Friday, May 30, 2008

An emotional night

MrComot has been bugging me from last two weeks on what I want for my birthday. And all of the time I will only say 'Tak payah apa2 lah...I really don't want anything'. The truth is I'm not used with the idea of presents and gifts, regardless any occasion. In fact, my family don't really celebrate birthdays. So I'm not really bothered.

I'm not obsessed with handbags, shoes, makeups, and other girly stuff. So he is practically blank with the gifts list. He did offer me to buy new handphone but I was like, heloooooo, you nak belikan I handphone? Giler ke apa? Unless we are married ok la.

Seriously, cakap la I kampung ke apa ke kan, but I seriously don't get it when the gf/bf shower their partner with thousands punya stuff kan. I mean, kalau murah2 ok RM300 max. He/she is just your bf/gf kannnnn. Bukannya I kedekut ke apa ke, but it really doesn't make any sense.

Btw..takkan I nak dia beli handphone 300 kan..mesti I nak ribu riban hahaha..

And suddenly he came out with the idea (Shani, I think he influenced by yours hahaha)

MrComot: Busuk, cakap la you nak apa for your birthday
Me: Me really want nothing la..
MrComot: banje you spa okkkkk
Me: Eh's can go sendiri.
MrComot: have all the spa, then we go together for ikan2 kenko utk kaki tu.

Yaaaa laaahhh tuu nak pegi sendiri. I was being polite fyi tapi dalam hati excited gedik mcm nak mati okkkk.

So I've been browsing where to have my complete spa for this upcoming event. The truth is, I've never been to any spa, scrub, etc etc. KAMPUNG tak I? Ahahaha.. I dunno lah..I'm quite thrifty. I rather buy RM120 crabtree&evelyn scrub than do the RM70 commercial scrub/spa.

So basically I was expecting nothing but the spa, even a fine dinner.

So last night we just had this so-called-sloppiest burger in Malaysia, Om Burger (which I'm going to write about it later) in a car! Tgk romantic ke tak romantic MrComot ni? And had BR icecream after that. But I don't mind at all sbb nnt nak pegi spa kan?

So after the icecream session he sent me home and at 11:15pm he already need to go sbb ada migration at Wangsa Maju start at 1130pm. So in the car he hugged me hard and said:

MrComot: Happy birthday sayang
Me: Mana ada birthdayyyyy tak pukul 12 lagi
MrComot: Tu laaa...but me wish siap2 laa
Me: It's wish me can go teman you but me soo sleeeppyy headdd.. Me really tak tahan.. sowieee
MrComot: No it's want you to rest 'I don't care tak celebrate birthday with you' at that time kan. Mmg I'm involved with the migration thing as well, but seriously mengantuk and some more dah ramai org pegi, so kalau I tak pegi pun takpe. I rather have my sleep than spend 12:00am with him :P

Me: Ok...see you soon okk. Promise me you will call me when the migration habis, no matter pukul berapa
MrComot: Me promised me will call..

Tiba-tiba kan.. dia amik beg laptop dia,

MrComot: Comot, me have something for you

I was like, apa diaaaa pulakk kann..kata nak bagi spaa


Apsal gamba rotate mcm ni eh? I dah buat dia melintang? Haishhhh

And you know tiba2 I buat apa? I nangesssss okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I mean, I was like, seriously terkejut. terkejut gila babi punya terkejut.

First, I don't expect any 'other' gift since he already mentioned nak bagi I spa kan.
Second, this is freaking 'Aishiteru To Itte Kure' okkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I've been wanting this like, forever?

Actually I can easily buy it online. But as I said before, I am soooo berkira okkk. I mean the DVD is just like Rm90 ke apa something like that but including shipping jadi almost 200 okkkk! Since it is ned DVD release, takde kat Msia lagi, so kena la ship from Taiwan, if I'm not mistaken. And I totally forgot about it after that.

Then we basically promised each other to get the dvd when we go to Japan (ehemmmmm bilakah ini? :P) which is like.. lambat lagi lah kan. But I don't care, selagi boleh jimat, selagi tu lah kita buat. After all, it is only dvd. Tak mati pun kalau tak dapat sekarang kan?

