Friday, February 29, 2008

The Old Flames

You guys pernah baca Pedang Setiawan or Alam Perwira tak?

It was such a hit la during my secondary school esp for the boys. The girls drooling over Remaja je (so yucky la pulak thinking of it haha). Anyway since all the guys busy flipping this Pedang Setiawan, Alam Perwira, Jengking Merah, etc, some of the girls wanna show their machoness as well, so bacalah jugak. I don't know if it is true, but I used to read it because I think it is hmm..macho! Ahahaha.

Anyway, after a while I found it is not my thing so I stop reading it, after a few series. Pening kepala with all the actions, hikmat peringat ke-9, tumbukan keramat, etc.

Mr Comot quite impressed with me that I know Pedang Setiawan. Hehehe seee I told ya, it's macho-thing okay. Anyway he told me about his collection; Juara-Juara Kembar. I asked him to bring some for me and I'm obsessed with it now!!!

Juara-Juara Kembar

I found it is funny and entertaining instead of headache-ing. (But I do skip a few scenes that have too many A tendang B, B pukul A, A tetak B :P)

The storyline is sooooo unpredictable. It is anticipating to know what's next and next, with lots of good action with funny captions like hikmat mencantumkan bunga memindahkan zamrud, hikmat keramat bayangan, hikmat mencuci tulang sum-sum & membersihkan otak. The character's name is interesting too like this Du Tangan Berdarah, Li Mulut Lebar, Kili Nawa, Trio Sinar, Ting&Tang.

Do you know that Li Mulut Lebar punya hobby is eating human? He even eat his own wife on their first night after wedded.

See I told ya it is interesting ;)

Anyway, another thing that I found rather interesting is that their susun-atur ayat is good! They even have some idioms in the dialogue and make me chuckles sometimes. Teringat zaman kecik2 dulu cikgu ajar peribahasa.

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga

Kecil-kecil cili api!

Pucat seperti mayat

Dalam laut boleh diduga, dalam hati siapa yang tahu

If you notice, their grammar is correct too! Like 'diduga' (no space between di and duga as duga is the verb). Eh betul ke? Tiba2 macam confuse balik 'duga' is a verb or not. It is more like feeling. Hmm...*going to study balik*

By the way, I already finished up to jilid 10 (what is jilid in english anyway? it's like accumulation of series mcm tu). 1 jilid got 3 episodes. This story has about 30 jilid. So another 20 to go.

Hehehe...this going to be my weekend I guess.

Have a fun weekend guys!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fish-eyes in a box

Mr Comot was craving for Burger King, so we decided to grab it from the Bangsar outlet. Parking is not an easy task there so we parked at the food court (in front of the mosque) and strolling the way to Jalan Telawi.

It came to our surprised when we see the BK spot is closed down - for good. Hmm sejak bila BK kat Bangsar tutup eh?

Anyway, we saw this on the way back to our parking place - The Canadian Pizza. We never have this pizza so we decided to give it a try.

You will never missed this bright yellow board.

To tell you the truth, the place is a lil bit suspicious. The only level one eating space on that street. Yang lain2 semua at ground floor.

Hmmm..are we really climbing this?

There is only a small glass door and it is locked. We had to ring the bell to get in. Seems like we are the ONLY customer that night, for dining in. Their delivery is doing okay I guess, based on the staff running up and down with the hot-pack bag.

We were ushered to a small room and nasib baik tak pitam ok. The room is very small that I wonder, are they really open for dine in?

There are only 2 tables in that room!

I'm not a pizza person so we order the set for 2 pax (medium pizza+coke+garlic bread) and I wanted to add-on the chicken wings. The waiter suggest us to take the larger set (LARGE pizza+coke+garlic bread+chicken wings - this one for 3-4 pax) as we are going to pay about the same amount. I hesitate at first thinking who going to finish up the pizza but since Mr Comot said we can tapau if tak habis, I said okaylah.

I don't know if it was me who are really hungry or the pizza is relatively good but we finished the whole 3-4 pax set okay. Giler melantak. And I had equally the same amount pizza pieces with Mr Comot. Hehehe a big eater I am.

Buy 1 free 1?

The Hawaian Chicken. I like the dough. Like a soft bread.

The chicken wings and bread. All gone.

Makan. Borak. Makan. Borak. Makan. Borak. Pandang kiri kanan and guess what we spotted?

Fish-eye! Not only one, but TWO!!

The first fisheye that we spotted.

Another one.

Hmmm I wonder why they need TWO cctv in a SMALL room. Maybe they have something valuable stored in the room (well, I just can see 2 tables with 9 chairs).

Maybe it's not even working, but it is interesting don't you think so?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Water

I had this slow walking last weekend at Lake Garden and shocked to see one of the meter is bursting. I wonder how long it has been (must be for days!) as the grass already flooded, making a small pool.

