Monday, March 29, 2010

New Chef On The Block

Since the plugged duct incident, MrComot has been very attentive, I don't have to do most of the job, except taking care of Zahra. He even cook dinner for us! The first night he made nasi goreng caca-merba and it's really delicious even without chili boh, then the night after he made macaroni goreng, and the 3rd night, he cooked so-called-his-signature, microwaved chicken wings.

The nasi goreng ikan bilis + peas + corn + crab stick + minced meat

The microwaved chicken wings. Best eaten with hot fluffy rice and simple vege. I don't really know the recipe, but it's something cross over oyster sauce, soy sauce and pepper.

Forgot to snap the fried macaroni, sebab lapar sangat hehe

That was on weekends and after that we had dinner at MIL like usual and sometimes just buy it over, can't afford to mess up with the kitchen. But last night he insisted to cook again, without me helping at all.

"It's going to be my secret recipe, no peeking ok!"

Even though I was so itchy to help (because I think he cooks slower than me, coz he is more proper and neat!) but macam best pulak bermalas-malasan. I just stay in the room accompanying Zahra sleeping.

Around 9PM, he knocked the door and said everything is ready!

Siap ada a glass of cold choc milk for me nyam nyam (something that I treasure after confinement - cold drinks!)

It's baked prawn pasta!

While eating he told me what is it - sautee prawn lightly with garlic (slightly raw), then add chopped onion, capsicum, oregano, add celery and baked in the oven so that the juice from the prawn will coat the pasta..bla bla bla

I was like, eh eh eh macam pernah dengar je cara masak ni?

It was on AFC campaign break okkk! Hahaha.. Secret la sangat! Only that they use tomatoes instead of capsicum. But the prawn is really juicy and bouncy and succulent! You should try this method. And maybe can toss some mussels and squid. Yum yum yum!

Dig till bottom, a bit leftover, I brought to office for my breakfast.

Even though he said no peeking, I sneekily capture this pic for my keepsake. MrComot is deveining the prawn.

Not only he cook for me last night, he also iron my working shirt ok. Tenkiuuuuuu baby! I feel a bit guilty actually but he said "I love to do it for you, kerja sayang jaga Zahra saja ok". Hahaha..Zahra mommy love you! Because of you la daddy being extra generous *hugs*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Ride

Zahra is already 2months++ but I still 'forbid' her from crowded outing, mainly because I'm afraid she will be cranky and I don't know how to handle her. The only time she went out was to PIL's, clinic for injection and relatives house and it lasted us barely 1 hour plus.

But yesterday we break the record as we need to buy the Coleman for her milk, so we dropped by at Tesco The Curve on the way back right after we picked her from babysitter. I was contemplating to go at first because it was an unplanned outing and we didn't bring the stroller. Carrying her seems like impossible task because dia dah berat okkkk.

And guess what? Tesco has this embedded babyseat on their trolleys! I refused to put Zahra on that thing at first, afraid of the hygiene and it will hurt her (hard seat, not correct posture, etc) but surprisingly it is not that hard and clean (on my naked eyes).

The material is like rubber plastic and I will say comfy enough for infants. So I just wrapped Zahra in hooded blanket and put her inside and thank God she's okay with it.

The moment I put her inside, she sits quietly with that 'hmm this is something new' look

Look at her! I can't refuse to snap this pic at counter. She's doing her babytalk at the moment, telling me stuff in her language.

I find this idea is brilliant! It's perfect for short outing for parents with infant whom very lazy to bring the strollers and it is very convenient too for adhoc shopping. It's like 2-in-1, you don't need extra hand to push another cart. But knowing Malaysian, I hope we don't abuse this facilities by putting poultry or any shopping stuff at the baby's pouch.