Me: Seriooooouuusssslllyyyyy you get this???? Mana you beli???
MrComot: laa
Me: How much?
MrComot: Mana boleh cakapppp
Me: From where? Kenapa ada KPDN ni?? Malaysiaaaa laaa niiii

Bolehh takkk?? Org dah beli tapi still nak komplennn hahaha

MrComot: Ehhh is it? Me tak perasan la. You go check the quality nnt
Me: Ok me check..nnt me report. Kalau tak okk you marah okkk org tu

Then..I just remember about the spa thingy

Me: Heyyyy spa tu on takk?
MrComot: Mestilahhhh..this is pre-birthday


Terus aku nanges, AGAIN okkkkkkk.

That was soo unpredictable.

OMG. At one time when you think you know everything about your other half, in another blink you can find the other side of him. Human is soo interesting. They evolved and it is a never-ending learning process.

Oh is my birthday! =D
Thanks for all the wishhhh!!! Mwahhhh


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pretty Roselle

This entry is a long overdue one :P

I went to 5th Mihas event on the 1st day they open to public (they have this 3 days for investors/company, 2 days for normal people). The crowd was unbelievable, with the heat and kids, I almost give up. We had to park way up the hill by the roadside and walked like 2km to the place.

Luckily it was well air-conditioned so we successfully tour the whole hall which is I think about 5 halls all together.

Btw, truthfully, I don't know what to write about since citer ni dah lamaaaaaa kan. Just let pics to the talking eh ;)

The registration booth. It's free btw. They just need you to fill up some personal information. maybe for future references.

The sticker we got. One each.

Once we entered the 1st hall, there were like oceans of people (seriously mcm pasar malam) and I was quite reluctant to snap pictures. I mean, it's hard for me to take some when people walking here and there right? I just have few pics on things I never lay my eyes on:

The non-alcoholic beer. Seriously, is it that tasty that up to a point you need them in halal version?

Cute Ice Pack.
They sell thousands flavor of ice blended. Watermelon, Lychee, Milo, Green Tea, Pistachio, etc etc. Ahaha..not up to a thousand but the variety is awesome. Btw, they don't sell real thing that day ;( I just have the pamphlet. From what I see, they need investors to do the marketing or do the franchisee. If I have lots money, I definitely will open one as it is toooo cute to resist!

This one..hmm.. nothing special. It is just MrComot asked me to snap this

MrComot: Eh sayang..amik gambar ni!
Me: Why?
MrComot: Kimah. It's your sister!
Me: .......

(My sis name is hakimah)

Hahaha.. Don't you think he's cute? (perasan sorang2 :P)

Btw, I bought something spectacular (or should I say weird?) that day. It is roselle blooms!!!

Have you ever tried one? As for me, this is my first time seeing it, so I was quite excited at the stall. I've eaten preserved roselle (like the guava slices) and drink the juice. But this one, as the saleslady claimed, is naturally dried without any coloring and preservatives. I kan suka menda2 pelik and pure ni :P. It is 100% local made, farmed in Johor and dried at one of the factory in Ampang.

The packaging. 100 blooms per bottle (RM20).

Take out one bloom and soak it in hot water. Just like how you prepare your tea.

After few minutes. The color is natural.

It tastes like Ribena, minus the sugar. You can sweetened it with sugar or honey. Can be served hot and cold but I prefer hot version. I don't know the real nutrition info, but it is claimed to have lots Vit C.

Interesting isn't it?


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Pink Mosque

I went to Putrajaya last weekend to pick-up cupcakes from Anna. Since we already late (almost 7pm) for Asar prayer, we stopped by Masjid Putrajaya. That was my 1st time been there. I was half running into the mosque when one lady in uniform stop me and asked me to wear their long dress. I was like, what? and why? Then I noticed that because I'm wearing short sleeve shirt. Haha. It's not that short..just normal kid's shirt type..jap I show you.


The shirt I wore that day.
'You ain't smart till you are a street smart' gituuuuu.
It was my youngest sis punya. I cilok hehehe.

Btw, as for the lady, I mean, are you serious? Yeah, I know the aurat thingy, but this is the 1st time I face this kind of situation. Since I'm already late, so I quickly grab the long dress in their cupboard, put it on and run.

DarthVader in the making.
See the double chin?! OMG, am I that fat?
And apsal asyik buat peace (oh my..I look so lame ;( )

The mosque is huge! The ablution place is like 3 level downstairs that I kept on running down and still couldn't find it that I stop and asked, 'kak, tempat air smayang kat mana?' It was really confusing.