The shower

This isn't a tempat-jin-bertandang place so it's supposed to be fixed within the day itself.

It is right opposite of Pustaka Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia.

A pure ignorance. What a wastage.

Anyway, have you guys study your candidates for the election? Don't choose over the party. Choose for the people, who are responsible and can help to make things better.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of ethics and courtesy..

I'm not going to discredit anybody. But I really, really, really upset with Bora Ombak. I already sent them an email and I hope they read it.

Dear Bora Ombak team,

I had dinner with my partner at your café last Saturday night (23rd Feb 2008) around 830pm. The food was okay, but not your staff.

We asked for the bill around 10pm and we were informed that you guys is having problem with the system, and can’t produce the bill. So we waited and nobody attend us for about half an hour. We need to move on so we went to the counter straight asking for a manual bill.

We mentioned all the foods and drinks we had and the guy at the counter counts it. He was dressed smartly in shirt with tie, and I believed he is the floor manager on that night. We would like to use our credit card to pay then we were informed the machine for credit card is down as well. So we paid via cash.

The thing is, the counter guy (I don’t want to call him floor manager as he doesn’t even act like one), not even say sorry for that inconvenience (for us have to wait for long and the hassle of payment), but also not looking at us! What an attitude!

Yes I know, that is none of your fault when the system goes down, but it is a courtesy for you to say sorry.

Ok, let say you still think it wasn’t your fault and it’s not necessary for you to say sorry. How about ‘Thank you for coming’ with a warm smile? I was so surprised when we were handed the balance with cold face like we aren’t invited.

What if we don’t even bring sufficient cash that night? You guys should have informed us earlier if we can pay it with cash when we asked for the bill instead of making us wait until we, ourselves make the move to the counter and are told the situation. And don’t you think it is a courtesy to at least give us complimentary warm water while we were waiting?

I once order pizza at pizza hut Ampang Park (take away) and unexpectedly was given a glass of coke for the wait.

Truthfully, I don’t really mind not getting any water or free stuff from you for the waiting, but when even a SORRY (or THANK YOU) is failed to utter, I think Bora Ombak has a serious issue with courtesy and ethics.

If this keeps on going, I don’t think Bora Ombak will be a choice for me in the future.


Actually, this is not the first time I am disappointed with their service. There are few times that I said 'I will never come again to this place'. Most of the time because the service is sooo slow, which means we were waiting for the menu like forever and nobody bothered. And there is one occasion that we just walked out of the restaurant after waiting for long and nobody noticed! (hmm that was like middle of last year I think).

Anyway why I keep coming?

The food is good. I mean really, really good. I find myself craving for the seafood tom yam (they have it in Thai style, thick soup base with evaporated milk), the butter prawn and their fantastic straw-bana burst! The spread is big too, and the price is reasonable.

Hmm..half of me said I won't go again but half of me said maybe they will improve, just give it a try another time. After all you go there for food not for the people, aight?

But don't you think both playing important roles?

Anyway, if anyone from Bora Ombak is reading this, I just want to tell that your streamyx connection is not secured. We can go in your Billion router easily.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The weirdos

As in my previous entry, I would like to share with you guys the strange animals from the sea. They are located at one big corner of the restaurant and all of them are edible, if you want to.

Well, see it for your-self and decide later :D

The weird looking fish. Don't remember it's name. But really big.

Escargot. It's soo different from what I always imagined. I thought it's more like typical garden snails (with the dark brown flesh). Anyhow, I still won't try to eat this.

The lobster. Soo big!

Praying Mantis prawn (udang lipan). This one is giler panjang and besar. I think about 18cm or so. The normal one that I always eat is only half of it, around 9cm.

South Australia Lobster

See how HUGE it is compared to my hand. I think it must be 1kg min for the smallest one. So baru one meal dah almost RM300. Haiyoh.. Anyone wanna treat me? hehe

Spider Crab. Very thin but sooo expensive.

One type of the crabs. Don't remember the name. But look at it compared to my handphone! Like a big rock! Look at the hands. Kalau kena sepit boleh putus jari ni.

Snow crab. Remind me of albino phyton. Mahal jugak, but I don't think all the crabs have noticeable different taste. If you guys ever eat those types of crab, tell me eh how it is.

The shark's fin. I don't know why they hang it. Anyway I used to fancy shark's fin soup, but not anymore after knowing how they get it. The fisherman will slice the fin and free the shark to die in the ocean. Soooo...inhuman. Btw, we can opt for fake shark's fin soup, which taste relatively similar.


Yucky kan? Sorry, no offense to abalone's lover. It's just, out of my imagination as well. I used to think abalone is one kind of mushroom, boleh? And now, knowing it as a slimy thing and sticking, hmm.. I don't think I want to eat this anymore.

And guyss....winner of the day will be...........



Pick me! Pick me!

