Friday, September 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!

Hi kawan-kawan,

Selamat hari raya!!!!

Sorry for everything and may you have a great festive week!

I'm off to buy lotttsss crackers and fireworks. Wahahaha mcm best je kan..actually just nak go buy bunga api sparks and mercun pop tu je.

Ok mwahhhhhssss!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yam-Singh Wedding

As promised, this is the Sikh wedding story that I supposed to write yesterday hihihihi.

The groom is MrComot's friend, held last Saturday at Palace of the Golden Horses. It was my first time to attend non-Malay wedding and lots actions caught my attention. We were seated right to the brides pathaway and our table is specially for the groom's highschool sweethearts.

The entree was very grand. With asap-asap lagi. And everybody is flashing their cameras and suddenly the room turned into red carpet event.

Smoky entree

The couple were accompanied with bagpipes. Impressive. But I don't know how to enjoy a bagpipe show. So I find it kinda funny hehehe.

(pic frm Giap's SLR, MrComot's friend)

Then as usual, there will be food presentation to the couples right. And this is my first time seeing a food presented in a GIANT clamp. Normally the presentation will be the waiter/es act like a servant, bring a whole dish and show to the brides and groom.

The chef carrying the heavy big bulky clamp
(pic frm Giap's SLR, MrComot's friend)

See how big it is? Siap ada spotlight ala-ala cahaya came out from the pearl :P

Then eating time!!! It was a 9-course Chinese meal. The food is okay and satisfying. I think hotel food is about the same, but this one wayy better than the one I had in Times Square (Shani, note that. Hahaha tiba2 je nama naik :P).

I like the way they arrange the slots as after we finish our starter, the performance started and all the eyes glued to the stage while the waiter serves 2nd meal. So we won't feel bored while waiting for the next food or eat eat eat but can't enjoy the show.

The 1st show. Sikh/Indian dance. Seriously, I can't tell.
Baddddd knowledge in culture ;(

This one raised big cheers and claps. Turkey belly dancing, flown straight from Turkey. I was like, seriously? Gila lahhhh. But I think I like the Arabs belly dancing more hihihi. Nampak lagi appealing and seductive :P

The wedding is really a mix and weird and nice one. With the bagpipes (scottish), Turkey belly dancing, the Chinese dishes and don't forget, the DRINKSSSS!!

I noticed that all my people in my tables (except me and MrComot lahh - perlu ke cakap ni? haha) take either beer or wine. Then I quickly scaned all the tables inside the room, and everybody is having that drink with their meal. I thot Sikh quite strict with drinking, betul tak?

On our table

Another scanning - I am the only person with tudung.

Scan again - I think we were the only Malay in that room hahahaha. I don't know why, but I am fascinated with the situation that time.

Oh ya, our table semua Chinese accept us. In other word, all MrComot's friends are Chinese. Not all, most of it. He got another Malay friend but that's the only one I knew lah. He didn't come that night.

After finished all the 9 meals, they have this yamseng (cheers) event where the couples will walk from table to table, pour alcohol and say yamsenggggg in the loudest speaker mode.

And guess what?

Our table selected as the FIRST one!!!! I asked MrComot if it is just something random or the groom will pick it, he said it is up to the groom so our table must be his most favourite :D

Everybody stand and give the couple a big, loud scream of YAMMMMSENNNGGGGG!!! I was busy with my camera and the 1st hand paling depan tu MrComot's with his Coke :P
(The groom is the one at the centre)

The wedding ended with floor dancing. At first semua org malu-malu but after a while, everybody is flooding the floor. Except our table hahaha. We just watched in awe and snapped pics.

The starter group
(pic frm Giap's SLR, MrComot's friend)

The later crowd
(pic frm Giap's SLR, MrComot's friend)

They dance madly, like 'Bent It Like Beckham' I tell ya. Siap angkat-angkat tangan ni. The music must be very good I guess, to get them into the mood.

And me through all the day, loyally to my Chinese tea.

My night ended at 1230am leaving me exhausted and sleep like a dog. The wedding is definitely a mixed-up and weird and interesting and fun one.

To Dhanwant, selamat pengantin baru!!!! :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I got another award from Cool! Thanks Cool! Mwahhhhhhhhhh *meowwww*

Bagus tau ada award2 ni sbb I actually have no update for today mwahahahaha!

