Friday, April 18, 2008


MrComot has this one weird fetish, he likes to play with my tudung. Bukan main jiwang-jiwang tu, but suka tarik-tarik and making weird shape at the face.

Last two day is the worst, I was busy typing in front of the PC, he came standing, so I stop and asked 'What is it?'. Suddenly he pushed small plastic wrapper under my tudung at the forehead. Then he ran away and giggled. Boleh tak? Tak pasal-pasal kan.

His most favourite action is the ninja. He likes to fold my scarf until my face become box-shaped, and then pull end of the scarf across my face, imitating the veil.

The ninja wannabe. See the big fold side by side.

The box-shaped is soo buruk okkk. It made me looks like Indon or org Acheh (no offense here but they do wear their scarf like that). Dah la my face is kinda chubby and big kan. Horror okkkk! But sometimes I layankan lah jugak since he likes it sooo much.

Oh ya..I asked him btw:

andes`: why u suka me buat ninja?
MrComot: sbb muka u bulat mcm bola
MrComot: jadi ninja tu makes u more aerodynamic



So you guys ada ke fetish pelik2 ni?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kari Kepala Ikan Kg Attap

I was digging up old pictures in the pc that I found this long overdue entry.

I would say eating Kg Attap curry fish head is a special occasion for us as we rarely go there for lunch. Maybe once in a month or two. This one was on hot and sunny 12th March.

The location is at Jalan Kg Attap, next after LHDN and few other buildings, end of the road. The parking is not an easy thing since there will be never enough parking space all the way and the road quite small for double park. If you are lucky, you can save a spot along federal highway.

The roadside of federal highway, see how far it went. We with the white Myvi.

Towards the place. Jauh jugak okkk.

Finally the spot, 100m walking.


They only serve curry fish head and fried chicken. Since there were only 5 of us, we asked for the smallest fish head.

Fish head, onion and chili in soy sauce, fried cabbage, papadom.

The curry is really thick and pure Indian style. No coconut milk, only curry powder and tamarind juice. The smell is quite overpowering too. It will linger on your hands for the whole day. You can use fork and spoon tapi tak kick lah makan kepala ikan tak pakai tangan kan?

The fish head. See the teeth?

Abes licin

My plate

Total bill including 2 pieces of deep fried chicken, rice, and drinks is RM65++. Ok lah kan. The prices ranged according the fish head size. The medium one is around RM70-RM100, the head only.

Pernah one day we were cost RM150++ mcm tu (5 pax too if I'm not mistaken). For a normal office-lunch, RM30 is quite a burden.

Monday, April 14, 2008

On Random Thots

Hi all..

I'm not in a good shape since the last few days. High fever accompanied with bad cough is a nightmare. Now I'm functioning under erythromycin which made me nauseous like, ALL the time. I have two days more to go.

Just in case you wonder, it is antibiotic for my fever. Not the syphilis.


Lame jokes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Caretaker

I was walking back home when this interesting advertisement caught my eyes. Just wondering, do you confident enough to send you kids/babies at this 'tadika'?

Silly thing he does

I was trying to log on one of the server in the office when this happen:

I was like, haaaaahhhhhhhhh apa pulakkk niiiiiii.

Then I ym him.

andes`: heyy
andes`: sjadksafhdlksfsd
andes`: betulkan my osc gateway
MrComot: eh what's wrong?
andes`: [-(
andes`: main222222222222222
MrComot: mana ada sayangggggggggggggg
MrComot: me tak fahammmmmmmm
andes`: [-(
andes`: sayang ni notti eh
andes`: me nak letak dlm blog
MrComot: sayanggg
MrComot: apa yg u nak letak dlm blog?
MrComot: me tak faham la sayang
andes`: server me kena hack
MrComot: ehhhh?
MrComot: u dah report abuse tak?
andes`: belum..about to
MrComot: nak me tolong trace tak?
andes`: me nak letak dlm blog
MrComot: hey apa yg u letak?
andes`: me nak letak osc gateway and this conversation
MrComot: !@#*&!@)#(&!@()#&)(@$
andes`: alalalala
andes`: sayang tak bagi, me tak letak la
MrComot: sayang me asyik kena hack je
MrComot: sayang byk download porno ke?
andes`: kena hack where?
andes`: u bagi tak me letak kat blog
MrComot: me dunno
MrComot: u yg ckp u kena hack
MrComot: me ok je
MrComot: are u sure u kena hack?
andes`: me nak cakap u dengki ngan me
andes`: tak kisah la u bagi ke tak
andes`: my blog is my personal journal lalalala
MrComot: :P

Bolehhh takk? Till the end he still acts like nothing happen. Then I tried to log in again. Well, it back to the 'ordinary' one.

The normal box

Well, if you know MrComot up close, he is not the romantic type. He doesn't buy me flowers, chocs, shower me with sweet words etc etc. So, whenever he does something silly like this, hmm.. I feel cute ;)

I just want to keep this as my personal remembrance.

Oh ya, he doesn't read my blog.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yoga thingy


I got this yoga mat for passing my exam! Boleh tak? Ahahaha.