And I managed to snap this million dollar look! It's hard to capture her smile because I'm using camera-phone. By the time it 'clicks' no smile already.
Ok..understood, we'll bring you outside again yer sayang? But wait until you 3 months :)

It's so convenient that I guess we'll frequent Tesco than Giant after this, even though it's a bit jauh hehe

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wow You

I have been reading xiaxue's blog since ages, not that ages but became avid reader when she had this fight with DawnYang. Anyway, she's just gotten married and everything is sponsored! EVERYTHING! Except the ring. Now that's not my point. My point is, the wedding is FABULOUS and CIAO! They had this Mafia Italian theme and gosh.. how I envy her. I always like something themed. You know, like throw a costume party or specific themed dinner.

Anyway, do browse her blog and feast your eyes.

Ps: Thing is a bit hanky-panky, send Zahra to babysitter, early morning, traffic jam, workload, etc. Going to update soon.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Milk it Out

I am down with plugged milk duct and it is extremely extremely painful that I even cried a few times last night. It started at noon and by night the swell already hardened at areola area. I tried so many thing like comb my boob under the hot shower, pat it with hot towel, using coldpack to relieve the swell and cabbage. I also tried to nurse Zahra as much as I can using that infected breast and tell u what, it is really painful, that I have to clenched my teeth everytime she latches. It even painful for me to move, it's like half of my body berdenyut denyut. So, I decided to take a leave today. I wanted to go to the clinic nearby but when I woke up the throbbing sensation is toned down so I just fall back to sleep until 11am++.

Zahra is such a good baby, she knows mommy not feeling very well so she fell asleep as well next to me. Normally at this time she already has her bath and I'll play with her. But today I just shove my boobs when she slightly awake and she didn't throw any tantrums. I was just so tired and in my head all I need is sleep sleep sleep because it can make me forget the pain.

Zahra this morning
Thank you sayang, you sleep most of the time and mommy didn't play with u today.

Through my reading and infos from breasfeeding friends, plugged milk duct is easily developed and my friend already had it 3 times! Oh my..I can't imagine. So I woke up and said "That's it, I'm gonna fight you bitchhh!".

In any case you have this problem, this video will help

Only one tip I can give to you and MYSELF (because I have no gut to do it 100%), nurse nurse nurse and pump pump pump! You have to get the milk out from there no matter what.

PS:Thanks to my friends for your support to :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dinner with Little One

I supposed to start working yesterday (Monday) but Zahra's babysitter requested for a leave today, so I decided to extend my maternity leave 2 more days.

Yesterday was a challenge day because it is my first time I was left alone at home with Zahra, but I think I did a good job as a Domestic Goddes on the run (ha ha ha) as I managed to cook dinner for us! Only I didn't manage to fold the clothes, do the laundry, sweep the floor, etc. Haiyohh..susah rupanya jadi housewife.

Anyway this is my first time cooking after soooo long. I decided to whip out something simple so it can be eaten fresh and hot when MrComot's back. I prepared everything at noon and start cooking once MrComot arrived.

I just pan grill salmon, since it is small pieces, I make it three. With basic marinate but it suits salmon very well, trust me. Salt + pepper + chilli flakes.

Then using the same skillet, fry minced garlic with diced tomatoes. I used 4 cloves garlic and 2 medium ripe tomatoes.

Boil spaghetti ahead, then toss it and then dump into the skillet. Sprinkle some pepper, just for a distinct taste because salmon already has loud flavour. I also add a dash of Maggi chicken granule but you can omit this if you want to be totally healthy, no big difference.

And voila! Our dinner! I wish I can bake some vege but my option for vege still very limited (most of them are 'cold' and I still pantang, like mushroom, brinjal, zucchini)

By the way, this is my first time making salad dressing. I tried the French Dressing (forgot the link but it's pretty simple as I can memorize it)

Original recipe request
Olive oil
Brown sugar
Lemon juice (I replace with apple cider vinegar)
Black pepper
Paprika (replaced with chili flakes - free from Dominos)
Halved garlic
Pinch of salt

Don't have exact measurement, agak-agak je, and surprisingly it is good! I mean, I like this type of dressing. But I bet lemon will make it better than ACV.