Actually I have one story to share, about a Sikh wedding I went last Saturday (sampai missed buka puasa with Cool and the gang sob sob) but unfortunately not all the pics in my hand. Part in my cam, and part in MrComot's cam sbb in the middle of the event my cam gone kaput.

So I will update about the wedding, hmmm esok ok? Will force MrComot to transfer the pics ASAP.

And talking about the award, don't you think it is soooo comellllll???? I like the cat with BIG BLACK BLINK EYES. Ahaha call it 3B eyes okay tak?

The rules mcm biasa, give to gila-gila blogs and to 4 persons. Ehhh..mana nak cari 4 persons ni?


Susahhhhh lahhhhh ;(

Anyway, I would like to pass this award to Along, sebab...

somehow the eyes remind me of her everytime dia bercerita beria-ia hahahahaha.

So tomeiiiiiiii!! Ok babe, kalau rajin buat, tak buat pun takpe :D


Monday, September 22, 2008


Yeayyyy finally!! Everything on papers are done!!

Syabasss andes!!

Paperwork is very tiresome! You have to get this people to sign la, this people to verify lah. Tak suka okk.

To clear some things to all of my friends,

The akad nikah will be on 10/10/2008 = Friday, and going to be very intimate one. All of you invited by the way. Siapa2 nak datang, please let me know ok. I'll give the card after raya. Oh ya, the location will be in Kota Damansara, our new house. Since there is no furniture yet, senang la kan nak hampar2 karpet semua. And everybody will be seated on the floor ok :P

The reception will be held on 1/11/2008 = Saturday. This one tak payah cakap nak datang ke tak, I'll send all of you the cards :D Oh ya, in KL jugak ni. So takde alasan utk cakap jauh ke apa ke hehe

Oh ya: Attention to Rena. I AM SOOO SOOO SOOORRRYYY for the changes as it is the only date yg paling OK. Kalau buat on the 9th, both of my sisters can't come because one is having final year exam and another one ada SPM on the next Monday. The cikgu mmg tak bagi dia pergi T_T

So, 1st is the only option. I ammmm soorryyy sbb of course you can't come to my wedding kan, and I can't go to ur bro's. But I'll go on the 8th tu ok? And darling, please please please come on the 10/10 tu ehh.. Kalau cuti you approved :D Mwahhhhhhhh

Btw, I like like like like the way MrComot checking on me this morning wheter I have collect the form or not.

via SMS: Sayang, we can kawen oredi ke? :p


Friday, September 19, 2008

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Yaa...tajuk ni takde kaitan ngan entry. But, whateverlah...tajuk buku Sidney Sheldon tu yg terlintas di fikiran saya skrg hehe.

Btw, I went to Pejabat Agama Islam Selangor yesterday to submit the marriage form and it is the final one. And the most important one sbb got MrComot's completed form and my form.

Me: Nak submit borang
Abg kaunter: OK. Esok amik, petang
Me: Pagi boleh?
Abg kaunter: Pagi tak sempat siap
Me: Ok.. So saya tak eprlu sign apa2 ke..nnt mcm mana nak tahu nak mintak borang mana
Abg kaunter: Sebut je nama, nnt kita bagi balik borang tu
Me: Hmmmm.. Kalau pagi tak boleh ke?
Abg kaunter: Tak sempat ni. Orang lain tolong amik pun boleh.
Me: Hmmmm..Ok thanks

Out of the office, calling2 MrComot 'me tak sempattt nak amik jumaat me ada deting with the friends petang tu'

Then masuk balik office and jerit

Me: Abangggg!! Isnin bolehhh?
Abg kaunter ramai-ramai (dah berubah kat PC belakang): Boleh, lagi lambat lagi bagus


Ok, two things bothering me now.

1) Security
He didn't give me any paper to sign as in I received the form or I submit the form. So let say the form missing in THEIR HANDS, tak kah naya? Jgn main2, case ni pernah berlaku tau. But I don't know how other Pejabat Agama operate? At least if ada log they received/I sent the form so can track the form if anything happen right?

2) Trusworthy
He said that ANYBODY can pick the processed form later with no authorization (at least he didn't mention it to me, bring photocopy IC ke, written letter on behalf ke). So just imagine, somebody out of the blue moon walk in and ask for my form

Ms-sabotage-want-to-ruin-andes-wedding: Encik, saya nak amik form Andes
Abg kaunter: Nah dah siap

Tak ke naya??!?!