And I can see lots people in that special dress. Seems like lots not wearing properly, hehehe. After Asar, I went outside took some pics and have a chat with the lady that stopped me;

Me: Akak, sejak bila kena pakai mcm ni eh?
Lady: Dah lama, dlm 2-3 tahun. Meh sini nak tunjuk...

(while holding my arm okkkk! Ehemm..another sign, am I that chubby and adorable that she couldn't resist? *crazyyy*)

She brought me to a noticeboard stamped with a piece of poster showing the dress etiquettes:

No tight/fit shirt
No short shirt (as in normal t-shirt)
No sheer cloth

Me: Wahh..strict nya nak masuk masjid ni
Lady: A'ah..imam ada tegur dulu org pakai tak elok

Wahhh imam tegur okkkkk! Pitam makkk.

The pink dome

Shiny charity piggy bank

The egg-shaped lights. It's way prettier than in this pic.

The jemaah waiting for Maghrib

Btw, I don't know it's a good thing or not. There are two possibilities, one, it will train and form the girls to wear something polite, second, it will make us 'malas' to get in the mosque. But, it's not everyday thing right?

If I have to pray in that mosque again one day, I will cover myself with my own pashmina. The dress is not that attractive I tell ya ;P


Monday, May 26, 2008

Of Phone and swimming suit

Hi peeps! How are you guys doing? Ok..since I literally promised to write on how I lost my phone, here it is..

I lost my phone on the 2nd day in Cherating. I was walking at the beach then I 'realized' my phone is not with me. I have this habit not carrying any bag and hold my handphone instead of put it in the pocket. I pun dunno why. Anyway, I quickly tracing back the chronology and I remembered that the last time I hold my phone was in the cafe for breakfast. The walking is right away after the breakfast session.

So, if my calculation is right, the phone most probably accidentally left in the cafe. So we quickly went back to the cafe, looking everywhere and asked the workers but no one sees it. Then MrComot quickly made a call to my phone and guess what?

Yes, the call went straight to voicemail machine.

The first thing that struck my mind was, 'sah la ada org amik and off that phone'.

I was pretty upset, with my carelessness. But what to do kan? Nasib baik it was a 2 years phone and I was going to buy new one pun but not by this way - lost. I planned to use it until it gone kaput.

Until back to KL, I still think somebody stole it. On the Tues morning, while uploading and browsing all the pictures, look what I found:

This picture was taken while we were walking on the beach, right after breakfast.

Ok close up:

My phone OKKKKK!! And almost terkeluar from my pocket.

So I can safely say, my phone jatuh laut. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I think the sea already washed it out and that explains the voicemail thingy. Hope the mermaid can use the 3G haha

Btw, below is the sneak peek at my swim suit. Comeiiii kannnnn????

It's a bit sexy but I go to the pool on Tues and Fri evening. Only girls can enter for that session. So, tak kisah la kan seksi sket2 ;P

I'm learning how to take new breath while swimming now. It's not a formal class. Just a leisure swim with the girlfriends. RM2 per entry at UM.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cherating With Love..

Hye all!! As promised, I'm going to write about Cherating trip. I'm still busy a bit but better write now sbb nnt terus takde mood nak tulis.

It was a two nights three days stay.

A little bit about me, I was born in Terengganu. So literally I have kampung in Terangganu lah kan, which is visited once or twice a year, for raya. So, beach is nothing new to me. Hari raya kedua dah berlari ke pantai. It is like 15mins drive from my grandma's place.

So I didn't expect I will enjoy Cherating this much. Maybe it was the right time with the right company kan.

When I said the right time, it is just so happen I just bought a swimsuit for my swimming lesson like a week before (yeah, I can't swim), tiba2 got invitation to Cherating. What a perfect timing!

Before this, I just strolled along the beach and main air sikit2 with t-shirts and pants. Tak best kan?

When I said the right company, MrComot was with me!! My previous history with beaches is only with my family. So boringlaahhhhhhh..main simbah2 air je. Then kenot go do crazy thing, else they will scream, 'jangan pegi jauhhhhhhhhhhh. ombakkkk kuattttt'. Tak suka okk.

This is definitely a total different experience for me. We touched Cherating around 3PM. Mestilah penat kan. Instead of resting, the three of us (Hajime, MrComot and me) BERLARI ke pantai okkkkk. With our swimsuit of course!