Mix everything, shake well and keep refrigerated for a night (I think, dun really remember) but I just made it that noon.

It was a really satisfying dinner, maybe because both of us love salmon but the spaghetti and salad was good as well. Anyway, I planned to have a 'dinner-for-two' where we can eat peacefully and talk, really talk without disturbance. So I feed Zahra in advance, make sure she's full and comfy and on the aircond, put her on the bed and make sure she sleeps before we eat.

And guess what?

The moment we dunk our fork in the spaghetti, she woke up and made noises. So in the end we have to take turn eating while one of us layan her borak. Nottttiiii girl! Tak bagi mummy and daddy dating kejap even in the house.

Oh the way, when MrComot arrived that evening, I greet him with a kiss at the door and he said;

"Best nyaaa..balik kerja ada wifey sambut macam ni"

And that night we really talk about me being housewife. Main reason is because it's heartbreaking to send Zahra to babysitter because she is a boobies-baby. I tried to give her via bottle before and she can take it, only she will cry and wail macam kena dera! Have to pujuk-pujuk her saying things like 'sayang..sama je..susu mummy jugak..minum la..mummy suap ni' bla bla bla and after a while baru she takes it within sobbing. Mana la tak sedih..

MrComot doesn't mind me being a hw but we have to take things slowly. I have to have my own plan as well, can't simply quit like that. What I'm going to do as extra thing at home, I know I'll barely have time for the extra thing once I become full time housewife because they are so many things I have to do, but that's not the excuse. I still need to nurture my personality and skills. I have so many plans (craft la, baking la, sewing la, PR la) but my biggest weakness is no strong will.

Hmmm..we'll see how la later. But for now Zahra, you go to babysitter first ok sayang? Sorrrryyyyyyy :(

Oklah..gotta go sidai baju pulak. Daaaa!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Emotional Goodbye

My mom has been taking care of me and Zahra for the whole of my confinement period, and it means a lot to me. I don't know how should I write about it, because I rarely talk about my family in this blog, but I guess I can make an exception for this occasion, so that one day when I be a grandma, I can flip back and see if I can do the same.

Having my mom around is a big blessing for me as a first time parent. She boils hot water for my bath - every morning and evening, cook my lunch and dinner, wash Zahra's poop, bathe her, carry her most of the time so that I can get enough rest, burped Zahra (because I'm suck at this, I have no patience to hold upright for a long time), prepare my place to bf Zahra (give me pillow, take this, take that), sing to Zahra, stay up late to calm Zahra when she's throwing tantrums, pound the tumeric every morning for me to drink, pound coarse salt + turmeric for my bengkung session, etc etc.

Not only about me and Zahra. She's also wash our clothes (mine n MrComot using the washing machine, and Zahra's by hand), fold it, cook for MrComot as well, clean the kitchen, sweep the floor, sweep the porch, wash my bathroom, help to entertain my friends when they come visit, every little thing. I don't think I can write them all. It's much to list.

So you can conclude that my confinement is kinda a very laid-back and relax one. All I do is attend Zahra for her feed, especially during the night as I sleep with her.

Yesterday was my mom's last day here, leaving me with everything, doing it alone. It is a bit tiring but not that bad because Zahra already behaving. But that's not my point, not about how I cope with the situation. My mom cried when she gave her goodbye to Zahra. I didn't blame her for being so emotional, because after all the thing she has done, I know there is a thick bonding between her and Zahra. People said first grandchild is like the youngest child to a grandparent.

The most important thing, she cares Zahra just as much as she cares about me. Even though when she's not in the perfect health or exhausted, she will always give the extra hand, so that I don't have to stress myself.

Just one thing I wonder, I don't know if I can do the same when Zahra gives birth to her first child. My mom is one of a kind. So thank you mom, sorry I didn't say it directly to you when you walk out from the house, because you were crying and I'm afraid I'll cry as well. And I still didn't say it yesterday when I called you up, because again you cried when we talked about Zahra. I know you miss Zahra so much. InsyaAllah I'll try to balik kampung as much as I can. I can only thank you in this space, and thank God for giving me such a wonderful mother.