I know I'm just being paranoid. But it is POSSIBLE right???!

I hope everything will go well. And to all my trusted friends, in the meantime please don't give my full name to ANYBODY who asked. At least, until I collect the form. Thanksssss mwahhhhhsssss.

And notice tak I don't tell you guys which branch I submit the form? It is for double security hihihihi.

I know it's crazy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Gift

I was packing some of my stuff into the box when I saw this perfume, and remind me of something.

The perfume is MrComot's first gift to me, and back in September 2006. That will make exactly 2 years right?

We were casual friends that time. Rarely see each other, and even if we went out together hardly can call it dating ;)

I was kinda surprised to get the perfume since we don't really have 'declared' relationship but somehow I know it's going to be a start to everything. Knowing him as a nerd and unromantic person, I expect nothing from Taiwan, maybe the same like other colleagues got.

Truthfully, I don't like the perfume, at all. Hahaha. It is too strong and specially made for evening wear. So bila kah I nak pakai kan? Till now still left about 80% ok.

Me: Why you beli perfume ni?
MrComot: You pernah cakap you suka Hugo Boss. But me dunno which one. The saleslady said this is the newest for Hugo.
Me: Hahaha

I pernah borak2 ngan dia pasal perfume earlier and mentioned that I loveeee Hugo Boss Woman. After I told him he bought the wrong one (so ungrateful la :P) he said he know nothing about perfume and as the saleslady said it's for woman, he thinks it is the same with the one I mentioned. Hahaha nerdy okk.

The right perfume should be this one.

So old skol kan?

I got this one online (Strawberrynet) from MrsImran. And wayyyy cheaper than at normal store.

Kalau tak salah I, I bought it at RM120 for 75ml, free shipping lagi. In store it will cost me around RM240. Not everything in Strawberrynet cheap though, you have to check and study betul2. Btw, now they already charge the shipping for perfumes.

So guys, care to share what is your first present from the loved one, and maybe some story behind? ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love Your Heart

Hi all,

Thanks for your kind wishes and prayers for my dad. The procedure went well and he is already at home now resting. 2 weeks off, no hard work. He has to 'pantang' a bit even the doc said can eat anything. That day he ate chicken and the wound swollen and leave him some pain. So he is following a very strict diet now, under my mom's supervision.

Which will be - grilled fish, steamed fish, singgang, soup, repeat.

Kesian ok.

I mean, knowing my dad, he is a big eater, especially seafood and meat. But what to do. The wound must heal fast, else will worsen the condition.

And this is what he has to take everyday, right after the procedure.

A handful one


The follow up will be 6 months starting from now and he will do the angiogram again to see if the blockage remain inactive. I hope it won't reappear.

And do you know that even after you do the angioplasty, you have to take aspirin and plaxis for the rest of you life! To prevent the blood clot.

I was like, seriously? Pitam ok.

I don't like medicine. And who does? ;)

So kawan-kawan, marilah kita menjaga jantung kita bersama-sama. Eat right. Exercise.

On a lighter note, my fav MooMoo say Hi! to everybody ;)

MooMoo at the back seat, in tudung sempena bulan Ramadhan :P

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Wedding Bits

Hmm..suddenly I feel nervous, just for a couple of minutes though hehe. Only 24 more days to go for the solemnization!!!

Seriously, tiba-tiba rasa tatot okkk *crazy*

Btw, here is the checklist:

1) Clothes - Done both sides
2) Ring - Done both sides
3) Catering - Done. FIL incharge
4) Favors - Not yet, tgh fikir2 nak bagi apa
5) Flowers, carpet, etc etc - After raya
6) Makeup - Tak ada. Sendiri buat. Kalau tak tantek mintak the guest je tolong haha
7) Photographer - Confirmed taken by Bee and Yan. I don't hire others as I believe in you guys, and somehow I *know* the pictures will turn out stunningly!! Haha bodek baik ni.
8) Anything else should I prepare? Need advise.

Oh ya, btw Cik Bee and Yan, the 'sibuk' aunties siap checkout lagi okkkk tanya have we booked any PRO photographer.

Auntie sibuk: Have you find any pro photographer?
Me: Yes auntie, we've confirmed with HER.
Auntie sibuk: HER? She sure can take pictures and everything?
Me: Yes auntie, she can.

