Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yoga thingy


I got this yoga mat for passing my exam! Boleh tak? Ahahaha.

I know it is not something expensive but it really made my day. Thanks so much, my wolfie! This definitely will be my yoga booster.

The gift

My working place

Don't underestimate yoga, if you do it correctly you will be drenched in sweat like you've been running for miles. I don't know if I am too 'unfit' or it's really working, but after 15mins doing it wholeheartedly, I was out of breath and sweating like pig.

I'm not that discipline in exercising, but I'll try my best to do it like thrice a week? :P Btw, if you wonder, I just do it alone guided by downloaded video called Yoga Zone - Loss weight (beginner). Maybe I will join up real class when I am free enough.

Note: Wolfie is MrComot's new name (for now). Ahhh jiwang pulak :P


  1. Wah! Yoga mat baruu from Wolfie!! Tahniah!

    Bah, aku pun mau mendownload lah Yoga Zone tu (matilah sindrom tak nak kalah!). Mari kita beryoga-yogi, woof woof!

  2. im yet to buy a yoga mat. yet to sign up for the yoga class in bangsar and yet to gain mood to do all that. sungguh demotivated lah akhir2 ini.

    btw, me nak satu copy of yoga zone exercise boleh? me pun nk sweat2 mcm u juge :P

  3. Bella, kaki kau bukan sakit ke..ishhh makcik niii..apa kata kau ajar aku swimming hehehe

    Bee, me nak burn for you (bella, for you jugak) but me takde cd kosong now. Giler lah takde cd kosong. Nnt me dah pegi beli baru me burn ok. And why u demotivated ni?