I have to end this entry abruptly as it will become too emotional to me. However this remind me of Aris Ariwatan's song - SATU

Satu, kasih nan abadi, tiada tandingi, DIA yang satu
Dua, sayang berpanjangan, membawa ke syurga, kasihnya ibu
Tiga, lapar dan dahaga, rela berpayahan, setianya ayah
Empat, mudah kau ketemu, berhati selalu, beza antara kasih dan kekasih

Yup, kasih ibu never cease till heaven.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Happy After I Poop

I still remember how frustrated I was on the early days taking care of Zahra and where we keep on telling ourselves, worry not, this will be over soon, Zahra won't be this cranky after 2 weeks.

And true enough, she's gotten into a pattern lately that's..hmm not easy, but convenient. Kadang2 macam rindu the time when we were clueless but tanakkkkk.. Nanti nak masuk keja mesti penat.

Anyway this is basically her pattern now

Morning, wakes up around 6-7am, doesn't cry just bunyi sikit2 and keep on hitting the bed with her hands. Since I sleep with her, I'll feel the bounce and also terjaga. This time she only need a small drink, maybe just thirsty not hungry, so I just bf her while lying. She will poop, and I won't change the diaper because we are going to wake up soon (pemalas punya mak). Around 9-10 we will wake up, main-main kejap, Zahra poops again (by this time her pampers dah berat gila ok, berladung-ladung kata orang tua), get a bath and then I feed her fully, then she'll sleep until around 2pm in buaian.

Between that time I do my own stuff, like taking shower, have lunch, watch movie, browsing, etc. Then at 2pm she'll bangun just need another small feed, so I feed her while lying and she will back fall asleep but on the bed. Normally I pun tertido with her at this time (BF PENAT TAU! haha tiba2). Then both wake up at 5pm, main-main, borak-borak with her and she'll have her bath after that. Then as usual she wants to drink after mandi, so bf her and will tertido until around 8pm. I'll have my dinner during she sleeps.

She'll terjaga around 8-9pm, I'll feed her fully while watching Chuck with MrComot (that has become 'our time' now) and she'll fall asleep like for real and I'll put her in the room. I'll change her diaper at 12am before I go to bed, even if she doesn't make any job and if she's really sleepy, dia tido ok while I change her, ish ish. Normally she sleeps until around 3am, merengek sikit and I feed her while sleeping, that's it and the schedule repeat, at 7am.

I didn't make up the routine by the way, I always feed her by demand but somehow it develops into that 'time-table' and I would say it is an convenient time-table for me.

(There will be some occasions where she refused to sleep, nak burp la, nak orang hold la, berak banyak kali la..but it won't take long. She's such a good baby)

Zahra will make faces and sounds when she wants to poop, it varies, sometimes she makes mulut ikan (Shani have seen this!), sometimes dia jentat-jentat kaki with frowning, and sometimes she will rub her face real hard. And the thing is she will give those signals like 1-1/2 hour before, so it's like she's taking quite long time to poop like she's having constipation but the outcome is very cair. According to the doc, infant's colon is not fully developed so somehow they still have to push.

And this is the face right after she poops this morning (finally I get to capture it) and also muka tak mandi ha ha ha. Very happy macam puas sangat! LOL

Sambil senyum senyum she will have her baby talk with me. Waa...I'm gonna miss all this by next week *sigh*

And no more bangun pukul 10am. Ohhh tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Klinik Komuniti

I want to write about my first experience with government clinic specialized for mommy and children. I heard so many good rumour about this Klinik Ibu dan Anak like they know how to handle babies better, they check on mommy's health as well, etc, so we skipped the panel clinic and made an appointment with Klinik Komuniti Ibu dan Anak Kg Melayu Subang (it depends on which area you live) for Zahra's first jab.