I was like. @#$%^RFGER^#$%.

So Bee and Yan, please take it as a challenge okkk!! Hahaha

I have faith in both of you :D

Ahhh don't worry about the aunties. I am the main actress that day right? Since they will do the hantaran, you have MOREEEE pictures to take. Hahaha. I think I gone crazy.

Another thing guys, since it will be on Friday, I know lots can't make it. But, if anybody else want to come, let me know ok, I'll give you a nice card ;)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The little little things

Saya terpanggil untuk berkongsi pengalaman saya menaiki rumah baru dengan saudara-saudari.

Ewaaaahhh ok tak intro? Hahaha.

Actually I just wanted to share with you guys sebab before this, I thot preparation to be in new house is easy-peasy. Eventually it is not and they are a lot of things you have to consider especially on money matters.

You really need to know about the electricity running in your house, how much you going to use and where do you need them to be placed. Because you need to set the points right before you do the kitchen or anything else.

Normal fuse can cater up to 13Amps. So your kettle, rice cooker etc etc wont use it all, that's why we can use extension and ON all of them at the same time. I think kettle use less than 1Amps. You can count it yourselves --> Amps = Watts/Volts.

So normal fuse should be enough right?

But NOT for built in oven! One built in oven itself take up 16Amps. So you need to do new fuse that can flow 16Amps or else, the circuit might blow.

What differentiate between 13Amps and 16Amps is just the thickness of the wire. You need an electrician to do this.

This is my kitchen in progress (it will be in white concepppttt - ahh will talk about this later)

So as you can see in the picture, the wire hanging is the 16Amps thick wire for my build in oven. The purple circle shows the switch to control the oven. The wire will direct connect the oven. Other option you can direct plug the oven to new 16Amps switch but I tak buat that one sbb tanak ada gap behind the tall cabinet.

There are 2 techniques to tarik a new switch, one concealed (the electrician will break ur wall a bit, insert the wire and simenkan balik) and another one the normal (like in the green circle).

The concealed type cost more about RM110 and my type cheaper at RM80.

So, decide how many new power point you want and find a realiable one. My electricion is from one of kedai lampu and his work is pretty neat, compared to the previous contractor.

Installing the lights and fans also have side charges. Before this I thot if we buy fans/lights the installation come FOC. There is no such free thing these days I guess.

Installing the fan

We got RM20 per fan and RM8 per light. It is the cheapest already in our area. I heard somewhere can get as low as RM15 (fan) and RM7 (light). Some shops even charge RM30 for fan and RM15 for light. So survey first and pick the best you can get. The fans saja dah cost us 1k++.

And do you know that they will charge more if you already have light as they have to take it down first then installed the new one. Luckily our house has zero lights before, so the installation charges will be clean and very basic.

These little-little things added up together, really can give u headache.

So guys, get ready to be a slave to your own house :D

Ramadhan Award

I got another award from Tatty. Thanks a lot Tattyyy!!

Anyway kan, RAJIN betul la siapa2 yang create award2 ni. Hahaha.. I mean siap gambar bagai. It adds the excitement in blog world kan?

Didukung oleh: Antown, Mangosteen, Sha, Jasmine, emh, Mummy HnH, UmmiIna, Koci, AkuNoi, Aandes your name here!

Bagaimana caranya?.

  1. Copy gambar di atas lalu posting di blog anda2.
  2. Lanjutkan tags ini minimal ke 5 blogger muslim yang anda kenal. Jangan lupa tinggalkan komen pada blog mereka
  3. Tulis alamat blog anda (di bawah gambar) setelah alamat blog pemberi tags

Catatan: Yang mendapat tags ini hanya untuk blogger muslim.

By the power blessed by Koci, I chose these people - Anybody yang malas nak update blog dia. Pleaaaseeee carry on this ok? :D

So guys, happy Ramadhan. Tinggal lagi berapa hari je ni? How many amalan have you done? Ecehhhhhhh tanya mcm me buat byk kan hahaha

Btw, early of the ramadhan I plan to finish up Al-Quran, seems like my dreams wont come true as I still stuck at Suratul Baqarah :P

Still not too late to do the deeds. Jom terawikh!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Room :D

Hi all!!

After MANY weeks molesting the wall, we finally finished the whole master bedroom.

And here I present you the visual :D

The color might differ a bit as the lightning was too strong at that time. We still don't do the curtain yet.