I know it is not something expensive but it really made my day. Thanks so much, my wolfie! This definitely will be my yoga booster.

The gift

My working place

Don't underestimate yoga, if you do it correctly you will be drenched in sweat like you've been running for miles. I don't know if I am too 'unfit' or it's really working, but after 15mins doing it wholeheartedly, I was out of breath and sweating like pig.

I'm not that discipline in exercising, but I'll try my best to do it like thrice a week? :P Btw, if you wonder, I just do it alone guided by downloaded video called Yoga Zone - Loss weight (beginner). Maybe I will join up real class when I am free enough.

Note: Wolfie is MrComot's new name (for now). Ahhh jiwang pulak :P

Monday, April 7, 2008

An emotional eating out

Finally, after few weeks postponing it, we get to try out Waroeng Penyet last Saturday. I've been reading lots good reviews from bloggers and been wanting to try is soo bad but just couldn't find the right time. Well, the hunger wasn't pay off very well.

First, because I wanted to drink the avulkat (avocado with choc) soooo bad and when I ordered, they said dah habis, bolehh? I was like helooo, it is just in the middle of afternoon, takkan run out that fast kan? Btw, my theory is, avocado is quite expensive here, so it might be not a good idea to serve it with that price. And it is Indon specialty, so they have to serve it jugak. So the next best thing is, put it in the menu and cakap abes whenever ppl order. Boleh tak fikir mcm tu? Ahahaha. Anyway, anyone knows the true story, please let me know ok.

We ordered the ayam penyet and udang penyet. MrComot had them with rice and I just had bakso.

The penyet dish

The nice bakso

Hmm..the food is just so-so (for me lah). Nothing to shout about. The sambal definitely pedas giler but the normal makcik-punya-sambal-belacan pun can be that hot. The prawn is a real dissapointment, it is small and normal. Well, takkan dia nak bagi udang besar for RM8++ kannnnn. But I expect it came butterflied la (at least like in the picture). The bakso is kinda nice though. I like the vercimelli yg ala-ala glass noodle (but not glass noodle I think?) It looks like it but the texture not that soft. The meatball was so-so as well.

Oh ya, we didn't order drinks at all sbb all of them (beside avulkat) is biasa-biasa only.

On my way back I asked him

Me: Hmm what do you think? Something we will crave next time?
MrComot: I don't think so...macam makan nasik biasa je..

But at least we tried kan. Maybe our tastebud tak ok that day ;)On the way to Curve, we heard bising2 and guess what? Cleo 50 most eligible bachelor!

Hosted by Marion Counter and Rashid Salleh. Rashid is freaking funny okkk!! We already bought our movie ticket, so we just have like 20 mins to watch it ;( If only I knew it earlier, we won't watch movie then.

Below is a few snapshots one of the bachelor (Johan if I'm not mistaken) doing the pole dancing. It was giler funny!

We had dinner at William. Well, another dissappointment. I never been to William but heard his good reputation from blogs (again). Hmm...maybe our timing is just not good.

Anyway, we had dinner with one of MrComot friend (Chee) and he asked why I want to go to William sbb he thinks William so-so je. But I insisted and said good review la, dlm gamba nampak sedap la bla bla bla.

After seated, we had to wait like one hour before our meal arrived. Yes, I know that the crowd is unmanageable at that time, but some of the later customer got their food before us and that is just pure hmmm.. unmanaged. We complaint to the workers (3 different person in fact) that our meal still not arrived (we complaint because Chee already finished his bolognese, so obviously our meal tercicir ke apa ke kan) but nobody seems to concern enough. All of them said, 'ok, i'll check' but they never really checked. They just continued their work.

Then we waved the boss (william lah kann) and boleh dia buat lawak bodoh

MrComot: Bos, we ordered like an hour ago and tak sampai lagi
William: Mana budak you order tu? Kita terajang dia

Helooooooooo!! It's not funny ok.

Yeah yeah I know dia nak buat lawak to entertain us, but instead of feeling entertained, I felt tak sukaaa okkkk. When the meal came, so-so je. I think because lambat sangat, everybody dah pissed off. That's why kut. Btw, the food is really nothing to shout about.

The crowd

My jumbo tembikai laici. Shared with MrComot.

Chee's bolognese. Normal je kannnnn?

My roti hawaiii. This one kurang normal. Got cheese, egg, and sausage inside.

Yummy jugak lahh ;P

MrComot had carbonara. Normal too (lupa nak snap pic sbb lapar sgt). I think Station21 at Bangsar is wayyy better.

The only point for William that night is the spread of varities. They can do anything and anyway you want your meal to be. But my advice is, don't go during crucial time, else it will be your worst dinner.

What an emotional day for my stomach ;(

Friday, April 4, 2008


I was away for training and exam. It is ITIL v3.

The exam was freaaaakkkinnnnggg HARD! And not all the student in my class passed. So I think I deserve to paste my result here ;D

I passed! Yeaaaahaaaa!

I was in a deep pressure especially when MrComot said 'andes, I know you can do it!'. It's not helping at all ok!

Even though it was cukup2 makan (the passing mark is 26 ahahaha), all I want to say is, Alhamdulillah...