Our appointment was at 2pm and we arrived around 1.45pm, punched the number and there were already 20 people ahead us waiting. This clinic is one of the new branches but it's kinda shabby, maybe it's the way government operate.

People waiting

This is a breasfeeding friendly clinic so there is a sign written that we are not allowed to bring bottle inside. If you have to bf ur child, there is a bf room.

I don't remember what time our number being called but the process is very..hmm..long and tedious.

First they call up my name and I have to weight myself and tell the nurse how much, then I have to bring Zahra to a room next by to weight and measure her. During the weighing, Zahra has to be naked, like totally, without the diaper and all. Dah la dia berakkkk time tu, so has to wash in front of the nurses (luckily I brought the baby wipes and extra pampers). After that I have to put my card/the document in the basket in front of room #6 which is like at the other side of the area, not that far, only mengagau jugak la cari. Then wait for my name to be called again, and they took my blood sample, and I have to send the sample to the blood lab. Then the lab gave me a plastic cup for me to urinate, and after they test on the sample, call out my name, I have to take back the cup and throw the urine in the toilet, wash the cup and bring it back to the counter for them to reuse. I was like...???!?!?. In fact I saw a mommy just throw the cup inside the thrash bin in the toilet. Now why I didn't that..haiiihhh

After that, I have to bring my blood and urine result back to room #3 and wait, then they call up, I went in with Zahra and there is a nurse waiting for me, and DO NOTHING. Just chatting, asking me questions like how's Zahra, bf or not, and other cakap kosong, it is like they are stalling the situation, just imagine until Zahra gets cranky and wants to drink, and I have to bf in front of the nurses. My theory is, they want to see if I really bf Zahra or not because the nurse jot down something about me bf Zahra. Weird kan? Then she requests me to call up MrComot to take Zahra to other room for injection and me have to wait in the room for mommy's checkup. At this point I was very excited already, because I was thinking, finally! They can check my womb ok ke tak (this is before I went to see the tukang urut).

And you know what, all she asked me to do was, lie down, then she press2 my womb area and said everything is fine. That's it? That's it? I mean, I was hoping there is a machine with monitor that can SCAN my womb/stomach and whatnot.

And for the blood test, all they check is my hemoglobin level. Laaa...

After that, I walked out from the room and saw MrComot holding Zahra. The injection is done! Without me! And the camera was with me! Laaaa.... again!

Can you see how tedious it is? Especially the urine part. And the result? I mean, apa je I get? I thought check gempak2 la..

Mini playground for kids

Me playing with Zahra as she starting to ngek-ngek-ngek. (Auntie Rena, that's ur hooded blanket she's wearing!)
There is inside joke about this during my confinement where people around me FORCING me to feed Zahra with water.

The outside counter to weigh mommies

We finished everything around 4pm, not too bad for a government clinic but I think this will be our last time there. Since they only open on weekdays, we have to take leave and all. We can't afford the time yet. The second jab was done at private clinic near my house and only took us 30mins.

Again, I'm not complaining about the time sangat, I was disappointed on the checking part. I thought there will more than that. And also the fact that I have to do everything! Take my result give it to that counter, take this take that, give this give that. It is soo unsystematic. Thank God my mom accompany us. My mom helped to to carry Zahra all the time, thanks mommy *sobs*. If I was alone (even with MrComot still not enough), I can pengsan ok! Have to walk here and there and I am only 30 days after giving birth, not that strong. That day jalan sikit pun dah rasa penat sangat.

The only plus point is, it is FOC.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Zahra on random

Zahra got her second jab (the tripple antigen) last Friday morning and she's been crying the whole day on and off. Zahra memang macam tu, after event pelik2 mesti traumatized, just like the 1st jab (I'm gonna write about it later, it was at Klinik Komuniti Ibu dan Anak). This 2nd jab is at private clinic bcause we don't have time to go to the gov clinics. Anyway, when I said traumatized, macam ni..dia tgh tido elok2, tiba2 muka dia jadi sedih while her eyes is closed and then crying her lung out. Then I have to pujuk2 her and pat her saying stuff like "Why tu buli sayang tu cucuk sayang kuat yer..nanti mummy pegi marah doctor tu" then she will mumbling stuffs while cebik2 macam nak mengadu something.