This is with the natural light, coming from the 3 panel window on the right

With flash. The purple goes a bit deeper.

The corner. Can't capture the correct color as the sun is blinding the lense. Oh mind the stairs and paper there. Tak sempat2 kemas excited nak amik gamba :P
This will be my reading spot yeay!! Going to install nice light there.

Two different views. See the 2 tones wall? So it is actually 2 feature walls, sleeping and reading wall. I *might* do some stencil to blend the pale pansy with the full wine (corner dekat tangga tu) but hmmm..tgk lah kalau rajin :P

Tantekkk takkk?

The future MIL said that the color is a bit too bright for her. She will choose a tone darker.

What do you think?

During the day maybe mcm bright but when the night falls, it will be veryyyyyy dark and romanntic :D

Now we have to find the lights pulak *scratching the head*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hi guysssssss

How are youuuuu!!

Wahhhh I've been missing to update and read blogsssss.

Actually they are a lot of things I want to share.

1) The master bedroom dah siap paint
2) Kitchen cabinet
3) Walking wardrobe
4) Wedding preps
5) Bachelorette party

But, kelam kabut sikit as my father is here in IJN. He just finished the engiogram test and found two blockage at the arteries. One on the right about 60% and the another on the left at 100%.

At first doc said my father will be discharged today and do the engioplasty later. So my father asked for December after everything about the wedding settle. But suddenly doc said they will carry the operation tomorrow.

So I won't get my hands on the keyboard that often.

Oh ya talking about this,

Rena and Shani!!!

The bachelorette party might be cancelled sbb operation tomorrow (Thursday) and may be discharge on Saturday or Sunday. Uwaaa... I am so pening right now. Don't know lah how. Kalau my father boleh discharge hari Jumaat, then it should be ok. We see how ok?

Soooo sooooryyyyyyyyyyy. We've been postponing our vacation since last year T_T

Btw, I gotta run now, to damansara, to see how the cabinet guy doing. I will write the details of the above list with pics later.

Mucho lovesss


Monday, September 8, 2008

Sometimes, some things are not meant to be

Remember when I said we want a very simple wedding? Somehow, I see my dream wedding gone ashes *sobs*

Last two weeks, one of MrComot's auntie called him up and said something like this

"You have to meet auntie. Regarding your wedding. Very Urgent. Bring your Aan as well"

MrComot was very annoyed because whenever he asked what is it, the auntie refused to say, only "We have to meet eye to eye".

We are very busy. With the painting, the house, lights to install, power point to make. We only have weekends and it's not enough.

So finally, at 530pm last Saturday after we finished all the painting, we went to see the aunties (2 of them).

So apa yg urgent sangat kan?

Auntie P: We want you to do the hantaran.

I was like, helooooooooooo?

Hmm you see.. Actually I can expect this thing will come up already. So, I already preparing myself to face the emotional attack. I just met them like, 3 times kut? So we are not actually that close.

They are 70++ years old. And speak english ok. So I keep reminding myself

1) Talk softly
2) Don't be rude
3) Choose my words very carefully
4) At the same time, be firm with what I want

I can't recall the conversation sequences but it revolves around like this:

Auntie P: How come you don't want to do this. It's a MUST. You have to do it
MrComot: Mana ada cakap wajib? Who says? Dalam Al-Quran takde pun
Auntie P: Mmg tak ada. But have to do to it. These 3 must have. Quran, sejadah, and telekung. If you don't want to do the others them ok. Just these three.
MrComot: Then ok, if we have to give Aan like that, just give, no need dulang-dulang
Auntie P: Tak boleh! Must put in dulang. It has to be presentable. It is adat.
MrComot: Seee. Now you are saying it. It is just only adat right? Bukan tak sah pun my akad nanti.

His tone dah a bit rude to me so I interrupted

Me: Auntie P, I know all of this..adat and everything. I know other wedding do this. But the thing is, the parents have met, and we HAVE DECIDED. It was my idea to do like this and I would like my wedding to me very simple and intimate. My parents pun agreed
Auntie P: Ya, you can do it simple. But kena ada jugak. Then you do it simple la. If you really don't want it, it's ok, BUT we still we'll give to you.
Me: Ok so kalau mcm tu, MrComot will give them to me, and I don't have to give him anything la kan?
Auntie K: Tak jugak..normally it is odd number. So the girl will be 5.
MrComot: So IT IS HANTARAN lah!!


