Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am soo sleepy. I mean, really really really sleepy. You guys should see my sememeh face now, with barely opened eyes. And runny nose is not a help.

I should be in my bed now, under the duvet. Like every other days.

FYI, I will only arrive my workplace around 9.30 am, the earliest is 9 am, the latest 10 am. Hey..there is no curik tulang ok. I go back after Maghrib, which is pretty late so I think I am not makan gaji buta here. Summore pagi2 bukan ada kerja pun. My mail box still clear and mails start flooding in the afternoon. So I think no point I come early in the morning. In the other word, I am not a morning person hahahaha.

So can u imagine how am doing now? sleepy schleeeeeeeeepppyyyyyyyy *yawwnnnn*

Oh ya.. APSAL gua datang pagi2 buta kan. Macam ni... I had lunch with my other colleagues at Tanglin (they got this delicious ikan bakar). I brought my car key and suddenly Mr Comot offer his car as well. Since they are 5 of us, we decide to roll in Mr Comot's sbb my car is soooo comel and petite. And being me that..hmm careless and goldfish, I left my key in his car.

Later that day, he went home earlier while I'm still staying in the office sebab there is pasar malam going in my house area. I want to avoid the crowd. I watched No Reservations (Zeta-Jones) to kill the time and tgk2 already 11 pm. So I packed my things and ready to go back. Cari2 kunci kereta, tak jumpaaaaaaaaaaa. Terus teringat that I left it in his car ughhhhh. I called him up and he said he will come to the office to give the key but nasib baik kebetulan there is one this guy (Azim) still in this office and he live nearby my house. So I decided to tumpang him only.

Anddd...I asked Azim what time he will be going to the office today. He said around 7.00 am bolehhhh?

Actually I can still wake up at 830 am and go to the office using LRT butttt (put a big BUTT here), I left my house keys in my car. Pitam oke.

Last night was not a big deal as my housemate already at home, so I just called her up and she helped to open the gate and the door. But it will be tricky in the morning as I need to go out same time with her, well for the keys. Kebetulan (again) she will be leaving home around 7.00 as well. So I have no choice pun.

And here I am, early in the morning with sleepy head.

Oklah peeps. Think I need to go to surau for a nap or just watch America's Next Top Model hehehehe


  1. I was feeling a bit sleepy too..thts why I decided to singgah a few fren's blog...and after reading this post..it made me moooooore sleepy all of a sudden..


  2. Chanee,
    Jgn titonnnn! Jom bgn exercise :P