It's funny somehow but at the same time is tiring because she will only sleep for 5mins max, then repeat the tantrums. Maybe actually dia rasa tak sedap badan, I don't know. Anyway it only last for a day, thank God.

But yesterday got another thing pulak. She vomit out after being fed and it's a lot, like 2-3oz mcm tu (haha I teka je) but seriously a lot and mcm waterfall ok everytime dia vomit. But then she seems healthy, I mean no tantrums, no crying, movement pun ok, so really don't know why she vomits like that.

Font size
Have to monitor her today.

Talking about taking care of her, this week gonna be my last week staying at home with Zahra, next Monday already keja huhuhu. We already met the babysitter, somewhere in Pantai Dalam. The babysitter looks ok, hopefully everything goes smoothly. And now the perasaan nak jadi housewive membuak2 ok. I think all first-time-mothers will feel the same. It's hard to trust other people to take care our first child kan? How I wish we can afford to be single parent working only. I'm more than delight to be DOMESTIC GODDESS. Hahahaha.. Hopefully it's only temporary feeling. But I plan in 3 years time I'm gonna be DG. So better start something from now. But what? Hmmmm

Below is 2 diff pic of Zahra randomly picked

This is the face when she cries. After mandi, tak sabar2 nak susu.

This is the face when she's all calm and contented.

Don't you think so looks like a boy sometimes? Haha whatever la sayang..just grow up healthy and be a great khalifah Allah will ya?

Oh ya, shes 61cm, 5.2kg at 7 weeks. Dah tak larat nak dukung huhuhuhu

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Since my confinement is almost over (it supposed to be over after 40/44 days right? but I count it as 60 days la), I'm gonna write my experience about it.

As in my entry before, I booked a CL from Shadira Post Natal. I only book her for 3 days to try it out. According to the schedule given, the CL should attend me from 8am to 4pm, which will include taking care of me and baby.

The first day she came, she told me that she won't stay until 4pm, she will off duty after everything is taken care of . I said ok la..if there is nothing else to do, why she should stick on kan. We start with tungku, then urut for about one hour (I have to take my bath before that), infrared therapy, and binding for me. Then she bathe Zahra, pakai kan baju cantik2 and that's it, by 1pm everything is finished. About cooking, I skipped it as my mom is here so she cooks.

This continue until 3 days and I add-on another 7 days (this one not under Shadira, I deal straight with the akak) because my mom said 3-days urut is not enough.

Ok talk about the urut, I don't know much about urut actually, at first I thought it is only to release your stress, lembut kan urat etc etc. But eventually it's more than that. The main purpose is to kecutkan your womb (tungku part) and then push it back to the its place (after we deliver the womb will be down there sebab push and baby keluar kan).

So okla..akak ni urut muscle back to relax state and all the strained urat is soft already. But a week after that, I still feel uncomfortable down there, it's like something heavy at my vagina and I always have back pain even though I bent like 2 seconds only to pick up Zahra. The back pain I tak concern sgt, I am more concern about the heavy feeling. My mom cakap it is an indicator of my womb is not okay - 100%.

But but but note this, akak tu cakap, my womb healed 100% and already pushed back (which we call it sengkak).

So I decided to call up the fully-book-tukang-urut until April and mengadu about this, hoping she have the time to fit me in. Oh by the way akak ni di recommend kan oleh a mother of 3. So time tu gamble je la, I hope she's good.

And alhamdulillah, I think I went to the right person. According to this akak (Kak Ain), my womb is tilting a bit on the right side, maybe I lifted something tad heavier on that side and to my surprised, she told me that my womb is not 100% shrunk. Can you believe that? I mean, it has been 40 days that time and tak kecut, tapi akak Shadira tu cakap dah kecut on my 20th day. Eeii no wonder la I feel tak sedap badan. So Kak Ain requested me to drink air kunyit (you pound it until you get the juice) for a few days and come back to see her after a week. Nothing much she can do with my swollen womb.