MrComot: Ok, so kalau mcm tu just pack all the three, quran, telekung, and sejadah, and just give to her, no need dulang-dulang.
Auntie P: No, you need to the dulang-dulang too! Else people will talk
MrComot: Who will talk? Gimme names
Auntie P: People la. Kadi will also talk too.
Me: Auntie, we know about this, but we know what we want, and we don't care what will people say
Auntie K: Ya but you are my nephew and we like you and we don't want this happen. Both of you the eldest in the family. This has to be proper

Tiba-tiba I CRIED okkkkkkkkkk

Uwaaaaaaaaa... I don't know what I am such a crybaby. But at that time, I feel so sad and frustrated. I've been holding this proud feeling - NO having hantaran for my wedding, and suddenly everything is crushed, to pieces. And I ain't see it coming before.

Takde la I nanges teresak-esak. Just the tears flowing down my cheeks.

Me: Sorry, sorry. Bukan sengaja but I don't know why I cry pun.

Thank God the aunties acted profesionally (or either they don't care *hiks*), they just act like nothing happen.

And the 'discussion' went on and on and all until we finished our defense.

I see no chance at all to break their wish so I decided to discuss it betul2.

Me: let say we do it, MrComot will give me three which will be Quran, telekung, and sejadah kan? So I will give him 5 right?
Auntie P: Yup, tapi ada sirih junjung, cincin and mahar. That one not included in the three.
Me: So it will be more dulang????

Hmm after all it is HANTARAN. Cakap punya la pusing2. Ughhh I hate it so much.

But I don't blame them at all. They are retiree with restless hands. They have the expertise to do the gubahan and they even keep the silverware okkkkk!!! Siap tanya what is our theme color and dah plan to do crystals la apa la. They have a STORE full of that thing! *sigh*

Now I understand why they want it so bad.

Oh did I mention they siap discuss on how to do my mahar (dowry)? They say roses will be nice, and they plan to FRAME IT so that I can hang it at the wall and keep it as kenangan forever and ever. Like, WTH?

And they will do the sirih junjung sendiri okkkk!! Talking about kemahiran hidup. Hah!

Btw, we agreed that we will give them things, and they will do it for MrComot and ME which will be wait..nak kira..

MrComot - 3 dulang
Me - 5 dulang
sirih junjung - 2 dulang
cincin - 2 dulang
mahar - 1 dulang

So they will do ALL 13 dulang okkkk.


Kan I already said I don't want it?

Btw, I've asked the auntie so many time,

Me: Auntie, I want to ask seriously and secara jujur, if auntie help me to do my portion, will you guys or other people will talk behind? Like my mom not bothered ke apa ke
Both Aunties: We won't!!!! We want you to do it, so we will do it fo you. And siapa tahu about this? People won't know. We will send the dulang earlier to the house.


It's my wedding okkk. Suka hati la nak kawen cowboy ke apa ke kan? I want it that way. Because I want it like that. I am an adult, I know what I want. Not that I am not sure or half hearted or whatever.

Anyway, I've talked to my mom also about this. My mom said buat je la as long as they are happy. And MrComot's mom being very supportive too. She said, tell your mom don't worry as it isn't me who want this, but the aunties.

Me: Ma, tanya betul2 la kan..Mmg la aunties tu cakap they won't talk behind, but kata lah later2 they said ma tak kisah and tak peduli pasal hantaran bahagian kita, mama kecik hati tak?
Mama: Kata lahh nak kata apa pun. Bukan jadi kudis kat kita pun

Wahhhhhhhhhhhh my mom sempoi habis kan??

So it is decided then. We'll do the hantaran. No, the aunties will do the hantaran. And we will not 'kacau' them at all. I mean, won't check nice or not, will not tell them how we want it to be. Alang2 they nak buat kan, let them have fun with it and saviour the moment.

And to smoothen the wound (haha over), we will not think of it as hantaran. It will be present from them to us, and a present from us to them. This is the least we can do to make everybody happy. And we'll be more happy to see them happy.

I know they meant well, but respecting other's decision should come first kan? haha emo balik.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Autumn in Brickfields

I was standing at the big window (2nd level) waiting for the lift to reach when I saw this and gasped,

"Oh my God, cantiknyaaaaaa!!!"

