is just me - indecisive hehe.

So let's continue with my rambling, about our recent Penang trip.

One thing I learned about this trip is, you really don't care about yourself, your kid will be top priority! We didn't go to anywhere (except one night group dinner in Gurney Drive), even the 15-mins walking Feringgi Night Market *ohhhh I miss the DVDs sob sob* because Zahra is too...small? I didn't dare bringing her outside blending in the crowds at night. Because of a lot of thing - dirty + stuffy + hot + night air. And also because 9pm is already her sleep time.

Since we stayed at the hotel most of the time, this entry basically will be about Hard Rock Hotel.

Let pictures do the talking ;)

Zahra all jolly being in the car seat. This picture is when we are at the bridge. I thank God for this smooth journey, Zahra sleeps most of the time! That means I don't have to carry her and conquered the back seat, stretch my leg as far as I want. Thank you baby! You are such a wonderful princess!

At the bridge.

Little tottila with the bridge.

The arrays of shops. They only open at night. Here is heaven for the cheap cheap thing. You can get DVDs at RM10 for 3 pieces, good imitation branded handbags (LV, Prada, Gucci, etc - I don't know how good it is as I don't carry designer handbag *cough cough* but according to my friend, their stock is better than Petaling Street!), lotsa souvenirs, antiques and junks that might be valuable to you. But you still have to haggle though. And please note that parking is extremely painful. They do reserve some spot for you to park but it is illegally charged.

Our room! We got seaview deluxe room (32m sqf) complete with a king sized bed, 32" LCD, DVD player, waterfall shower head, weighing scale, and other normal stuff - sofa, study table, etc etc. But there is no bathtub, maybe to them it's not important but bathtub is something I'm looking forward whenever I want to be in a hotel. And it's quite pricey to me for this room not to have bathtub (I'm not sure how much the price is but I heard about about RM500 per night). But you are paying for Hard Rock man, can't really compare. I'm not a star, so I don't care about the rockin' stuff, as long as I got my bathtub at sweet price, it is enough for me :P

All hers!

Love love love their detailing by the way. Look at the duvet sheet. It's 300 thread count combed cotton threaded with guitar pattern in negative-positive effect! And in the whitiest white! Haha I have this fetish with white bedsheet.

The pretty sofa. I adore the contrast of earthy brown with bright red trimmed edges.

Tottila with her charming MrFwoggy.

Love love love the carpet as well.

Our room facing the pool. Very crowded. It was on Sunday evening.

Some kind like observation deck. Overlooking the sea and the hotel.

Pathway at the pool to Pizzeria (one of their dining place).

The waterfall fiber optic lights at the main entrance! OMG this is soooo coooool! And the colors keep on changing too!

In green!

And yellow! Sorry for the blur pic, just want to show the height :D

The deco is pretty cool too. The wall is not like normal hotel, they decorate it with tiles portraying rockstars.

Pool in the morning. Oh by the way I didn't manage to swim, because hmmmhmhmm nobody to take care of Zahra. Hehe not really, but because I'm a bit shy, the pool is too open and most of the colleague are there with their kids with proper clothes. When I said proper, you know lah the wife with hijab and long pants and all, whilst my swimsuit is like..hmmm, not that appropriate. So I decided not to swim at all.

The original guitar and suits worn by stars.

Door handle at Stars Cafe.

Zahra with her teether.

Zahra with mummy! I like her 'shocked' face while me on the other hand, so vain ha ha ha.

Again, mummy in vain mode and Zahra with the face :P
Oh ya, I like the chair very much. Kalau ada satu kat rumah kan best *berangan mode*. This is their lobby area.

Sunset from our room.

Daddy with little one.

OMG, Zahra...why la u buat muka macam tu? Mummy nak tergelak tengok balik hehe


Overall it's a nice and enjoyable stay. The room is nice, their staff is extremely helpful (especially me with little kid) and polite and I like their laid-back uniform - in 3 quarters overall and bermuda hehehe. The only drawback to me is the food. The selection is quite limited and most of the food is tasteless. Just imagine they don't even have icecream in the buffet! We didn't try the official Hard Rock Cafe though.

The shops carry a lot of merchandise especially their clothing line but NO FRIDGE MAGNET! According to the shop, they just submitted the paper to produce FM and is waiting for HQ to approve it.

Oh ya, I also disappointed with their restrooms. Since it is new, I expect it to be modern and fab, you know the toilet seat with buttons to squirt water, flush and all. Very gadgety. It turn out to be normal toilet by the way. Oh well, it's Malaysia, who bothers about toilets right?

If you are going to stay at this hotel, I highly recommend the Lagoon Deluxe. The room is extended with extra deck plus 2 beach chairs. You can jump to the pool straight from your room! And it's kinda private too, because nobody from other room really swim on that area. It's the coooolesssttttt idea ever! Sorry no picture! I did snap it but hmmhmm I don't know why I didn't transfer it earlier and I just want to finish this entry. No more pics! Hahaha.

Oklah darlings, have a good weekend!


  1. OOH SUKE sgt pic mummy ngan zahra atas couch tu.. jom jom, beli satu letak kat rumah ;)

  2. Hehe Maria, jom jom..kalau depan tv pun best kan :D

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  4. suka tgk kerusi tu..nak satu..buh dlm rumah sy yg kecik itu..haha..