The best thing about this beach is, it is landai (hmm..what we call it in english?) jauh ke tengah. So we were like this 10m from the beach and the water is only up to my waist. Then we wait for the big waves coming. Every time it hits us, we jump and free ourselves letting the waves to bounce us and screaming 'woooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh' like, out of our lung. Seriously. Mcm budak2 ok. If only I have underwater camera, I definitely will capture it. We tried to find the disposable one in Cherating, but susah nak cari since only small shops exist there. We have to go to bandar Kemaman but I'm too lazy to go out. Main air lagi best :P

The landai beach

We were in the sea for more than 1 hour then kitaorg sambung swimming in the pool! Of coursela I'm excited kan..sbb swimming suit baru (nnt I show u the swimming suit hehe). Oh ya..before I went to Cherating, I just learned how to float myself. Basically, I can't swim yet lah kan. So I just berendam2 in the pool. Hajime can swim well. MrComot can so-so je, but can jugak lah. I just keep practicing the floating thing and Hajime supervised me. After a while when I'm confident enough, he teach me how to swim and then terus I can swimmmmm okkkkk!! Takde la bagus but definitely I can move from point A to B hahaha.

Can you imagine how excited I was?

That was the best moment. Lepas tu terus pagi petang I be in the pool hahaha.

The weather was perfect too! No hot sunny day for the whole 3 days. All we got was breezy air with shady sky. Thank God for that. Mlm tu terus beli kite to fly it on the next day.

Have u ever fly a kite?

Last time I flied one was like..20 yrs ago? Itu pun sebab dulu my house next to a big football field a.k.a the playground. Everything is big when we were small, isn't it? :D

Flying the kite, OMG.. It was so much fun. With the wind and everything.

Assembling the little fella, after the beach volleyball game.

Go go up higher

Yeay it's up!

Among the others

I was resting from the kite flying. MrComot wrote that.

Rolling it back. Can you feel how strong the wind was? Normally a kite will fall down at that height kan, it is still flying tough okk.

After that we joined the sea and pool like usual hehehe. Later that night the muscles already sore like crazy and we missed the sunrise as everybody was so tired and doze off till breakfast time.

In the morning, we just strolled along the beach enjoying the good ventilation. After this balik sedut aircond je lah kan. And the haze :P

Then we off to small village called Kg Pantai Cherating (or something like that) to get some batik, kaftan, or delicacies. But nothing much there.

The pretty morning glory

It was one of the best vacation I ever had. Short but full, that I don't mind the tiredness at all.

Btw, I lost my hp during this trip. So to all my darlings, could you please forward your number to me? I will get my new simcard tomorrow, so you may sms me starting tomorrow. Nak email pun boleh.. the mail add is at the side bar.

I will write about how I lose my hp ;(

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being me..

Hye peeps! How was your weekend?

Mine was GRRRREEEEEAAATTTTTT!!! Ahahaha so excited. Went to Cherating last weekend sponsored by the vendor. The beach is okay. Beach is always be beach right? But this is the first time I enjoy it very much.

Btw, to kill the excitement, I'm not gonna blog about it today as it will involve lots of pics and I have no ample time to upload the pics and write long entry. I have dinner date with Bee today woohooo! Lama tak jumpa dia, so kinda excited :P

Oh ya..nak tulis pasal ni..

Back from Cherating yesterday wasn't a pleasant one. We (MrComot, Hajime and me) were like one hour from Temerloh that I screamed:

Me: OMG!! Me terlupa, me have pasar malam today. And me parked my car at the pasar malam.

OK mcm ni. MY house got pasar malam every Monday and we can't park our car at the lot from 5PM to 11PM. They use the space for the gerai. The thing is, I don't care about my car, all I think of is, what will happen to the pakcik whom got my spot? Mcm mana dia nak meniaga kan?

MrComot: Ok..sempat lagi we reached KL ni. Around 530. Is it ok?

Time to dah 3.30PM. So we estimate to reach temerloh in an hour. Then to KL in another hour. We don't even stop for lunch. MrComot just made a quick stop at Shell to refill the fuel and I bought some some instant food to feed the three of us.

We reached KL around 515PM but we sesat pulak lahhh as MrComot missed the simpang to Ampang. Instead we took to pusat bandaraya and when we tried to u-turn salah jugak and lead to Sentul.

We arrived my place around 6PM ;(

The pasar malam already cramped with people and stalls. I went straightway to my parking place and saw only my car was there.. Kiri kanan belakang semua ada stalls. There were 2 uncles tgh susun2 barang side by side.