I don't know what this one doing. Semua sengett. The one at the corner must be really heavy (see how long it is hehehe)

Double ewwwwwwwwwww.
I *forced* Mr Comot to snap it from the surface. Mr Comot said 'kalau dia lompat, me baling geoduck ni kat you'. Hahaha penakut ok! (look who's talking la kan, that's why I don't want to shoot it by myself. Scary okay)

See how big it is. Imagine if our partner punya like this. Ehem, tak cukup tangan ok :D

The restaurant's ambience.

From across the road, where we parked the car. Oh ya, free parking.

So guys, have you decided what's for dinner? :D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yee Sang tossing

I had chinese dinner last Friday with Mr Comot's family, at Terminal 3 Subang. His mom wanted me to try one of the traditional food, yee sang. Some call it yusheng or yuu sahng.

This is my very first time having it. It's a little bit like Malay type kerabu mangga, but with many other different bits like jelly fish, carrot, keropok and etc (I don't really know the full ingredients, but it did taste like kerabu mangga!).

The untouched yee sang.

It came in as the appertizer. The waitress served us with a big plate of yee sang in the middle of the table, then she poured some sauce (I think lime or plum sauce) and we tossed it until well-mixed using chopsticks. Everybody is busy tossing in while I'm taking the picture ;P

The pouring time.

Toss it!

According to Mr Comot, we have to do the tossing while standing and wish each other a good and prosperous year ahead but that night everybody is being a lazy bum so we just doing it seated :P

The main course came with a bowl of sticky rice, beancurd soup, fried long bean, sweet and sour tiger prawn, fried beancurd, garlic and chili padi cockles, and onion spring and ginger venison. This is my very first time to eat venison too! It used to be exotic meal but nowadays it has been quite common. Taste-wise, just like the beef but more tender and don't have the chewy feel that the beef does. The chilli padi cockles was a rawk! Pedas giler, which came to my surprise as normally Chinese will go for milder taste.

The main course

The fried beancurd. It's tasteless and I only took one of it. Later after the dinner I discovered that we have to eat it with black vinegar. Haiyoh.

The beancurd soup. Really tasty. I had 2 bowl of this. Similar to schezuan soup, minus the sour taste.

The venison. I like it!

The superstar chili padi cockles. So yummy!

I thot we already coming to the dessert when suddenly they served us deep fried fresh garoupa and some fried chinese cabbage (I don't remember what is the name T_T). I was full already but the cabbage was wonderful! No bitter taste at all and so crunchy. The mom said that it is the new generation of cabbage which they produced with no bitter taste and smaller than the older chinese cabbage.

Fresh plain deep fried garoupa. You can still taste its sweetness.

The tasty cabbage! We just munch this alone (ratah-ratah).. Simple and healthy. They fried it with garlic and soy sauce.

Empty bowls. Full stomach.

We had these for desserts.

Chinese pancake. Crispy thin pastry with lotus paste filling. I like it.

Peanut porridge. Hmm..I don't quite like it. Taste like peanut butter in liquid form.

The mom asked Mr Comot if I never had Chinese food, because most of the time I was busy taking pictures instead of eating. Well, it's not that I 'never' had it, but I took all the pictures for you guyyyysssss! Sooo baik kan I :P

The address

After the dinner, I took the opportunity to wander around the restaurant and saw lots of weird seafood that I don't think I will ever try to eat. I'll post about it later.

Till now, ja ne!

p/s: Abg Namiri, I saw Lala Chong on the way to this restaurant. Bila nak makan2 lagi together ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hello guys, cuba teka I kat mana skrg?

In the office, KL okkaayyyyy!!

All the work has been cancelled due to election is coming up.

Like helooooooo? Penamaan calon pun belum. And what is the relevan exchange work with election?

Anyway, we arrived Teruntum around 230pm and do all the work needed then we we are about to go to Melaka, suddenly somebody tell us that all the work need to be stopped. We made lots calls to confirm this and well, it's not a rumour. The order came from the above effective immediately.

We terus drive back to KL around 6pm and arrived at 930pm. Had dinner then sampai rumah around 1130. It has been a hard day I tell ya. I mean, all the driving and postponing things. Hmmm...

Haiyoh...they shud tell us earlier la.. so we don't have to waste our time, we don't have to start the journey pun. It's so tiring to go and come back in a day. We can't stay in Melaka or Kuantan pun as something come up in the office, even though we are entitled for one-day journey time-off. See, baik tak kitaorg? Hishhh..

Ok la peeps. Take care.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Hye guys,

I'm going off to Pahang, Melaka and Johor for this whole week. So maybe I'm not able to update (depends on the availability, mesti lah sightseeing is included kan). So you guys, take care ok. Don't notti2.



