Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I got another award from Cool! Thanks Cool! Mwahhhhhhhhhh *meowwww*

Bagus tau ada award2 ni sbb I actually have no update for today mwahahahaha!

Actually I have one story to share, about a Sikh wedding I went last Saturday (sampai missed buka puasa with Cool and the gang sob sob) but unfortunately not all the pics in my hand. Part in my cam, and part in MrComot's cam sbb in the middle of the event my cam gone kaput.

So I will update about the wedding, hmmm esok ok? Will force MrComot to transfer the pics ASAP.

And talking about the award, don't you think it is soooo comellllll???? I like the cat with BIG BLACK BLINK EYES. Ahaha call it 3B eyes okay tak?

The rules mcm biasa, give to gila-gila blogs and to 4 persons. Ehhh..mana nak cari 4 persons ni?


Susahhhhh lahhhhh ;(

Anyway, I would like to pass this award to Along, sebab...

somehow the eyes remind me of her everytime dia bercerita beria-ia hahahahaha.

So tomeiiiiiiii!! Ok babe, kalau rajin buat, tak buat pun takpe :D



  1. ahahahahaha..

    tau tak along tergelak gile baca neh?

    adoilahhh, kene hapdet balek entry dengan mata bersinar-sinar neh!!


  2. Aleeya, gila mental kut haha..

    Along, meoow!!