Monday, September 22, 2008


Yeayyyy finally!! Everything on papers are done!!

Syabasss andes!!

Paperwork is very tiresome! You have to get this people to sign la, this people to verify lah. Tak suka okk.

To clear some things to all of my friends,

The akad nikah will be on 10/10/2008 = Friday, and going to be very intimate one. All of you invited by the way. Siapa2 nak datang, please let me know ok. I'll give the card after raya. Oh ya, the location will be in Kota Damansara, our new house. Since there is no furniture yet, senang la kan nak hampar2 karpet semua. And everybody will be seated on the floor ok :P

The reception will be held on 1/11/2008 = Saturday. This one tak payah cakap nak datang ke tak, I'll send all of you the cards :D Oh ya, in KL jugak ni. So takde alasan utk cakap jauh ke apa ke hehe

Oh ya: Attention to Rena. I AM SOOO SOOO SOOORRRYYY for the changes as it is the only date yg paling OK. Kalau buat on the 9th, both of my sisters can't come because one is having final year exam and another one ada SPM on the next Monday. The cikgu mmg tak bagi dia pergi T_T

So, 1st is the only option. I ammmm soorryyy sbb of course you can't come to my wedding kan, and I can't go to ur bro's. But I'll go on the 8th tu ok? And darling, please please please come on the 10/10 tu ehh.. Kalau cuti you approved :D Mwahhhhhhhh

Btw, I like like like like the way MrComot checking on me this morning wheter I have collect the form or not.

via SMS: Sayang, we can kawen oredi ke? :p



  1. Kehebatan Andes tidak dapat dinafikan lagi!

    My sis pun baru dapat surat yang sama kejap tadi..ahahaha...

    Tak sabar ye Mr. Comot? :p

  2. WELL DONE LALINK! u're so on the way to biggest commitment on planet earth!! :D *boleh tak tetiba dpt vision andes pregnant 6 bulan*

    and on the 1st tu dh ada photog ke tak?

  3. oh yes you can nowwww,cheeky mr.Chomot!

    3 days after my 26th birthday!!
    ooh, menyebok neh, can i come?

  4. ahaks...
    tomeii la mr.comot tu *wink*
    me pun nk tawen gak..
    *nak tawen..nak tawen..nak tawen* (meratib lagiii)

  5. mr comot tu "gedik" dah tu..

    yea yea, x sbr tgu aan tawen!!

  6. Haha Shani..he meant it another way is me dah amik the form or not, but cheeky kan? :D

    Bee, over okkkkkk. Btw, me kalau boleh wishing the baby come after our honeymoon next year sob sob. Ahh later talk about that. 1st tu OF COS LA YOU JUGAK! tak amik sape2. Giler SEP hahaha

    Along, which one after ur bday ni? Akad or reception? And of courseeeee you can commmeee!! Hmm me invite yg reception ok tak? Sbb yg tu mcm proper sket hehehe. I'll give u the card nnt :*

    Khairiah, u pun dah tak lama ok..gedik nak meratib lagi ish ish. Cepat2 prepare sket2. Me pun dah ala2 kelam kabut ni :(

    Aleeya..excited mcm u nak kawen ehh :P

  7. aku kawin dulu simple jer tak da nak kena htr surat kat pendaftar.. htr kat tok imam je :p dia yg setelkan.. lepas tu ambik then kasi kat tok imam mukim my wife lak.... dua dua tok imam sempoi :p

  8. yeay@!~
    reception pun okay, november issit?

    p/s - the birthday is on raya ke-7 :D