I was running to my car and mentally prepared for any consequences. I even had my line if the uncle mintak ganti rugi ke apa ke. I know it was my fault, but I won't let him bullying me. If he ever asked for money, I will settle it at police station. See, how prepared I was?

Me: Pakcik...sorry!! Saya lupa alih keter. Siapa punya lot kat sini?
Uncle1: Haaa..sapa suruh tak alih keter. Nasib la. Kalau keter kamu kemik tak tahu la. Orang2 kat sini kasar2.
Me: Ohh..saya tak kisah pasal keter ni. Saya nak cakap ngan pakcik tu je..
Uncle1: Dia dah balik. Kesian kat dia tak dapat meniaga hari ni. Keta kat sini kena alih bla bla bla
Me: .........
Uncle1: Derang ada anak 7. Kesian malam ni tak dpt bagi anak2 makan bla bla bla

Mind you, Uncle1 spoke roughly and with a hint of sarcasm. He didn't even listen to me. All he did was repeating my fault. Yes I know, I know I was wrong. But pointing my fault is not the solution ok? I need to know who is the spot's owner so that I can go and meet him and apologize etc etc. So, I was a bit annoyed with him.

So I asked the other guy who sat there listened quietly to our conversation:

Me: Tempat ni siapa punya? Laki ke pompuan?
Uncle2: Laki bini.
Me: Owh..dia ada sini tak? Dia dah datang?
Uncle2: Dah..dia dah mai sini dah..pastu dia nampak keta parking ni..dia balik lah..
Me: .....


I CRIED OKKKKKKKKK!!! bukan sikit2. Siap kuar air mata laju2 ok.

Then terus I ran away tanak dia tgk I nanges. Haiyohh...thinking back, I really don't know why I cried. All I remembered is, I was soo sad that I couldn't take it.

Imagine, you penat2 datang bring all your stuffs to open you stall, but you have to turn back and go home. Sedih takkk?

MrComot was so surprised to see me crying so he asked:

MrComot: Eh why are u crying? Pakcik tu marah you ke?
Me: No no.. me just sedih. (I quickly response takut dia salah faham with the pakcik).
MrComot: Hey don't worry to tell me. Me won't go marah2 pakcik tu.
Me: *sobbing* No..dia tak marah..
MrComot: bukannnya nak go and cincang2 pakcik tu. We can go and mark muka dia, so kita tahu pakcik ni lah yg buli you and lepas we can think what we want to do with him next.

I was like..what? I know he's being protective but this is the first time he's so stern with something and it scares me ok.

After I told him everything, including how I feel he said,

MrComot: Sayang ni.....sayang tak boleh jadi candidates for nobel peace prize
Me: Eh why?
MrComot: Because to win that you have to be humanitarian and banyak menolong. Nanti you tgk menda2 sedih, tak sempat you nak tolong you yang nanges2 dulu

Hahaha..funny ok.

Btw, to that particular pakcik, sorrrryyyy sesangat. I hope, your day won't be that bad ;(

Friday, May 16, 2008

Chill and Grill in Seoul

It has been 2 weeks with no updates. I've been very busy that I barely can breathe. In fact, they are sooo many things I wanna write about ;(

Btw, I went to Seoul Bulgogi for Korean steamboat and BBQ buffet within last week (gempak tak the title? :P). It is located next to Menara Rebung in Plaza Pantai. Dah lama tak makan sini, tiba2 mengidam. I think, the last time I had the buffet was 2 years ago, more or less.

The spread is like usual, yummylicious! We get to choose chicken or tomyam for the soup base and of course la I chose the tomyam kan. However, the taste is so maggi-like. Lately, I'm developing to msg-maggi-junk food-allergic. So, it's not a very enjoyable dinner.

Starter :P

The food is sooo unbelievable. They have lots of seafood, vegetables, meat, fish and etc. The side food is also meriah okkk, with fresh garden salad, icecreams, ais kacang, pickles, fruits, rojak etc etc.

What make things more interesting is you also get to grill! The steamboat set come with 2 in 1 boil and grill pot. The possibility of you getting muak with the spread is like zero.

The boil and grill pot

Grilling. They give us a bowl of oil for the grill.

The spread as per below. I snapped all sections okay! :P

To be grilled.
Chicken, beef, fish (I spotted catfish! The others I'm not very sure what kind) marinated in chili, curry powder and black pepper.