PS: For my johorian frens (read: Polt :P) I don't think I sempat jumpa you as I'm gonna drive to JB frm Melaka on Thursday and that middle of night we have work to do then Friday morning I have to shoot back to Melaka, or KL terus. We'll catch up when you are in KL ok :P

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Panggilan Pulau

Hye guys. Tiba2 mcm rajin nak update pulak.

How was your CNY? Did u guys get any angpow? I got..hmmm...let me see....nannndeyyyy, ilekkk ;(

And I didn't get the chance to see the lion dance this year. Soooo sad :(

Ok ok..mcm MPD pulak. Actually I wanna write about my trip to Pangkor wooohoooo!

It was a one-day trip on the 3rd day of lunar new year and unplanned. I just bring a red batik saprah (the one we use as table cloth) as a base for us to lie down on the beach, few sardine currypuffs (prepared by mom), mandarin oranges and prayer cloth.

The timing was not really good. With CNY and school holiday, people were swarming in and out of Pangkor. We have to park our car really far from the jetty with RM5 for half day.

The parking place. Giler jauh and we can't even see our car from here.

See the looooonnngg queue.

It was really hot but windy. Thank God. Else someone might throwing tantrums. It costs us RM10 each for a return ticket. We arrived Pangkor around 2 pm. The first thing greeted us was the cars and bikes for rent. We asked few taukeh but they are a real blood-sucker! The car is RM30 per hour, RM100 per day. Bike is RM15 per hour and RM50 per day. Don't you think it's quite insane? When I complaint, they said it is because the CNY. Oh my goodness.

I asked the taukeh about the taxi price, he said the same too, around RM30-RM60. Since none of us want to ride the bike (because the sun is grilling us) we almost settled for a car, but we decided to ask the taxi driver himself about their price and guess what, they just charge us RM10 per 2 person to Teluk Nipah. The price is vary, depending on the location but it isn't that expensive. Giler menipu the car taukeh.

After that we quickly grabbed mineral water as the heat is killing us and surprisingly it is real cheap! I mean no extra charges for an island! The 500ml Cactus mineral water (not drinking water ok!) is only RM1 and for 1.5l sold at RM2. No cheat! Ahhh I love Pangkor.

Since we are out of time and not very familiar with Pangkor, round island is not an option. We straightly went to Teluk Nipah.

There are other good places for you to go as well like Teluk Kemang but the taxi driver suggest Teluk Nipah. Maybe next time we will rent a car for a day to explore the island.

Teluk Nipah is so-so beach. I don't really like the sand. It's not too halus as you still can feel the small stone under you feet. And it's brownish, but the water is clean and clear. The beach was full of people and it turned me off to enjoy it. So we ride a boat for island hop. It cost us RM40 (pergi balik) but I think it's quite expensive as you can get it for RM30 or lower! So do survey before jump it right away on the first offer.

The boat will bring you to 4 islands and you get to pick which island you want to stay and they will pick you up later. The water is soooo clear and from the boat you can see the lintah laut (soooooo big and hairy! scary okay), landak laut, fishes, etc.

The sea from the boat. Sooo green and blue.

The 1st island is quite scary because no one there (I don't remember the name), so we passed. The 2nd one is quite okay but specially for snorkelling (I don't remember the name as well *sigh*). Since we didn't bring our swimsuit, we passed. Btw, you can just rent the goggles for RM5 and enjoy it freely. You can even bring your own goggles with no extra charge for the diving. Cheap isn't it?

The 3rd one is Coral Island. Is okay too but too many people as well. Most of them are kayaking. So we opt for the 4th island, Telok Man. It's a bit small and less than 10 people were there when we arrived.

Telok Man.

Telok Man is really nice. The sand is soooo soft and white, like flour. The water is clean too! Time tu menyesal giler sbb tak bawak baju mandi okay. Ughhhhhh. Frustrated sgt. Anyway, that didn't stop us to play with the water. Basah suar je :D

The view from our port

The people who shared the island with us

The other side

Drying my pant. I was wearing the red saprah at this moment. Terpaksa ;P

Back at teluk nipah. It was already late evening and not so many people like in the afternoon.

Drying my pant again. We were lying on the sand this time. The weather was wonderful. Breezy and cool. Perfect time for you to sleep or reading a book under tree.

It was dawn when we finally arrived Jetty Lumut. We took some crazy pictures with the decoration and stuffs.

Pijak sharkkkk!

Overall it's a great trip! Minus not able to swim. I will definitely come again and bring my swimsuit. Can I wear the small two-pieces? *evil grin*

I heard that Pangkor Laut is wayyyyyy better than Pulau Pangkor. They have more corals and fishes and nicer beach. Of course it is giler giler mahal. You can't even step on the island if you don't check-in the hotel. And you don't have to queue like usual to go to the island. There will be speed-boat provided by the hotel. The hotel must be thousands per night. Maybe one day I can set my foot on Pangkor Laut.

Any sponsor? ;D