Exactly after a week, I went to see Kak Ain again and alhamdulillah, my womb totally shrunk and she sets it back to the centre. Originally I plan to urut with her for 3 days straight, but on the 2nd day she told me I am okay already. So no need to see her on the 3rd day (see how honest she is?) She only requested me to go for final urut on the 100th day (this is kinda common before you 'bersama' with your hubby).

Oh ya, Kak Ain also told me the other reason my womb wobbled to the right is because I didn't wear bengkung. Yup, I tak pakai sebab I was so obsessed with my breasfeeding progress and I rasa bengkung ni leceh, have to buka everytime I want to feed Zahra, and I thought it's only to make you all ramping and nice, nothing else. Apparently the main reason is to set your womb so move around. Oh my...if only the CL told me that. Not that I complained tau, but the CL skit2 cakap..u kena pakai bengkung ni, baru la cantik. As if I care if I am all flabby and hideous, I want to bf Zahra as much as I can!

After I urut ngan Kak Ain baru I tahu the different. The way the CL urut is memang mcm urut SPA saja only harder. She didn't even touch my private part, pelvic bone and butt bone. Dia banyak urut tapak kaki and all the strained muscles whilst Kak Ain byk focus at my pelvic bone and the womb area. So you can tell immediately that the CL doesn't know well about the peranakan.

Now I feel better and no more heavy-thing-down-there. And no backache whenever I bent and I feel lighter, I can move around and doing house chore a bit. Before this rasa macam orang sakit je.

Hmm that's quite a story right? I pun tak tahu nak convey this experience mcm mana. But there is a few things that I learnt here and I would like to share with you guys.

1) Find a good traditional masseur specifically for after giving birth (orang Melayu panggil tukang urut untuk peranakan). This is kinda hard and tricky but if you try a few you can tell the difference. Then after your womb is settled, nak pegi SPA ke, nak mandi bunga ke, suka hati la kan..yg penting the inside first.
2) Eat your jamu religiously as this will help the shrink process. I started my jamu quite late because I was worried it will affect Zahra. Well, if you bf ur baby, you can try a bit later, but don't be too late mcm I, 2 weeks after that. Sebab I malas sama hehe.. Oh ya, breastfeeding also help to kecutkan your womb but watch out what you as well, as the food can counter it back.
3) If you pandai tungku, tungku will help to kecutkan your womb faster
4) You can also try to drink the turmeric juice but don't take it too much - side effect: menopause
5) Wear your bengkung!! Not only to slim up the waist, but to make sure your womb won't wobbly much. This is the most important thing. Kak Ain also advice me to wear girdle after this so that pegi kerja angkat laptop semua tak effect sgt. I don't have any yet, but I already ordered one from Spanx yeay! Nanti dah pakai I review ok (hehe kalau rajin)

Hmmm what else ya?

Oh ya, my conclusion is, the package I took from Shadira is a waste (this is based on my experience la kan) but at least I learnt something here, right? No no no it's not a waste sangat pun because I gained knowledge from it. And maybe I'm just unlucky to get not-so-good CL but I feel angry because akak CL tu beria-ia UP KAN HERSELF as if she's really good in this stuff but when actually she's not! So frustrated..

Ps: Kak Ain also can urut for people whom trying to get children (anak tu rezeki Tuhan bagi), urut baby in any case ada urat salah ke and keep on crying..and what else ya? I think anything about peranakan la. Just email me if you want her number. Dia tak letak harga, u can give seikhlas hati.

Ps: If you are a first time mom and no other orang to teman u during confinement, Shadira is a good choice as the CL can help you a lot actually, only that better you amik tukang urut traditional lain jugak untuk diri sendiri. And normally tukang urut mcm ni you have to go to their house and no other service (jaga baby or whatever).