Boil or grill.
Fresh seafood. That day, the served squid (the yellow one, I prefer the fresh purple one :( ), mussels, bamboo lala, cockles, big lala and prawn. I just took the lala and prawn. The bamboo lala is sooo big that make me afraid to eat it. Hmm..scary okkk. U can even see it's sucking mouth. I like the thinner version.

Vegetables, noodles, and eggs. The kangkung is very fresh and crisp. Sedap okkk celup in that tomyam soup.

Yong Tau Foo. Don't stuff yourself with these balls as they are lots of real food waiting ;)

Fresh garden salad. I didn't have the chance to try any of these as I was too full already ;(

Self-made ais kacang for the desert. You can stuff lots of sweet corn and yummy red beans :D

Fruits and pudding and jelly. Nyam! I was among the last customers, so the food dah sikit.

Rojak. I didn't try this as well. Ruginya ;(

Since I'm 'mengada-ngada' allergic to the soup, I only focused on grilling ;). I just had the soup with vegetables and prawn. Then I be the meat eater.

Hot babes.

The best stuff for that night would be:

Chicken skin!
I'm a sucker for kulit ayam okkkkk. Especially when it's crispy and hot! I grilled lots of this sampai MrComot said, lepas ni kenot eat lemak2 dah.

Lotus root pickled! Eh betul ke nama dia mcm tu? Btw, it's lotus root preserved in vinegar and red coloring. Sedapppp okkk tak tipuuu! So crunchy and not too sour. Yummy!

And my best desert is black sesame icecream!!! That was my 1st time having it and seriously sedap! I will definitely try this type of icecream again whenever I find it.

Even though the spread got thumbs up from me, the soup is the killer. I was full but not really satisfying. After all, it was only two of us. Steamboat and BBQ need more people for the hype. I'll come again, maybe in another 2 years ;P, with a bunch of friends of course.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Cup of Tea

I'm not a very much tea drinker, but I like to buy different types of tea whenever I finished one. The last time I bought Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Petals. For tea, I like something not too strong with subtle hints of flowers or fruits. And the jasmine petals is satisfying.

My tea ran out of stock last month so I went to the hypermart to buy new one. It took me almost one hour browsing the tea okkkk! And finally I settled for this one. Tropical Fruit Tea by Dalcott. Actually I wanted to buy another green tea (konon2 nak detox kan) but I couldn't find any green tea with other flavour than jasmine. I end up choosing Dalcott because of the unique packaging, it came with wooden box and with catchy tagline - gourmet ceylon tea.

The unique wooden box

Anyway, the tea is a failed experiment. I don't like it at all. I couldn't even finish a cup. After a few sips, I have to throw it in the sink. The color and the smell was too strong, that I couldn't stand it. The tropical fruit was unnoticeable. So, it's not really refreshing as a tropical tea should be. On the other hand, I have this tendency of strong color = got artificial coloring. So, it's a no-no for me.

Since I don't like it at all, the tea left untouched and I need to get a new one. Yeah I know it is membazir ;( but I really couldn't take it. Coincidently, somebody bought me tea! And the best part is, sedapppppppppppppp okkk!!

Sabah Tea

Ya ampunnn..I like everything about it. First of all, no strong color, then a subtle smell of geranium which is soooooo wangiiiiii and cooooool! It smells like rose but fresher and sweeter. At first I thought geranium is some kind of herbs like ginseng. Tgk lah gamba tu..mcm daun pegaga kan. The smell is suspiciously something else and look what I found;

'Geranium is a genus of 422 species of flowering annual, biennial, and perennial plants that are commonly known as the cranesbills'

So it is a flower after all!!!! Mek sukaaaaa!

And the best of the best is, it is pesticide free! Akak suka ok orgnanic2 ni hehehe. Btw, I've tried Sabah Tea brand before, tea with lemon and it was okay too. But I like this one better.

Since it is jenis serbuk punya and I don't have strainer and malas nak beli, minum straight away pun ok. Thanks Bella!!!

She also got me something else. Seaweed snacks!! Weh Bella, kau saikik ke apa, aku suka ok seaweed2 and menda2 pelik ni :P but not as weird as snake's part ke apa. Don't buy me that hahaha.

It is coated with spring rolls. This one is chicken flavour. I'm going to try the ikan bilis one later. Btw, where to buy all this thing eh?

Oh ya..another thumbs up, it is Muslim made. Sudah semestinya halal dan bersih. So takde la kes2 belacan you ada ulat and blended with tikus ok. InsyaAllah terjamin kebersihan dan kesuciannya ;)