Then I quickly rushed back to my place and take the camera.

From the window

Like snow on top

I lurvvvveeeeeeeee white flowers! In fact I dah plan nak tanam kemboja putih in front of the house. But MrComot said white is too plain. Maybe we will plant the red kemboja. Hmm we'll see how lah...

Another side of the trees. This one with pink flowers.

Pretty isn't it?

The fallen bloom

I noticed that this 'autumn' come twice a year. Last time somewhere early of this year. March kut.

Feels like sakura in Japan :)

Oh ya, if you know the name of this tree/flower, tell me ya!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Few days ago, Siluman sms-ed me what is my recommendation in MFM. Somehow the question remind me of their Manhattan Long Side. I'm not a big fan of banana, or berries, but I like the combination.

Since the banana already in hand (my mom gave a full comb of jelai berangan) so I decided to whip out this flavourful drink.

It is inspired by wordpress template. Template pun ada recipe okk hahaha.

I use 4 frozen bananas, a pack of strawberries, quarter cup of OJ, and 6 big spoons of natural yogurt.

Slice the frozen bananas and peel them off. I don't know why the skin turned dark. Maybe because of the temperature but the inside is okay. However I recommend you guys slice it first then freeze because it is hard to peel the skin when it's frozen.

The sliced ba-na-na

Then dump everything in blender and blend them till smooth.

The mixture before blend

And voila! A very healthy drink as the result.

Look yummilicious isn't it?

However, I find the taste is too thick for my liking. For the next batch, I'm going to add few ice cubes to blend together and it'll be very refreshing!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Painting the House

Finally! We berjaya mengecat rumah! After soooo many busy weekend *sigh*.

Well, actually not a house hihihi. We just paint the master bedroom :P

I am all excited. We chose the color together and now we paint together! *cheesy*. We can upah the bangla/indon but somehow, we think it might be fun to do this thing by ourselves. After all, it's going to be our bedroom kan. So, it's like hasil tangan sendiri for the love crib *muntah*

I know everybody knowwwwws how to paint right. But just bear with me ok darlings? ;)

First and foremost, you need to have basic equipments.

Paint of course (we use the 5liters), roller (for faster and smoother coat), thin brush (for touch up), masking tape (IMPORTANT! If you are not a pro like us :P), pan, extension, and papers. Oh ya, you also need stairs.

We bought it at normal hardware store, and kena tipu T_T. Because we were rushing so we thought the price will be more or less, so we didn't make any survey. The masking tape cost us RM3.20 while another shop just RM2.50 (and thicker okkk). The roller is RM18 and MrComot saw one at ACE Ikano for just RM10.

The removable roller.

It is advisable to buy removable one because you can change the outer when it's worn out. And don't buy too wide roller as you need to push harder during painting. Just buy the standard size.

Ok. Next, spend some of your time to tape all the edge else, it will stain! Trust me, it will help you a lot! Unless you are a pro :D

MrComot in action

Then, I arranged some newspaper to cover the floor from any paint drops. If you have plastic wrap (like the one contractor using) will be wayyyy better and easier. Hmm I think for next painting project, I will buy the plastic wrap too.


You need a screwdriver to open the can. There is paint opener, but I don't know how much is it.

Susah okkk nak bukak ni

Then stir a bit the paint to combine any discoloration.

We just use kayu terbuang :D

Stream some paint in another bucket. Add 20% of water. And stir till well-combined. Macam sesi memasak pulak :P

I pour the mixture into paint pan, so that I can press the roller in order to have nice thin paint. If you don't have the pan, you can dunk the roller directly into the bucket but then, you have to ketuk2 the roller real hard. Else, paint will be dripping a lot and it is a waste :P

Pressing the roller

Then the fun starts!

It took us 4 hours to finish a wall! Can you imagine that? It's either we were being too details or we just not good in painting. But I think both will do :P

We use Full Wine (frm Nippon as the feature wall) and Pale Pansy later for other walls. We still need to continue the work this weekend. In another 20% left I think. Then I'll show you the result. Yeayyy can't wait!


Btw, don't you think the color is romantic? :D

Happy painting!

Spread the Love Award

I got another award! Wahh mcm beriya2 je kan. Mcm kat red carpet pulak :P Anyway, thanks to Cool!!

Sempena bulan puasa ni, I would like to spread this love award to EVERYBODY!! Can?? :D