Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The First Time Parent

Hi all,

I wanted to update about my delivery experience but later-later lah.

Anyway life has been very hectic to both of us and we are coping it, not better each day but we are trying. Thing is very different once the little one pop-out. Most of the time because we don't know what she wants! It's more like trial and error experience.

I know baby's principal is very easy, feed her-make sure the diaper is clean-tak kembung-burp her.

The thing is, I'm having problem with the feeding part. Like other mothers, I'm very enthusiastic to direct breastfeed my princess but she's taking the whole time in the world to finish one feed! By the time she falls asleep, I'm already turn into a tired and cranky lady. And tell you what, the normal feeding will averagely take me about 3 hours!

3 hours ok!

I don't know what I did wrong, is it the way I hold her, or the way she sucks, or the way the milk flow, I just don't know. Why can't she finish the feed in a jiffy, like she does with the bottle?

For the first few days it has been very stressful and energy consuming, especially when people around me keep on saying "your milk is not enough". I know it's enough only it takes a long time for her to suck it out and it's not good for both oh us - tired and cranky to get the outcome.

I failed my mission to exclusively bf her on the early motherhood due to stress and pressure but now I'm coping better, I gradually learn the way she feeds and one of the solution is to express my breastmilk. So for every feed I'll offer her the real thing first while MrComot will warm up the EBM and then feed her with the bottle (where she finish it in a blink - huhu nampak sangat kelaparan :( ), burp her and doze off. This will take us about 1 hour. Not too bad I think.. There are still few nights I made her milk from the free sample hospital gave, so I have to pump harder...

And there are also when she still crying after been fed and we don't know why. One night is because she pooped right after the feeding (and it turns out that she is back hungry, so I have to feed her for another few hours -- again), then there is a night where we thought we burped her but apparently we didn't, then last night the nose stucked up because she cries too much and we didn't buy the nasal aspirator - had to hold her until the blockage gone, etc etc. Wish the babies come with 1-2-3 manual and don't act randomly hehehe

Okla..enough of mommytalk. Anyway basically that's what happening since the first day she's arrived until today - me learning about babies.

And below is the picture of MrComot trying to burp Zahra. It was on our first night at the house and handling Zahra (kalau kat hospital the nurses do everything)

I couldn't help it but laugh and snap this picture instead of saving Zahra. Apprently MrComot is choking her, not burping her. Look at her reddish and stiffen face ha ha ha! And look and MrComot, very serious like he's doing it correctly ha ha ha! OMG sorry darling, mommy let daddy bully you.

Since that night, we change our way to burp her, by putting her on our shoulder - it is easier that way.

Okla..gotta rest before the little one latching on me - forever. Will try to update as soon as possible. U guys take care, mwahhhhh!


  1. heheh..husband maria pn pegang aqil mcm tu wkt burp kan die..hehe..biasa first parent..hhehe..maria pn same wkt bg bf kat aqil mula2 tu bagi pun die asyik nangis..org asyik kata susu tak dek..huhu..tapi bagi jugak die hisap susu smp skrg dah berjaya...;)

    p/s:tp pas ni kena bg susu tepung gak sbb takde tempat pengasuh kat sini yg nak baby hisap susu badan..huhu..

  2. senang lg nak burp kalau dukung dia.. or pegang dia tummy to tummy..
    sebab dia kecik lagi..

    aan, me daughter nak ngempeng sepanjang mlm.. geram.. i cant do a thing bila blk rumah..

  3. maria, ngempeng tu aper?

    Aan, dari kecik sampai besar, aku tak pernah tgk org burpkan baby selain dari letak kat bahu dan urut belakang dia huu~

    Especially takder gaya seperti yang Mr. Comot buat tu hahahaha...Mr. Comot ganas :p

  4. salam,

    ngempeng or bergentong adalah baby tu saja nak nipple ibu dlm mulut dia walau pun tak minum. saja nak bau badan ibu dia, dengar bunyi jantung... so dia akan rasa selamat macam dalam perut...

    camnilah Aan, masa Zahra minum sebelah, you pam lagi sebelah. bila ada letdown (rasa semacam kat nipple - time tu susu akan kluar byk!) byk la susu yg U kolek.

    kalau rajin, pam lepas dia minum (but me tak buat pun camnie - see? mak ketam!)

    dapat 2oz untuk sekali perah kira bagus tu! pewot baby besaq buah anggur jer. nnt, lama-lama insyaAllah banyak.

    apa yg penting (kerjasama!) jgn stress... rileks... kot tak dpt direct, meh join club Neena & Me... :P kami mungkin gagal direct tapi kami tetap bagi susu badan.. cewah!

  5. gosh! mr.comot buat ape tu kat zahra? penyek dah muka zahra. serious mcm dengar zahra cakap.."help! help!"

    congrats again lalink. nanti me buzz u kalau me nak datang. lupe nak buzz bro segansiluman tu. msti dia angin dengan me nanti.

  6. m@ri@,
    Tu la..kami tiru nurse sebenarnya, derang buat mcm tu senang je hehe..tapi tak sesuai la..kitaorg buat mmg fail. Alaa..kesian u, takpe ada masa lagi kan..hopefully terbuka ke hati pengasuh tu nak jaga bf baby. Kalau tak pun..takpela..u did the best already, can bf malam :)

    tummy to tummy me tak retiiii. Anyway she rindu bau u la tu :D

    Haha ganas..tapi masalahnya MrComot mcm confident je, so funny :P

    Thanks for the advise. So far me try pump after dah feed, dpt 1oz pun jadi la..me nak try fully bf, jom jom sama2 kita jayakan aminnnnn

    Lalink Khairiah,
    Tu la pasal, penyek okkk tgk la mata Zahra, dah berkerut2 nak jerit help pun tak boleh hahaha. Haa cepat2 datang Zahra nak tgk aunties and uncles :D

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  10. Hi!! Congratulations on the birth of Zahra Elena! I've missed her birth posting. Hope it was a smooth delivery for you. What a beautiful name!

    Just take it easy with the breast feeding. Don't let it be a cause of depression for you. That's no good to have soon after delivery.

    Once again, many congratulations to both mum and child!

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